Quotes on Looks

It may look like we're doing nothing when we sit zazen. But actually we are exposing ourselves to ourselves. Brad Warner

In life nothing goes on for ever, even if it looks exactly as if it would. Ursula Bloom

It looks now as if everything has been profitable to me. And if the payment has sometimes been excessive, it was afer all the payment, for life, and there cannot be and is no excessive payment for life. Nina Berberova

Elvis is bound to be dead. Look at all the vultures in his vicinity. Sharyn McCrumb

My cheeks explode when I smile. Thats why I have to look so nonplussed. Rufus Wainwright

I don't look where I'm going, I look where I've been. Helen Van Wyk

Only I look too soft and flabby Onew

As a rule, I always look for what others ignore. Marshall Mcluhan

Do I look dead to you?! Christopher Paolini

Why look worse when you can look better? Elizabeth Hurley

If you ? love love, look for yourself. Rumi

We become what we look at most. Hugh Prather

The future is not really the future. It's just a present that looks good. Steven Heller

You don't have to be big to be a big leaguer. Look at Phil Rizzuto. He's really small and he's been one of the greatest that ever was. Nellie Fox

Cigarrettes make you look cool Thom Yorke

I still look good, though. Hedy Lamarr

Them who don't look, sometimes get took. Mike Brady

I'm not great about putting on make-up, I look like a wreck half the time. Gwyneth Paltrow

Look back to learn how to look forward. Joe Girard

The more you look, the more you see. Robert M Pirsig

You can only look forward as far as you can look back. Raymond Dart

Look for the best in everybody Randy Pausch

Oh my god you're thicker than you look Derek Landy

I don't ever look back. I look forward. Steffi Graf

Todoroff is the best. Look no further. Samuel L Jackson

I can look at a fur and tell if it's good or not. Grace Jones

The Fed can change how things look, not how things are James Grant

The more closely you look at one thing, the less closely can you see something else. Werner Heisenberg

You could look it up. Casey Stengel

When your "there" has become a "here," you will simply obtain a "there" that will look better to you than your present "here." Cherie Carter-Scott

Look for the beauty in things. Maya Angelou

We look, but we don't really see; we hear, but we don't really listen, Gerald Causse

If you're told what to look for, you ca' see anything else. Edward Tufte

I do' know why; when I look at you, I see myself Rumi

No one ever loved you like him. And no one ever took it away so completely. But it's here. Look around. Emma Forrest

Let him look," he whispered and kissed me again. Jennifer Estep

For once, I didn't look back. Rick Riordan

Nobody actually looks like what they really are on the inside. Neil Gaiman

I could' see the point of getting up. I had nothing to look forward to. Sylvia Plath

He didn't look back. He never did John Flanagan

From the inside looking out you can never see how it looks from the outside looking in. Big Sean

A lot of 3D movies have so much on the screen that you almost don't know where to look. Robert Rodriguez

There's not much point in getting any heavier... there's too many things to read and look at. David Bowie

until he looks for you, he's not the one. Sharon Stone

It's amazing what you can see when you just sit quietly and look. Jacqueline Kelly

When one of us says 'look, there is nothing out there,' what we are really saying is, 'I cannot see'. Terry Tempest Williams

To look ahead one must learn to look back. Henry Dreyfuss

All I have going is my looks. When my beauty goes, I'm through. Ava Gardner

The farther you look back, the farther you can look ahead. Henry Ford

You look for one thing and you find another. Muriel Spark

Don't look back, because that's the sign of failure. James Hetfield

Enobaria smiles at Johanna. 'Don't look so smug,' says Johanna. 'We'll kill you anyway. Suzanne Collins

See into life, don't just look at it Anne Baxter

We can look, but we'd better not touch. Steven Tyler

Beauty is only a look. It has nothing to do with what I'm like inside. Sharon Tate

Whenever we look at life, we look at networks. Fritjof Capra

You Look so much better When You Smile - so smile... Kirk Franklin

The question is not what you look at-but how you look, and whether you see. Henry David Thoreau

When you talk like an asshole and look like an asshole, you're an asshole John Lydon

You cannot see me from where I look at myself Francesca Woodman

You can't look forward and backward at the same time...........so I choose to look forward. Buck Brannaman

Do not look too far for you will see nothing. Dejan Stojanovic

Always look beyond what you can see Mark A. Cooper

We are so bemused by our own petard, that we are unable to look at things objectively. Julia Child

Everything that anyone would ever look for is usually where they find it. Margaret Wise Brown

Always have something to look forward to. Tony Robbins

You will find out that in the measure you have allowed yourself to look back you have missed that which God has for you. Edward Mckendree Bounds

The closer you look at something, the more complex it seems to be. Vinton Cerf

They say either get right or get left, how about I just go forward and never look back. Behdad Sami

I like the experience of being in a shoot, and I'm a total exhibitionist, but I don't like to look at them. Pamela Anderson

Once I started to look i finally began to see. Demetri Martin

One of the coolest things about the word boobs is, when you look at it, it has boobs. Dana Gould

Simply look at whatever happens and know that you are beyond it. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Look for beauty in everything. Katherine Center

Woman! Do you ever look inside? Do you ever look inside and see what you are not? God! Flannery O'Connor

Markets look a lot less efficient from the banks of the Hudsonthan the banks of the Charles. Fischer Black

I got it all, I got the money, I got the looks, I got the brainpower Shane McMahon

You can't find God before an altar if that is the only place you look for him. A. Powell Davies

Some woman are more interested in what they look like than what they are. If they more interested in what they are, they would look better. Danny Kaye

When you really look for me you will see me instantly. Kabir



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