Quotes on Nice Life

His faith, perhaps, in some nice tenets might Be wrong; his life, I'm sure, was in the right. Abraham Cowley

Dogs lead a nice life. You never see a dog with a wristwatch. George Carlin

Cause you know, life is what we make it and a chance is like a picture, it'd be nice if you just take it Drake

What a snapshot is to your life, your life is to eternity, so wouldn't it be nice if eternity captured you smiling? Robert Breault

I can't complain about my life. I have a really nice life. I have a great family and I live in a gorgeous part of the country. Mary Decker

Be awfully nice to them going up, because you're gonna meet them all coming down. Jimmy Durante

Too many lives go up in smoke - It's nice to laugh but don't be the joke. Janet Jackson

Shyness is nice, but shyness can stop you from doing all the things in life that you'd like to. Steven Morrissey

I suppose it's nice to have some surprise in life and to surprise yourself in life and see what else you can do. Paul Weller

Have a nice rest of your life. Nicole Richie

I love love I love being in love I don't care what it does to me The Format, in "Inches and Failing". Masood, a young lady has fallen in love with me-at least so I judge from her letters. Awkward is it not-awkward and surprising. You would be flattered and twirl your moustache, but I am merely uncomfortable. I wish she would stop, as she is very nice, and I enjoyed being friends. What an ill constructed world this is! Love is always being given where it is not required. E M Forster

If I died tomorrow I've accomplished what I set out to do in my life. I enjoy making my movies, I enjoy doing what I do. I have a nice life. John Waters

I've been perfectly happily married for 25 years, and have a nice life. Inane things don't interest me Geezer Butler

The dog has an enviable mind; it remembers the nice things in life and quickly blots out the nasty. Barbara Woodhouse

If I want to be remembered as anything in this life it's just 'nice'.I feel like being nice to others is the coolest thing anyone can be. Troye Sivan

I didnt want to be famous. I just wanted to earn enough money to have a nice life and enjoy acting. David Mccallum

One of these days I will be an old man in a rocking chair on a porch. Wouldn't it be nice to have my whole life there to read and kind of re-live it. Gregg Allman

It is really a hard life. Men will not be nice to you if you are not good-looking, and women will not be nice to you if you are. Agatha Christie

My father had taught me to be nice first, because you can always be mean later, but once you've been mean to someone, they won't believe the nice anymore. So be nice, be nice, until it's time to stop being nice, then destroy them. Laurell K Hamilton

I'd like to think I'm actually a nice person in real life. Katie Cassidy

My whole life I try to make into a comedy, so it would be nice to see that onscreen. Saoirse Ronan

I'm so sorry that I wasted your time because you really do mean a lot to me and I hope you have a very nice life because I really think you deserve it. I really do. I hope you do, too. Okay, then. Goodbye. Stephen Chbosky

I'm so sorry that I wasted your time because you really do mean a lot to me and I hope you have a very nice life because I really think you deserve it. I really do. I hope you do, too. Okay, then. Goodbye. Stephen Chbosky

I live a very nice life. I have a wonderful time. But it's not lived drawing on a full level. I'm relaxed, cool, and enjoying it. Marianne Faithfull

I enjoy living in a nice house and having a nice life. So I do two or three commercials overseas a year to sort of fill in, because they pay pretty well. George Clooney

I have a life coach out with me on tour, a very nice guy from L.A. He just prepares me for each day. Ronnie Wood

Wouldn't it be nice if everything balanced in the world? If right came out on top and wrong was punished. It sure would be simple. Nora Roberts

Life is very nice, but it lacks form. It's the aim of art to give it some. Jean Anouilh

Unfortunately, real life can't be wrapped up with a nice little bow. Simone Elkeles

Staying alive is nice, but you ca' do that forever. It's how you live the life you have while you have it. Frank Peretti

I have nothing nice to say about Chris Pratt, of course. He's probably the greatest hero of our time in real life, honestly. Bryce Dallas Howard

Unfortunately, real life ca' be wrapped up with a nice little bow. Simone Elkeles

You must live life in its very elementary forms. The Mexicans have a very nice word for it: pura vida. It doesn't mean just purity of life, but the raw, stark-naked quality of life. And that's what makes young people more into a filmmaker than academia. Werner Herzog

One nice thing about silence is that it can't be repeated. Gary Cooper

Praise a stranger with a few nice words and he becomes a stranger that calls you a friend. Simon Cowell

Why can't we just be nice? It's like, we grow up, and then we get right back into high school. Jennifer Lawrence

Even in this world where you're getting everything you need and having this nice life, there's still loneliness and longing and disconnection. Spike Jonze

Even in this world where you're getting everything you need and having this nice life, there's still loneliness and longing and disconnection. Spike Jonze

It would be nice if I was remembered at all. I don't really care about being remembered. I just want to enjoy my life today and do my best while I'm here. I'm not that ambitious, other than to have a good life now. Sean Lennon

I left acting for 15 years, and I think it's really nice to have another life. I took too much for granted when I was younger. Jane Fonda

As long as I'm enjoying what I'm doing, then that's fine. That's what I want. I want to enjoy life. We're only here for a small ride, so it may as well be a good one. If I can go to work enjoying what I do, then my life becomes a very nice one. Aneurin Barnard

Life is very nice, but it has no shape. The object of art is actually to give it some and to do it by every artifice possible-truer than the truth. Jean Anouilh

Why would I want to read something about somebody that's just a really nice, decent person who overcomes terrible trials? That's not how life is to me. Tama Janowitz

