Quotes on Kids

We sing for these kids who don't have a thing. Eminem

My friends and my family are such a massive part of my life. My kids are everything. Guy Fieri

As a kid, I loved Godot because of the poetry and the humor and the strangeness, but then as you get older, its much more resonant. Nathan Lane

I don't know kid, there are so many places they could hide. Rodney Dangerfield

Tom Cruise's pre-nup lets him keep his money, the kids and Katie Holmes. Anthony Jeselnik

Nothing would make my kids happier than to do another movie. Matthew Lillard

I didn't read comics as a kid - though, obviously, I've read a lot since. Henry Cavill

The courtside seats belong to the kids. Dick Vitale

You can take a kid out of Rosengard, but you can never take Rosengard out of that kid Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Kids do say the darndest things Art Linkletter

What can I get you? (Wulf) How about someone else to have this kid for me? (Cassandra) Sherrilyn Kenyon

No women no kids - that's the rules. Jean Reno

Why do kids always say peace out, I though peace was in. Bill Cosby

Maybe I'm just a kid in love. Shawn Mendes

I'll always have a kid in me. Eli Manning

I kid because I'm on basic cable. Jon Stewart

The freedom that I wanted as a kid would - probably would not have been good for me and not in the way in which I wanted it. Mahershala Ali

If you really want your kids to fly, you don't put stones in their pockets. Michele Norris

I never thought that having a kid would be the thing that got you to work. Uffie

Yelling and screaming won't really get what I want from my kids. Adina Porter

Fellini is a just a province kid. Rome exists for Fellini, not the other way around. Scott McClanahan

What have I stolen? Probably money as a kid. Cameron Esposito

I never really said I wanted to be a TV star, when I was a kid. Abby Brammell

Music was never really something I wanted to do, so I never thought about it as a kid. Vince Staples

When I was a kid if you didn't have "Lil" in front of your name, you were trash. Vince Staples

I started in this industry [television] as a kid doing commercials. Ever since I was introduced to it, I loved it. Kofi Siriboe

I'm happy that I've raised six kids, and not one of them is a Ph.D. Freeman Dyson

I can be around kids if I need to be. Lurlene Mcdaniel

I was over self-medicating back when I was a kid and didn't know it. Larry Clark

Kids are sponges. They will emulate what they see and what they're exposed to. Levar Burton

I feel like I'm a kid again. Sergei Polunin

I've always been a teaser, even as a kid. Micah Perks

I have a total complex [because of my curls], though, because I got teased a lot as a kid. Guido Palau

I did once leave one of [my kid] watching something on YouTube, something completely innocuous, and I went out of the room and the algorithm kept playing the next thing and the next thing and somehow worked its way around to showing him the trailer for John Carpenter's The Thing - at which point I walked back in. He wasn't happy. Charlie Brooker

When I was young I was one of those kids that got pulled onstage at a Green Day concert. That was pretty awesome. Matthew Healy

I was a kid and I studied when I had to [live]. Bill Ayers

I'm not from a generation of kids that grew up on a Mac. Paula Scher

You have to have a lot of kids. Paula Scher

Kerouac was this kid who exemplified something happening. Howard Rheingold

Everything when I was a kid was illustrated. Kate Dicamillo

Kids are very visual, and they might not eat a food just because of its colour. Tom Aikens

I'm more verbal and not as private as I was as a kid. Alia Shawkat

I also want [my kids] to always feel confident and free to be themselves. Adriana Lima

I lived my life as a part-white, part-black but then sometimes-Jewish kid. Trevor Noah

I'm sure kids had masturbated by sixth grade. I had for sure. Jen Kirkman

Kids are overprogrammed these days. Ross W. Greene

I still get a buzz from seeing young kids making music. Horace Panter

My kids remind me every day how much I don't know. Jo Dee Messina

I was one of those kids that always drew all the time. Kirsten Lepore

I have always been into music ever since I was a kid. Kelly Blatz

I've loved comics since I was a kid, collected them, I've always dreamed of being involved in comics. Taika Waititi

I'd rather see a kid get fixated on something they can turn into a career. Temple Grandin

When I was a kid I was very particular. I was actually beyond particular. I would iron my money and spray it with Polo cologne. Mark McNairy

I have four kids - they're 19 to 33 - that I love more than anything. Melanie Griffith

I feel like the best thing, as far as what I do with kids, is I treat them like human beings. Mike Vallely

I'm 33, my generation, when I was young, we'd go out into the woods for the entire day and come back for dinner. I was definitely a kid of the '80s, who was out and about. Lissie

I knew about things like Iggy Pop and The Velvet Underground, weirdly, before I knew about David Bowie. I didn't know what David Bowie was, when I was a kid. I thought he was like Visage. Stewart Lee

I always tell my kids, "Find something that you love and within that you'll find some job that you can do and you'll always be happy. You'll go to a job that you want to go to." Tom Petty

Kids are starting to dress the same, listen to the same music. I look at their Tumblrs and they're all into the same things. Chaz Bundick

Whatever kids are into, that might be their thing. Aldis Hodge

I'm also 31 years old. It's not like I'm some kid who can be slapped across the newspaper pages like some harlot. Lizzy Caplan

In the NBA you need a little bit more than that when Jordan is front of you. You need a little bit more than that when it is Barkley or Karl Malone or Shaq or whoever else. You need a lot more than that frankly if you're the English kid who can't jump. John Amaechi

Very often kids don't ask questions in class because they don't want to be seen asking a question. Nicholas Negroponte

I've dreamed about producing since I was a kid. DeVon Franklin

I was a pretty confident kid, even if it was all false bravado. Simon Baker

I'll do anything for kids but I don't sign anything for grownups anymore. Clinton Portis

I love working with kids; I find hope in them. Raul Castillo

Kids love rabbits... they just like them. Johnny Bach

It's almost like learning to meditate to learn to hear what your kid is actually saying. Anne Lamott

I'm just passionately in love with my kids. Sheena Easton

Kids are really cruel. Teresa Palmer

I read Superman comics when I was a kid. Robert Vaughn

My kids were targeted on Facebook by protesters. Scott Walker

I'm pretty intentional about being highly invested in my kids' lives. Mark Batterson

It's funny when you're a kid how you can acclimate to almost anything. Adam Carolla

Kanye took me from a kid who listened to music to a kid who lived music. Chance The Rapper

I loved movies ever since I was a kid. Roger Deakins

As a kid, I played a lot of one-on-none. Julius Erving

I was a little chubby, rosy-cheeked kid. Brad Goreski

Everyone has their thing, and I was the weird, artsy kid. Spencer Grammer



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