Quotes on Living Color

I love a real-life, movie moment in living color. L'Wren Scott

Above all, keep your colors fresh! Edouard Manet

I like lots of color and mix-and-match. Rachel Trachtenburg

I like bright colors. Bubba Watson

I like vibrant colors. Laura Esquivel

One man saying that everything is wrong can command coast-to-coast attention in living color, a power not given to an absolute monarch a century ago. Walter Wriston

I have a black sense of humor. You try living my life, see what color yours turns. Karen Marie Moning

Orange is the happiest color. Frank Sinatra

Color and I are one. I am a painter. Paul Klee

Color is vibration like music; everything is vibration. Marc Chagall

Color is everything. When color is right, form is right. Marc Chagall

Seek for the boldest color possible, content is irrelevant. Henri Matisse

Color exists in itself, possessing its own beauty. Henri Matisse

A thimbleful of red is redder than a bucketful. Henri Matisse

Color deceives continuously. Josef Albers

The painter of the future will be a colorist unlike anything yet. Vincent Van Gogh

There is no model, there is only color. Paul Cezanne

Don't be afraid of putting on color, refine the work little by little. Camille Pissarro

It almost always happens that true, but exaggerated, coloring is more agreeable than absolute coloring. Michel Eugene Chevreul

We literally just finished making this gown 20 minutes ago. I love it. It's my favorite color. Erykah Badu

Words, like flowers, have their colors too. Ernest Rhys

Later on in life I was like, "Wow!" because that's exactly how it was. They don't care that you're mixed. They see you as one color. Lenny Kravitz

All color is no color. Kenneth Clark

I don't have a favorite director just like I don't have a favorite color or I don't have a favorite food. I like everything. Meryl Streep

I always like to play with a lot of color. Color is great. Olivia Palermo

The only thing that separates women of color from everyone else is opportunity. Viola Davis

I've been identified with pink throughout my career, but I'm not as crazy about it as I've led people to believe. My favorite colors are actually neutrals - black and white - but then who thinks of a movie queen in black and white? Everything has to be in living color. Jayne Mansfield

Some 30 years later I found myself back here again [in Vietnam] on what was to be a short visit that lasted months, and since then I've been living my life with one foot in Ho Chi Minh City and the other in Fair Oaks, California. Doug Rice

I wanted to make a very cohesive-sounding album. Anyone who has listened to me and brought me into their living rooms and their bedrooms - I am making this for them. Kevin Drew

I've been living a lie all my life. Michael Reagan

The easiest approach to any strong color is to use a lot of it, thus unifying a room. However, beware of too many strong colors unless you happen to like living on a battlefield. Van Day Truex

Everybody thinks they know what art should be. But very few of them have the sense that is necessary to experience painting, that is the sense of sight, that sees colors and forms as living reality in the picture. Otto Dix

To sit on the front steps - whether it's a veranda in a small town or a concrete stoop in a big city - and to talk to our neighborhoods is infinitely more important than to huddle on the living-room lounger and watch a make-believe world in not-quite living color. Harvey Milk

The color of the object illuminated partakes of the color of that which illuminates it. Leonardo Da Vinci

What I need most of all is color, always, always. Claude Monet

Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet. Paul Klee

Color cannot stand alone. Wassily Kandinsky

It is with color that you render light, though you must also feel this light, have it within yourself. Henri Matisse

The more basic the color, the more inward, the more pure. Piet Mondrian

Colors speak all languages. Joseph Addison

Error is sometimes so nearly allied to truth that it blends with it as imperceptibly as the colors of the rainbow fade into each other. William Benton Clulow

During my youth, I was fascinated by the colors of Van Goth's paintings Joseph Pisani

People who have nothing better to do than talk about my hair color have no lives. Madonna Ciccone

Color will play no part in the art of future. Gunter Brus

Gray is the queen of colors, because she makes everyone else look good. Helen Van Wyk