Well I've made no secret of my life long love of MAD Magazine, it's probably my first and greatest influence in terms of my comic sensibilities. I've known John [Ficarra] for many years, and we've been friends. About four or five months ago, at a dinner in New York, John made the very nice offer of my being guest editor for an issue of MAD and I thought about it for about half a nanosecond and decided that was a pretty good idea. Al Yankovic

One of the nice things about having a lover, it makes you think about everything anew. The rest of your life becomes a kind of movie, flat and even rather funny. John Updike

They weren't nice words he said. He could've lived a good life and died never having made a person feel rubbed down to bones and too sad to hold together. Shannon Hale

Beauty is everywhere - on the campus, in the office, living next door ... Nice girls like sex too - it's a natural part of life. Don't be ashamed of it. Hugh Hefner

Life is very nice in Hawaii. I rent a place that has its own cottage so when my friends and family come to visit, they have somewhere nice to stay. Jorge Garcia

If you live long enough, lots of nice things happen. George Halas

As much as I would love to be a person that goes to parties and has a couple of drinks and has a nice time, that doesn't work for me. I'd just rather sit at home and read, or go out to dinner with someone, or talk to someone I love, or talk to somebody that makes me laugh. Daniel Radcliffe

One of the worst things about life is not how nasty the nasty people are. You know that already. It is how nasty the nice people can be. Anthony Powell

I have a very hard time with confrontation in my own life, and I end up being way too nice. Missi Pyle

Life is hard for everyone. That's why there's such a nice reward at the end of it. Aidan Quinn

...telephone operators now routinely use '80s-babble, chirping, "Have a nice day," the moral equivalent of the smile button. Stefan Kanfer

I wish my fans will always be nice to one another. Don't waste time & enjoy life Jessica Jung

I'm the first to admit I've had a sheltered life. I grew up in the country and went to a boarding school. It was all just part of the business - be nice to everyone and all that. Adam Rickitt

I grew up in a very nice house in Houston, went to private school all my life and I've never even been to the 'hood. Not that there's anything wrong with the 'hood. Beyonce Knowles

It's fantastic to strive towards a nice life where you eat nice organic food and your children go to a nice school and you can afford nice clothes and nice perfume and the hypoallergenic make-up. But there's never a day goes by, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, that I don't think about where I'm from. Samantha Morton

It is not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game even starts. Mort Walker

I drove nice cars, I got a nice house. But now I'm steady missing you like a strikeout Drake

The nice clean intimacy which we now so admire between the sexes is sterilizing. It makes neuters. Later on, no deep, magical sex-life is possible. D H Lawrence

If this isn't nice, I don't know what is. Kurt Vonnegut

It's nice to finally be thought of as sexy. I'm very disconnected from the sensual side of me, I know it's in me, but it doesn't really reveal itself very often in my personal life, which I do find problematic. Amanda Seyfried

What's nice about our tour is you can't remember your bad shots. Bob Bruce

Have a goal in life. When water is everywhere, it is a flood, but if it is in between banks, it is a river. It is nice to have a goal, so your life force gets channelized! Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In real life, things don't all end at the nice same place. To keep the story real, there has to be kind of a ragged edge at the end of a novel. Robin Hobb

I can't bear small talk, it's awful. I want to get beyond that thing of discussing how the weather is a bit better today than it was yesterday, and how this is a nice restaurant. I want to get to what are the problems, what's really going on. Are you in love? Are you in a lot of pain? What's really going on in your life? I'm interested in that area, whether it's on stage or in real life. Simon Amstell

My life changed when I was able to not only get seated in nice restaurants, I was given free appetizers. That was like, "Oh, my God, I've arrived". Matt Groening

You're married, and suddenly you have your own family. There's a nice comfort in that. That part of your life is certain ... You've got your home in that other person. Scarlett Johansson

Staying alive is nice, but you can't do that forever. It's how you live the life you have while you have it. Frank Peretti

Gee, I certainly hope I'm not a scary person in real life. It's not like people run from me when they see me. People are usually pretty nice when they meet me. If they're scared, they keep their shuddering to themselves. Brad Dourif

I love clothes but I have spent so much of my professional life creating an image of one kind or another that it is nice not to care about it in life and let your skin breathe. Vanessa Paradis

I just don't want to talk about my personal life. I feel like it's mine, I'm not trying to promote it. It's nice to have things that are your own, that you value enough that you don't have to use to sell a movie. Jennifer Jason Leigh

You have to enjoy life. Always be surrounded by people that you like, people who have a nice conversation. There are so many positive things to think about. Sophia Loren

Medical scientists are nice people, but you should not let them treat you. August Bier

The intellect is a very nice whirligig toy, but how people take it seriously is more than I can understand. Ezra Pound

I like to do nice things for my grandchildren - like buy them those toys I've always wanted to play with. Gene Perret

My thoughts were to become a dentist when I first went to Albany State. I didn't know where I would end up, but I knew I'd be happy, and I knew I would have a nice life. That was always my goal, to have a nice, happy life. That's, to me, being rich. Steve Guttenberg

The trouble with real life is that you don't know whether you're the hero or just some nice chap who gets bumped off in chapter five to show what a rotter the villain is without anyone minding too much. Sarah Caudwell

Decide that you like college life. In your dorm you meet many nice people. Some are smarter than you. And some, you notice, are dumber than you. You will continue, unfortunately, to view the world in exactly these terms for the rest of your life. Lorrie Moore



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