Quotes on Nourishment

Some truth has no nourishment in it. Alice Childress

The nourishment from barbecue is palatable. Millard Fillmore

Music should be some kind of nourishment. Chuck D

Our hunger signal will remain active until we take in an adequate supply of nourishment. Brendan Brazier

Reading is the nourishment that lets you do interesting work, Jennifer Egan

A day cannot live in infamy without the nourishment of rage. Let's have rage. Lance Morrow

Imagine the consequences of having the first woman prime minister who is the milk snatcher. [Margaret Thatcher] takes away the nourishment of the nation. Hilary Mantel

There's a deep tribal aspect to my own nature. So when I'm in contact with those deep resources, of course I feel a very special kind of nourishment. Leonard Cohen

I always have this sense of food as triangular, in that one point is nourishment, one point is connection, and one point is pleasure, and I always come at it from the pleasure and connection points, and the nourishment follows. Crescent Dragonwagon

When it comes to literal nourishment, the food we eat, life begets life. Victoria Moran

Immersion in the scriptures is essential for spiritual nourishment Quentin L. Cook

Meditation is the nourishment for flowering. Jaggi Vasudev

Art for me is a form of nourishment. I need the land. I need it. Andy Goldsworthy

The nourishment of body is food, while the nourishment of the soul is feeding others. Ali Ibn Abi Talib

We are narrative creatures, and we need narrative nourishment-nar rative catechisms. N.D. Wilson

Ego: The only thing that can keep growing without nourishment. Evan Esar

Meditation is the antidote to all the poisons of your life. It is the nourishment of your authentic nature. Rajneesh

A woman is a vehicle of life. Life has overtaken her. Woman is what it is all about-the giving of birth and the giving of nourishment. Joseph Campbell

People need dreams, there's as much nourishment in them as food. Dorothy Gilman

Music satisfies and nourishes the hunger within ourselves for connection and harmony Cat Stevens

Joy draws its nourishment from quietness and from the unfathomable. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Old age takes in part savoury wisdom for its food - see to that your old age will not lack in nourishment. Leonardo Da Vinci

Herbes... comfort the wearied braine with fragrant smells which yielde a certaine kind of nourishment. William H. Coles

The theater is a need for me. It's a terrible attraction, something I'm compelled to do. And one derives a form of nourishment from the theater which you can never get from films. Making films weakens you in some way. With the theater, the work itself is a regenerative process. Daniel Day-Lewis

I have the privilege to make ethical choices through my food each day. It's beyond nourishment to me. Each meal represents a lifestyle I passionately believe in. Margaret Chapman

Worry is the child of Fear - if you kill out Fear, Worry will die for want of nourishment. William Walker Atkinson

Reality is permeated, indeed flooded, with divine creativity, nourishment, and care. Marcus Borg

Art is there for nourishment, not explication. Walter Darby Bannard

Love is something that grows, that comes from nourishment; it builds. Gisele Bundchen

Far more indispensable then food for the physical body is spiritual nourishment for the soul. One can do without food for a considerable time, but a man of the spirit cannot exist for a single second without spiritual nourishment. Mahatma Gandhi

Christ is the meat, the bread, the food of our souls. Nothing is in him of a higher spiritual nourishment than his love, which we should always desire. John Owen

Sometimes you struggle so hard to feed your family one way, you forget to feed them the other way, with spiritual nourishment. Everybody needs that. James Brown

On the tree, Future, we build our nest; and in our solitude eagles shall bring us nourishment in their beaks! Friedrich Nietzsche

Your memory and your senses will be nourishment for your creativity. Arthur Rimbaud

Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment. MaryAnn F. Kohl

There is nothing I need so much as nourishment for my Self Esteem Alfred Lunt

Internally, you experience rowing as a graphic microcosm of life - solitude, learning, work, rest, nourishment, sharing and ultimately challenge. Allen Rosenberg

The capital is become an overgrown monster; which, like a dropsical head, will in time leave the body and extremities without nourishment and support. Tobias Smollett

Read at the level at which you want to write. Reading is the nourishment that feeds the kind of writing you want to do. Jennifer Egan

Whether wine is a nourishment, medicine or poison is a matter of dosage Paracelsus

When there are starving people in the world, it seems wrong that so many of us Americans eat as much for entertainment as for nourishment. Andy Rooney

Religion is a form of nourishment. It is difficult to appreciate the flavor and food-value of something one has never eaten. Simone Weil

The nourishment of Cezanne's awkward apples is in the tenderness and alertness they awaken inside us. Jane Hirshfield

When the soul is starved for nourishment, it lets us know with feelings of emptiness, anxiety, or yearning Menachem Mendel Schneerson

I usually think of art as having a measurable content of nourishment, whether factual or emotional or whatever, and I try to make sure that whatever I do has as much nourishment as I can muster. Jeffrey Lewis

