Quotes on Organized

Perestroika is nothing but a spectacle organized from above. Alexander Zinoviev

Organized religions by their very natures are misleading. Frank Zappa

Peace, peace, peace. Peace is organized. Eddie Izzard

Hanging onto a bad buy will not redeem the purchase. Terence Conran

I trained myself to be organized, Robert Caro

You don't have to stop everything to get organized, you just have to start. Donna Smallin

What was it with me and organized beatings, anyway? Kim Harrison

The trouble with 'a place for everything and everything in its place' is that there's always more everything than places. Robert Breault

I gave my life to learning how to live. Now that I have organized it all ... it's just about over. Sandra Hochman

No sport is less organized than Calvinball. Bill Watterson

Khaddar has the greatest organizing power in it because it has itself to be organized and because it affects all India. Mahatma Gandhi

The dead are way more organized than the living. China Mieville

State is the nation socially organized. Antonio de Oliveira Salazar

I like being organized and super particular. Rob Zombie

Science is organized knowledge. Herbert Spencer

I'm not a very organized person. Zoe Kravitz

I have some problems with conventional organized religion. J K Rowling

So much organized religion, in my opinion, ends up being life-denying. John Shelby Spong

I don't necessarily believe in organized religion. Will Smith

It's unlikely that the organized religions will get more sectarian... or is it? I am not at all sure. Mary Douglas

Organized religion is good for wars, battles, pissin' and moanin' and not much else. Ted Nugent

Organized crime constitutes nothing less than a guerilla war against society. Lyndon B Johnson

I never found much comfort in overly organized religion of any sort. Jewel

The only salvation for us is to stop being an incoherent, loose mob and to change into a strongly organized, disciplined army. Roman Dmowski

One person's mess is merely another person's filing system. Margo Kaufman

Life is best organized as a series of daring ventures from a secure base John Bowlby

I see something that has to be done and I organize it. Elinor Guggenheimer

Organization is the Devil's work. Linda Medley

A lot of people have nothing very well organized, and a lot of people have nothing, very well organized. David Allen

Paranoia is the delusion that your enemies are organized. Arthur D. Hlavaty

The key to managing fear and life's tasks is to take the time daily to get organized. Jude Bijou

People are never so likely to be wrong as when they are organized. And they never have so little freedom. Perhaps that is why the people at large keep their freedom. People can be manipulated only when they are organized. Henry Ford

War? War is an organized bore. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

We represent in ourselves organized terror - this must be said very clearly. Felix Dzerzhinsky

Want freedom? Get organized. Want to get organized? Get creative. David Allen

Try looking at life as a beautifully well-organized dynamic. Gary Zukav

The better organized the state, the duller its humanity. David Mitchell

We live in an era of organized irresponsibility. Otto Scharmer

That's the core puzzling experience, when you meet the Other organized as a speaking mind. Terence Mckenna

The opponents of perestroika had suffered a defeat, and then they organized the coup. Mikhail Gorbachev

I have a lot of stuff. Slowly I'm getting all my materials organized. Ian Mackaye

Politeness is organized indifference. Paul Valery

Property is organized robbery. George Bernard Shaw

Journalism is organized gossip. Edward Eggleston

Character is victory organized. Napoleon Bonaparte

No business can succeed in any great degree without being properly organized. James Cash Penney

I have a very well organized closet. Greg Kinnear

War is nothing but organized murder. Harry Patch

Organized religions in general, in my opinion, are dying forms, Bruce Willis

the biggest threat to the religious experience may well come from organized religion itself. Diane Ackerman

I don't follow any organized religion, but I do believe in the idea of god as a verb - being love and light. And that we are part of everything as everything is part of us. Sarah Mclachlan

I just think Texas and that whole Bible Belt section is so, like, corporate. And I don't agree with organized religion in that respect. Hunter Parrish

Organized crime is the dirty side of the sharp dollar. James Chiles

Organized religion is making Christianity political rather than making politics Christian. Laurens van der Post

In my opinion, most organized religion does neither agentic service nor relational nurturance very well. Richard Rohr

One of the things Jesus did was to step aside from the organized religion of his time because it had become corrupt and bogged down with rules. Rules became more important than feeding the hungry. Corita Kent

Crude classifications and false generalizations are the curse of the organized life. H G Wells

I have a lot of frustration with religion, organized religion, because it's man-made, because it's man-regulated. And it has nothing to do with my relationship with God. Vera Farmiga

We cannot hope for a society in which formal organized religion dies out. But we can stop behaving as if it was worthy of our collective respect. A N Wilson

I think it's very important, even if you're not in organized sports, but just to be active, to be healthy. Allyson Felix

Chuck Parson did not participate in organized sports, because to do so would distract from his larger goal of his life: to one day be convicted of murder John Green

My objection to organized religion is the premature conclusion to ultimate truth that it represents... Arthur C Clarke

[To] me organized religion, the formalities and routines, [is] like being marched in formation to look at a sunset. John D Macdonald

You don't believe in organized religion, yet a major theme in so many of your works seems to be a quest for God. Arthur C Clarke

Organized religion always has been and remains the greatest enemy of women's rights. . . . Annie Laurie Gaylor

I always fear dogma. I don't like anything that's dogmatic because it becomes purely religious again and I despise any form of organized religion. Justin Broadrick

Organized crime is the dirty side of the sharp dollar. Raymond Chandler

I believe that organized religion is an ornament to the truth, and that aesthetics are part of its power. Andrew Solomon

The strengthening of faith, I think, is the ultimate goal of organized religion altogether. Andrew Solomon

When feminism and gay activism set themselves against organized religion, they have the obligation to put something better in its place. Camille Paglia

Organized religion: the world's largest pyramid scheme. Bernard Katz

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up. A A Milne

Nothing has done more to separate and divide human beings one from another than exclusivist organized religion. Neale Donald Walsch

I'm not into organized religion. I'm into believing in a higher source of creation, realizing we're all just part of nature. Neil Young

I think there's been a big problem between religion, or organized religion, and spirituality. Dave Davies

Just in our lifetime our society has become looser and more private, it becomes extremely difficult to hold to any permanent commitment whatever, least of all to organized religion. Mary Douglas

It is very reasonable to worry about the harm done by organized religion, and to prefer looser and more private arrangements. Mary Douglas

Russia's biggest problem is organized crime and its leaders are influenced by the Russian mafia. But it's not right to call it a Russian mafia, it's a Jewish mafia. David Duke

My biggest problem with organized religion is that God has been imagined as a human being with emotions. I feel if you let go of that, then it's possible to see God as a force, to connect to him or her spiritually. Christopher Durang

It's about time law enforcement got as organized as organized crime. Rudy Giuliani



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