Quotes on Be Who You Are

You're supposed to be who you are. You're supposed to make music that is true to you. Nas

Be who you are, nothing more... nothing less. Michael Franti

You can't be who you are going to be and who you used to be at the same time. T D Jakes

Be who you are and let everyone love that person. Wiz Khalifa

The secret to beauty is simple - be who you are. Bobbi Brown

Being an American is about having the right to be who you are. Sometimes that doesn't happen. Herb Ritts

It's okay to feel things. And be who you are about them. Stephen Chbosky

Be who you are and not who someone else thinks you ought to be. Octavia Butler

Simply be who you are, do what you do best, be where you are called by joy, and let life work its magic on your behalf. Alan Cohen

Discover your strengths and then hone them and be who you are meant to be. Liz Marshall

What does dance give you? The freedom to be who you are and do what you want to do. Arthur Mitchell

The deepest and rarest kind of courage has nothing to do with feats or obstacles in the outside world; and, indeed, has nothing to do with the outside world - it is the courage to be who you are. Sydney J Harris

The soul knows everything. Be who you are and your life will transform forever. Deepak Chopra

Never bury something deep, baby. Takes twice as much courage to be who you are, say what you think, feel what you feel and let it show then it does to bury it. Kristen Ashley

Life is full of challenges. How you handle these challenges is what builds character. Never be afraid to be who you are. Erin Brockovich

You just have to determine to settle for nothing less than being FULLY ALIVE, to show up, be who you are, and share your gifts. Gabrielle Roth

It's about you, giving yourself permission to be who you are, without giving a rip about what anybody else is thinking about it. Esther Hicks

I cannot say this too strongly: Do not compare yourselves to others. Be true to who you are, and continue to learn with all your might. Daisaku Ikeda

Don't let anyone define you from what you live through and everything that they think you stand for. Just be proud of who you are. Angelique Kidjo

It isn't about who is 'for' or 'against' you, it's about who you are for. Andy Stanley

Love every part of yourself. Even the things that frustrate you. They make you who you are! Tyra Banks

What you collect says so much about who you are, Ben Silbermann

Who you are is always right. Ming-Dao Deng

Greatness does' come from what you do, but from who you are. Marie Forleo

Until you know who you are you ca' write. Salman Rushdie

Fundamentally, you can never be someone else. You can only be less of who you are. Stefan Molyneux

Be proud of who you are. Demi Lovato

In a relationship if you are giving and getting nothing back in return, stop giving so much, and spend time being. Give to yourself, be who you are. Brenda Shoshanna

We can wear whatever we want and get away with it. Just be confident about being who you are and dressing for that person. Tim Gunn

Our Father in Heaven needs you to be who you are. ... You are very important. Sharon G. Larsen

Conviction is not merely an opinion. It is something rooted so deeply in the conscience that to change a conviction would be to change the very essence of who you are. Ravi Zacharias

Be who you are. Otherwise, you end up committing suicide. You end up marrying people when you shouldn't be marrying them and having terrible, secret lives. Marlo Thomas

I myself am still learning how to be me and that's OK. It can take a really long time to become the person you really want to be. Be who you are. It's the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, our community and our world. Maria Shriver

Everything you have done and been through is valuable and important. In order to be who you are, to know what you know, to be where you are in this moment, you needed to go through what you went through. Iyanla Vanzant

Nobody can tell you what to do. No matter what they pay you. No matter what obligations you feel you owe them. Every second defines you. Be who you are, not who anyone else is, or who anyone else wants you to be. James Altucher

Smile, do' frown. Look up do' look down. Believe in yourself Do' let yourself go. Just be who you are. And let your live flow. Kirstie Alley

You can't really fake confidence. You know what I mean? Just be confident in who you are when you walk into a room, feel like you own it. Nina Agdal

Understand the place of love in a spiritual life. A powerful and blissful type of love has no conditions, no ownership and no people involved. Be free from fear. Be who you are. That is love. Ajahn Brahm