All true opinions are living, and show their life by being capable of nourishment; therefore of change. But their change is that of a tree not of a cloud. John Ruskin

That Quantity that is sufficient, the Stomach can perfectly concoct and digest, and it sufficeth the due Nourishment of the Body. Benjamin Franklin

For me, water means a lot of things. It's my belief that human beings are just like plants. They can't live without water or they'll dry up. Human beings, without love or other nourishment, also dry up. The more water you see in my movies, the more the characters need to fill a gap in their lives, to get hydrated again. Tsai Ming-liang

Learning acquired in youth arrests the evil of old age; and if you understand that old age has wisdom for its food, you will so conduct yourself in youth that your old age will not lack for nourishment. Leonardo Da Vinci

Beer is a wholesome liquor.....it abounds with nourishment Benjamin Rush

The plants look up to heaven, from whence they have their nourishment. William Shakespeare

It is the nature of an hypothesis, when once a man has conceived it, that it assimilates every thing to itself, as proper nourishment; and, from the first moment of your begetting it, it generally grows the stronger by every thing you see, hear, read, or understand. Laurence Sterne

All art emulates the condition of ritual. That is what it comes from and to that it must always return for nourishment. T S Eliot

When we look at things as simple as food, it's not about just nourishment and sustaining our life, it is really the seed of our ancestor. Maya Tiwari

If you will receive yourself in the fires of sorrow, God will make you nourishment for other people. Oswald Chambers

The person who is ignorant enough to believe that his nourishment depends on meat is in a horrible dilemma. George Bernard Shaw

No local church can afford to go without the encouragement and nourishment that will come to it by sending away its best people. David Penman

The first thing brought forth by the study of any religion, ancient or modern, is that it is based upon Fear, born of it, fed by it - and that it cultivates the source from which its nourishment is derived. Upton Sinclair

Remember, too, that at a time when people are very concerned with their health and its relationship to what they eat, we have handed over the responsibility for our nourishment to faceless corporations. Lynne Rossetto Kasper

Seek midday nourishment. Visit memorial acclaimed war hero Colonel Sanders. Chuck Palahniuk

...the landscape inside Lord of the Rings was so stunning and so stupendous that it could be absorbed as a form of nourishment. Jasper Fforde

Attachment is the root cause of all misery. Possessiveness is nourishment for the ego. Rajneesh

Original thinking migrates each day in search of nourishment. Maya Angelou

True alchemy lies in this formula: "Your memory and your senses are but the nourishment of your creative impulse". Arthur Rimbaud

I am in truth the Steppenwolf that I often call myself; that beast astray that finds neither home nor joy nor nourishment in a world that is strange and incomprehensible to him. Hermann Hesse

Music is nourishment, and a comforting elixir. Music multiplies the beauty of life and all its values. Zoltan Kodaly

When we know about our ancestors, when we sense them as living and as supporting us, then we feel connected to the genetic life-stream, and we draw strength and nourishment from this. Philip Carr-Gomm

A true personality . . . is like a robust organism that, with unconscious sureness, seeks out and digests the nourishment appropriate to it and vigorously rejects that which is unsuitable. Gustav Mahler

It's a mystery to me how anyone ever gets any nourishment in this place. They must eat their meals standing up by the window so as to be sure of not missing anything. Agatha Christie

Without discretion, people may be overlaid with unreasonable affection, and choked with too much nourishment. Jeremy Collier

To be at peace with self, to find company and nourishment in self-this would be the test of the free and productive psyche. Marya Mannes

The interior joy we feel when we have done a good deed is the nourishment the soul requires. Albert Schweitzer

Humans are tuned for relationship. The eyes, the skin, the tongue, ears, and nostrils-all are gates where our body receives the nourishment of otherness. David Abram

When you actually make a new friend, and you make music and laugh really hard together, that can give you a lot of confidence and nourishment and encouragement. Arca

Continued work and application form my soul's nourishment. So soon as I commenced to rest and relax I should cease to live. Petrarch

Jonah saw God's will as punishment. Jesus saw God's will as nourishment. Warren W. Wiersbe

Our spirits...require nourishment. Just as there is food for the body, there is food for the spirit. The consequences of spiritual malnutrition are just as hurtful to our spiritual lives as physical malnutrition is to our physical bodies. Dallin H. Oaks

I'm in no way suggesting that I succeed, but it's inspiring to read somebody who does succeed and from whom, in a general way, you can draw examples and nourishment and sustenance. Frederick Wiseman

We receive our nourishment from the Mother Earth. So we should put our hands together in an attitude of prayer and say "please" and "thank you" when dealing with nature. Masanobu Fukuoka

Nourishment means a quality of life; consistency in the way we treat ourselves. Kelis



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