It was truly revealing. The strength of the intervention, the intensity of colors and the happiness of this work, has never left me. Bram van Velde

it is really astonishing how few colors are inharmonious when they are profusely massed and have green for a background. Mabel Osgood Wright

If you're bourgeois, money is it. It's all the questions and all the answers. Ain't no E-flat or color blue, only $12.98 or $1,000. If it isn't money, it isn't nothing. John Coltrane

History, of course, is never real. People either glorify it or horrify it. Or at the very least color it. Paula Wall

Truth needs no color; beauty, no pencil. William Shakespeare

No color will ever be brighter for me than black and white. Alessandro Del Piero

I come from a very warm island, where colors are very important, very vibrant, and obviously the color has been an influence on my work. Oscar De La Renta

Our attitudes are the crayons that color our world. Allen Klein

I like not to know, unless it's something that I need to know, specifically, for how I color a performance. Matt Bomer

The main thing that motivates me is laughter, and colors, and music, and dancing! And I do all of the above every day. RuPaul

I love to mix colors. For me, I don't have a rule, like "you can't wear silver and gold." You can mix it. Olivia Palermo

A good soldier, like a good horse, cannot be of a bad color. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

How can people say they don't eat eggplant when God loves the color and the French love the name? I don't under'stand. Jeff Smith

I get the same charge from juxtaposition of colors as I do from juxtaposition of chords. Joni Mitchell

My favorite color is rainbow. Katherine Applegate

Color is one of the great things in the world that makes life worth living to me and as I have come to think of painting it is my efforts to create an equivalent with paint color for the world, life as I see it. Georgia O'Keeffe

You'd be surprised how many people want to hang an electric chair on their living-room wall. Specially if the background color matches the drapes. Andy Warhol

A very beautiful woman hardly ever leaves a clear-cut impression of features and shape in the memory: usually there remains only an aura of living color William Bolitho

There is no climate, no place, and scarcely an hour, in which nature does not exhibit color which no mortal effort can imitate or approach. For all our artificial pigments are, even when seen under the same circumstances, dead and lightless beside her living color; nature exhibits her hues under an intensity of sunlight which trebles their brilliancy. John Ruskin

Why am I afraid to dance, I who love music and rhythm and grace and song and laughter? Why am I afraid to live, I who love life and the beauty of flesh and the living colors of the earth and sky and sea? Why am I afraid to love, I who love love? Eugene O'Neill

Life isn't worth living until you have found something worth dying for. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The art of living rightly is like all arts; it must be learned and practiced with incessant care. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Color helps to express light, not the physical phenomenon, but the only light that really exists, that in the artist's brain. Henri Matisse

We can't think of changing our skin color. Change the world - that's how we gotta think. Sue Monk Kidd

When I grew up, what was interesting for me was that music was color and life was gray. So music for me has always been more than entertainment. Pete Townshend

I'm fortunate that I'm making a living at it now because I'm not equipped to do anything else. Sonny Rollins

Live simply that others might simply live. Mahatma Gandhi

The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it." "This life is worth living, we can say, since it is what we make it." "Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact. William James

Don't fear, just live right. Neal A Maxwell

Living things have no inertia, and tend to no equilibrium. Thomas Huxley

Every living thing is a sort of imperialist, seeking to transform as much as possible of its environment into itself. Bertrand Russell

It's something I want to do going forward - make a movie that is commercial and universal and will play in any movie theater or living room in the States or the UK, but is definitively Canadian. I don't think there's such a thing as prohibitively Canadian. Jay Baruchel

I imagined myself living in New York in some sort of open, large but sparse studio apartment with a lot of blond wood and a futon on the floor and a bubbling samovar of tea in the background and a big beard - living alone but with my beard - and doing theater. That's what I thought my life would be. Stephen Colbert

I just live my life and try to be present. Lenny Kravitz

I don't like to let my celebrity interfere with me living my life. I like to meet people, I like to talk to people. Rob Lowe



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