To be a seeker implies that you need the future. If this is what you believe, it becomes true for you: you will need time until you realize that you don't need time to be who you are. Eckhart Tolle

Old man's gotta be the old man. Fish has got to be the fish. Gotta be who you are in this world, no matter what. Robert McCall

This will be a revolution of inquiring further, of not worrying about winning other people's approval, of not wishing you were someone else but perfectly content to be who you are. Someone unique, and rare, and fearless. I want to start a revolution of love. Madonna Ciccone

If a person is confident enough in the way they feel, whether it's an art form or whether it's just in life, it comes off-you don't have anything to prove; you can just be who you are. Clint Eastwood

Rely on yourself, and be true to who you are. What's unique about you is what will take you far. Don't look to others to say you're okay. You know it-so believe it!- show your own self the way. Wayne Dyer

I used to think freedom meant doing whatever you want. It means knowing who you are, what you are supposed to be doing on this earth, and then simply doing it. Natalie Goldberg

So, this is to everybody who's ever had a struggle in life being yourself. I think that the most beautiful thing a human being can do is just be who you are inside. So please, everybody, just be yourselves and encourage everyone else to do the same. Josh Hutcherson

Whether you're gay, straight, divorced, on drugs, a prostitute... I don't care. Be who you are and love who you want. Hayley Williams

Tears don't mean you're losing, everybody's bruising, Just be true to who you are Jessie J

But I have to tell you, I get it all day, every day, I'm not sexy enough, or I'm not cool enough, or if I did this I would be accepted. Let me tell you one thing: the sexiest thing is class. I promise you that each and every one of you is made to be who you are. That is what's so attractive and beautiful. Please don't forget that, even when it gets hard. Selena Gomez

How you spend your time defines who you are. Oprah Winfrey

What you wear is such an expression of who you are. That's like someone picking out who I'm going to date! Diane Kruger

You may have failed, but you are not a failure. That's what you did. That's not who you are. Joel Osteen

Tell me what you yearn for and I shall tell you who you are. We are what we reach for, the idealized image that drives our wandering. James Hillman

Ego is simply an idea of who you are that you carry around with you. Wayne Dyer

You gotta know what you are, who you are and how you want to be portrayed. Bruno Mars

It's time for you to know who you are Jessica Shirvington

Music reflects on who you are as a person. Taylor York

When someone criticizes you, it defines who they are, not who you are. Marie Forleo

Sometimes it takes failure to figure out who you aren't. Anne Lamott

Lies. Mab cannot change who you are. Jim Butcher

Power comes from who you are, not what you have, and the transformation starts with how you allow others to treat you. Suze Orman

Who you are and who you love should never be a fireable offense Barack Obama

Be successful not just in what you do, but in who you are. Tony Dungy

Choose who you are in any given moment. Marshall Sylver

Until you know who you are you can't write. Salman Rushdie

You cannot truly express yourself until you first discover who you are. Gangaji

You know who you are, but know not who you could be. William Shakespeare

Who you are is not where you've been... You're still an innocent. Taylor Swift

Being who you are is a lot easier than faking it. Adam Lambert

Elegant is not what you wear, and it's not about how you wear it, but it's more about who you are. Alber Elbaz

Who you are inside is what helps you make and do everything in life. Fred Rogers

Be happy and comfortable with who you are, whoever it may be. Colbie Caillat

Don't let anyone else take the measure of your worth and capabilities. Always stand proud in who you are! Margaret Spellings

Before you find out who you are, you have to figure out who you aren't.. Iyanla Vanzant

You have to make mistakes to find out who you aren't. Anne Lamott

Who you are is a mystery no one can answer, not even you. Jamaica Kincaid

Everything you do sends a message about who you are and what you value. Michael Josephson

You have to have confidence in who you are, because you never know who's depending on you. Lz Granderson

Character is who you are when no one is looking. Allan Williams

In Christ, who you are matters infinitely more than anything you do or cannot do. Steven Furtick

What you were is forever who you are. Salman Rushdie



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