Quotes on Mind

The mind cannot foresee its own advance. Friedrich August von Hayek

The ponderous tomes are bales of the mind's merchandise. Robert Aris Willmott

The darkest minds never fade in the afterlight. Alexandra Bracken

A poem is a finished work of the mind, it is not the work of a finished mind. Mary Ruefle

I don't mind being called a hairy, humourless lesbian because that is what I aspire to be. Bridget Christie

My mind soarsand whirlsin a danceof wild fearand graceful hope. Margarita Engle

The nature of mind is that it loves everything once it loves itself, just as it opposes everything when it opposes itself. Byron Katie

Mind is everything. There's nothing that it's not. Byron Katie

a great mind can attend to little things, but a little mind cannot attend to great things. Lydia M Child

Everything that is created begins in the mind Ruth Fishel

There is nothing to fear other than my mind. Shantideva

I do have a chore schedule - in my mind. I dont tell anyone I have it, but its in my mind. David Alan Basche

God is an intelligible sphere-a sphere known to mind, not to the senses-whose center is everywhere and whose circumference nowhere. Joseph Campbell

I do not comprehend all that I am. Is the mind, therefore, too limited to possess itself? Saint Augustine

asleep to rummage in their minds James M Barrie

Never mind manoeuvres, always go at them. Patrick O'Brian

Don't see the mind for more than it is, but don't misread it for all that it can be. Jim Rohn

Travel doesn't merely broaden the mind. It makes the mind. Bruce Chatwin

With hope, a mind is always free. Amy Tan

A princely mind will undo a private family. Sir George Savile, 8th Baronet

Mind your till, and till your mind. Charles Spurgeon

The mind does not easily unlearn what it has been long in learning. Seneca the Younger

Your mind is your religion. Thubten Yeshe

Never pick up a stray kitten . . . unless you've already made up your mind to be owned by it. Robert A Heinlein

You can go as far as your mind lets you. Mary Kay Ash

Small mind competes, big mind collaborates and great mind encompasses. Amit Ray

Life wears down the edges of the mind. Howard Thurman

There is no place for little minds in a great work Manly Hall

We can only learn so much about our minds, because we are using our minds to do so. Andrew W.K.

When you're going to do whatever you're going to do, you have to get your, put your mind into it. Mary J Blige

Everyone's mind was their own. You absolutely cannot change them. Lesley Howarth

There is no great; there is no small; in the mind that causeth all Zitkala-Sa

The freedom of the mind is the beginning of all other freedoms. Clinton Lee Scott

An ethicist is someone who sees something wrong with whatever you have in mind. Marvin Minsky

Travel opens your mind as few other things do. Libba Bray

Open your mind and let the pictures out William S Burroughs

You are blowing my mind. Keri Smith

The picture you have in your mind of what you're about will come true. Bob Dylan

The insides of our own minds are the scariest things there are. Robin Mckinley

Faith is not opposed to the mind. It's superior to the mind which is why the renewed mind enhances faith. Bill Johnson

Mind is the great lever of all things. Daniel Webster

I don't mind what happens. Jiddu Krishnamurti

There exists just the One mind. Huangbo Xiyun

I have so many things going on in my life that my mind is always in other places. Josh Koscheck

Do' see the mind for more than it is, but do' misread it for all that it can be. Jim Rohn

One can only see what one observes, and one observes only things which are already in the mind. Thomas Harris

I only knew what was in my mind, and I wished to express it clearly Ulysses S Grant

Don't mind the five or more million Germans. Stalin will see to them they will cease to exist. Winston Churchill

Never mind what I told you-you do as I tell you. W C Fields

My mind was, as it were, strongly impregnated with the Johnsonian ether. James Boswell

Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life. Steven C. Hayes

The blues ain't nothin' but a botheration on your mind. Memphis Slim

There is nothing wrong with my mind. Matthew Emmons

He blew his mind out in a caaaar. Roger Mcguinn

I don't mind saying what's on my mind. Joshua Homme

Whatever your mind feeds upon your mind attracts to you. Napoleon Hill

The mind WILL be free, or it will be dead. Grace Llewellyn

The mind, like all other things, will become impaired, the sciences are its food,-they nourish, but at the same time they consume it. Jean De La Bruyere

Never flinch. Make up your own mind and do it. Margaret Thatcher

it is in our minds that we live much of our life. Ivy Compton-Burnett

Ideality is the avant-courier of the mind. Horace Mann

Faith is the head chemist of the mind. Napoleon Hill

The mind attracts the thing it dwells upon. Napoleon Hill

The mind longs for what it has missed. Petronius

The place where...knowledge occurs is the present. That which recognizes the present is mind. Fred Alan Wolf

I knew that whatever I set my mind to do. I could do. Wilma Rudolph

I'm a woman. I have a right to change my mind. Sidney Sheldon

Fill your mind with thoughts of PEACE, COURAGE, HEALTH and HOPE Dale Carnegie

You manufacture beauty with your mind Augusten Burroughs

Oh, the things that go through my mind that I never say. Oh, the things I say that never go through my mind. Robert Breault

Listen, then make up your own mind. Gay Talese

I must make up my mind which is right - society or I. Henrik Ibsen

Whatever you truly conceive of in the mind, is possible. Edwin Hubbel Chapin

You create yourself in the image you hold in your mind. Thomas Dreier

Enter others' minds and let them enter yours. Marcus Aurelius

A fermented mind - according to nothing, we are something. Akiane Kramarik

In general, we"re least aware of what our minds do best. Marvin Minsky

We are more apt to change our minds when right than wrong. George S. Clason

When somebody persuades me I am wrong, I change my mind. John Maynard Keynes

Nothing so focuses the mind as the prospect of being hanged. Mark Twain



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