Quotes on Potters

The dementors send their love, Potter! J K Rowling

Every potter praises his own pot. Henry George Bohn

The potter is at enmity with the potter. Hesiod

Go home, and let all your relatives off the potter's wheel. You are not the potter! Joyce Meyer

Potter is piqued with potter, joiner with joiner, beggar begrudges beggar, and singer singer. Hesiod

The mind is a complex and many-layered thing, Potter... or at least, most minds are... J K Rowling

Potter! There are hundreds of people thundering through my pub! J K Rowling

Harry Potter is awesome. Ed Sheeran

To begin with the wine jar in learning the potter's art. Plato

Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven? Khalil Gibran

Being in Harry Potter is like being in the Mafia. Once you are in, you are never really out. Daniel Radcliffe

My thoughts are whirled like a potter's wheel; I know not where I am nor what I do. William Shakespeare

Training for the ballet, Potter?" yelled Malfoy. J K Rowling

I'll always be the ginger one from Harry Potter. Rupert Grint

I need Harry Potter like a grindylow needs water. Hank Green

The living thing is not the clay molded by the potter, nor the harp played upon by the musician. It is the clay modeling itself. E.S. Russell

I'll miss some of the opportunities that playing Harry [Potter] brought me. Daniel Radcliffe

I definitly wouldn't want Harry Potter to be the last thing I do. Emma Watson

According to Madam Pomfrey, thoughts could leave deeper scars than almost anything else. J K Rowling

I thought clay must feel happy in the good potter's hand. Janet Fitch

Dumbledore's man through and through, aren't you Potter?" "Yeah I am," said Harry. "Glad we straightened that out. J K Rowling

I'm a Harry Potter fan. David Yates

But I like all the books. You've got to read them all to get the complete Harry Potter experience. Rupert Grint

I don't read. I don't like to read 'Harry Potter' or anything like that. It's not my style. Nicole Polizzi

I love 'Harry Potter' and JK Rowling - don't laugh at me! Asap Rocky

I love 'Harry Potter.' I'm a huge nerd - I would dress up if I could. Veronica Roth

I had a ball doing Harry Potter. Fiona Shaw

Some of the furor that surrounded a Harry Potter publication was fun. J K Rowling

And I have exposed myself to art so that my work has something beyond just the usual potter. Beatrice Wood

And then, of course, most potters, they go in for earth tones and subdued things, and I like color. Beatrice Wood

Man is made to create, from the poet to the potter. Benjamin Disraeli

My basic life philosophy is Harry Potter Michael Clifford

How to read "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"? Why, very quickly, to begin with, and perhaps also to make an end. Why read it? Presumably, if you cannot be persuaded to read anything better, Rowling will have to do. Harold Bloom

It feels like we're in a Harry Potter book talking about He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Laurell K Hamilton

I'm sure that I'll never have another success like Harry Potter for the rest of my life, no matter how many books I write, and no matter whether they're good or bad. J K Rowling

Before I knew there was going to be a film. I was the biggest Harry Potter fan. I read all the books. Rupert Grint

Dobby is a free elf, and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends! J K Rowling

What? I'm not ashamed to admit that random things remind me of Harry Potter. J. Lynn

Bite me, Harry Potter. Meg Cabot

You see, a potter can only mold the clay when it lies completely in his hand. It requires complete surrender. Corrie Ten Boom

I'm so proud to be part of Harry Potter and even prouder to be representing the gingers. Rupert Grint

True 'magic' is simply the ability to transcend what seems to be and, thus, transform one's experience. Maybe we could all use a little 'Harry Potter' in our lives. Bill Crawford

Living with [Bernard] Leach, who thought about pottery 24 hours a day, was a fantastic experience, and we really began to get inside his mind and understand what had motivated him to work all his life as a potter. Warren MacKenzie

There was never any point at which I was considering leaving Harry Potter. If I were to stop acting, it would have been after. Matthew Lewis

Blimey," said the other twin. "Are you - ?" "He is," said the first twin. "Are' you?" he added to Harry. "What?" said Harry. "Harry Potter," chorused the twins. "Oh, him," said Harry. "I mean, yes, I am. J K Rowling

Words have power? That sounds like you're into some Harry Potter juju. Chloe Neill

Harry Potter was a highly unusual boy in many ways. J K Rowling

Is it true that you shouted at Professor Umbridge?" "Yes." "You called her a liar?" "Yes." "You told her He Who Must Not Be Named is back?" "Yes." "Have a biscuit, Potter. J K Rowling

The sets were fantastic. The Harry Potter sets are brilliant. You do get transported for a second. Ralph Fiennes

We believe 'Peter Rabbit' because Beatrix Potter believes it. You have to. Nikki Giovanni

I mean, I must confess I don't own Harry Potter DVDs. My parents do. They have them all. And they like watching them. Matthew Lewis

I have an editor in my head, that's why I can't read Harry Potter, because Rowling is such a lousy writer. Colleen Mccullough

If Harry Potter taught us anything, it's that no one should have to live in the closet J K Rowling

I've basically grown up with Harry Potter, as so many kids my age have. It's kind of a part of my life. Saoirse Ronan

'Harry Potter' gave me back self respect. Harry gave me a job to do that I loved more than anything else. J K Rowling

For Harry Potter I have all the time in the world. Philippa Gregory

... there are far, far worse things in the living world than dying. J K Rowling

I certainly want to establish myself as an actor in my own right, rather than being just the actor who plays Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe

I can be 100 years old but I will always be proud to say I was in Harry Potter. Emma Watson

I will never, ever do a film as successful as the Harry Potter series. But neither will anyone else. Daniel Radcliffe

Oh, he knows how to play, little bitty baby Potter. J K Rowling

Decent people are so easy to manipulate, Potter. J K Rowling

Potter for me is something that's been giving me these amazing opportunities to start a career and learn while I'm doing, which is the best way to learn. Daniel Radcliffe

Bless my soul," whispered the old bartender, "Harry Potter . . . what an honor. J K Rowling

Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf! J K Rowling

Braggarts and rogues, dogs and scoundrels, drive them out, Harry Potter, see them off! J K Rowling

Harry Potter has kindly joined us for my rebirthing party. One might go so far as to call him my guest of honor. J K Rowling

I will be sharing additional information I've been hoarding for years about the world of Harry Potter J K Rowling

If there is a connection between Harry Potter and my new novel, it's my interest in characters. J K Rowling

The success of Harry Potter has given me lots of freedom. I can pay my bills, and I don't have to prove anything to anyone anymore. J K Rowling

You are the true master of death, because the true master does not seek to run away from Death. J K Rowling

What you fear most of all is -fear. Very wise... J K Rowling

Im a Harry Potter fan, a Twilight fan, and I think The Hunger Games surpasses them all. Malese Jow

It seems no matter what I read I think this is not harry potter. Hank Green

Now that the Harry Potter series is over, maybe the truth can be realized: This has been the dullest franchise in the history of movie franchises. Armond White

Yes, it has made me happier. Finishing them has made me happier. Before I wrote the Potter books, I'd never finished a novel. I came close to finishing two. J K Rowling

Potter is potter's enemy, and craftsman is craftsman's rival; tramp is jealous of tramp, and singer of singer. Hesiod

It seems reasonable to expect that beauty will emerge from a fusion of the individual character and culture of the potter,with the nature of his materials. Bernard Leach

What would your head have been doing in Hogsmeade, Potter?" said Snape softly. "Your head is not allowed in Hogsmeade. No part of your body has permission to be in Hogsmeade. J K Rowling

Everyone queue up!' Malfoy roared to the crowd. 'Harry Potter's giving out signed photos! J K Rowling