Quotes on Jobs

I basically went into business for myself. But it never amounted to anything. I learned a lot about editing and dubbing by watching all the professionals do it, but I never got a job out of my imposition. Steven Spielberg

It's my job to find the cornel of truth and then exaggerate, exaggerate, exaggerate until it's of an appropriate scale. Claire Danes

I'm completely unqualified for any job I've ever had. Rachael Ray

Concentrate on doing the job, not the fear. Janet Evanovich

You can't do a good job unless you're keen on it yourself. David Hawkins

Two can live as cheaply as one - if they both have good jobs. Laurence J Peter

You do a job like mine because you love the job, not because it's going to make you famous. Ray Winstone

He (Lou Gehrig) just went out and did his job every day. Bill Dickey

My job, one of them, in science, was to find the gods inside of us. Howard Bloom

Job can be anyone. Yahweh can be everyone's God! Robert Alden

Our job here is to defend freedom. Viet D Dinh

Are you doing work worth doing, or are you just doing your job? Seth Godin

Do' do it because it's your job, do it because you can. Seth Godin

A writer's job is to cultivate what can go wrong. Chuck Palahniuk

I like to reinvent myself - it's part of my job. Karl Lagerfeld

You better do your job and not lean on me to do it for you. Jon Taffer

20,000 jobs is really not that many jobs. Jan Schakowsky

My job is mostly to entertain and be funny. Rosie O'Donnell

Friendship is a full-time job. Bill Russell

I only wear the latest thing. It's my job. Karl Lagerfeld

Intellectually, I loved my job, but I didn't get any meaning from it, Chelsea Clinton

Fortunately, I've never had a job Lyle Lovett

Take your job seriously, but not yourself Dwight D Eisenhower

Don't do it because it's your job, do it because you can. Seth Godin

I like to reinvent myself - it's part of my job. Karl Lagerfeld

That's my job - to make sure everything is great. Steve Jobs

Don't speculate unless you can make it a full time job. Bernard Baruch

With every job you get more comfortable, you do better, you're more confident. Nina Dobrev

A writer's job is to cultivate what can go wrong. Chuck Palahniuk

Intellectually, I loved my job, but I did' get any meaning from it, Chelsea Clinton

I am always on the job. Margaret Thatcher

When you love something it's not a job anymore. Spike Lee

[In 2011] What Steve Jobs did was simply make everything and everyone better. Lee Clow

I can't get a job, I can't get arrested. Kyle Maclachlan

I talk about jobs, I talk about our veterans being mistreated. Donald Trump

I am a tip-top starlet. That is my job that I am paid to do. Madonna Ciccone

If your business requires your presence you don't have a business, you have a job. Michael Gerber

Your greatest job is shedding what you don't have to do. Kevin Kelly

Job was what you'd technically describe as a loony. Peter Cook

You can get fired from any job at any time. Jorge Garcia

I'm pretty darn happy with my day job. Rick Santelli

I don't have a day job, so I read any time of day. Ned Beauman

Jobs are created by businesses, especially small and mid-sized businesses. Charlie Dent

I never could get a proper job. Tibor Fischer

I always was going to be a writer. The other jobs were just to keep me in food. Though I enjoyed the archaeology. Catherine Fisher

I never had the chutzpah to just come to L.A. and make it. I didn't have that confidence. I'm always surprised when I get a job. Isla Fisher

I love that I have a job that I love. Ekaterina Gordeeva

That's what is great about what I do, going from one job to the other. Dennis Quaid

What other grown-up gets told how to do their job so often as a writer? Rachel Cusk

I sing and dance. That's my job. Dick Van Dyke

I don't get cast for every job and I understand that. Linda Evangelista

It's part of the job to compensate for outfit. Victoria Pratt

I'm famous. That's my job. Jerry Rubin

I love my job, I've always loved my job. Sienna Miller

My job is being 'Mrs. Ronald Reagan.' Nancy Reagan

I have the best job in the entire history of broadcasting. Willard Scott

Fitness is not an option. It's part of my job. Alison Sweeney

Our job, as writers is to do our jobs. David Mamet

Here's the thing about me: I have a job to do and I do it. James Murdoch

Our job is to execute. Mark V Hurd

The job is not the work. Seth Godin

Nobody goes to work to do a bad job. W Edwards Deming

I would take up any small job on the sets, just so that I could hang around with the hope of getting noticed. Christine Lahti

If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing twice. Margaret Mahy

I am lonesome so regular it's like a job I gotta report to every day. Alice Childress

We did a variant of the intern thing. We hired people as consultants for a specific thing and then if they were good, offered them a job. Joshua Schachter

Our job is to ask questions of children so that children internalize these questions and ask them of themselves and their own emerging drafts. Lucy Calkins

I haven't gotten fired from many jobs, but you finish a job and nine times out of ten you're just unemployed and you don't know where the next one is. And that does get old. It's stressful. Tom Selleck

My job driving the ambulance was not very severe, you did what you were supposed to do. That was my main job. Frank Buckles

You've got to have something to retire to. Something you always wanted to do but your job prevented it. Ozzy Osbourne

Work is my hobby, staying sober is my job. Christian Slater

Death Of A Salesman is a great acting job. Ken Stott

If you're standing in the manure pile, it's somebody's job to mention the stink. Barbara Kingsolver

Please will you do my job for me. C S Lewis

I have learned that it is no one else?s job to take care of me but me. Beyonce Knowles

There is not a job Ive held in my career that was held by a woman before me. Patricia A Woertz

I had a job since I was old enough to work - since I was, like, 14. G-Eazy

Corporations and businesses [don't] create jobs Hillary Clinton

Some people have jobs where other people don't clap for them. I don't understand that. Laura Benanti

He who never makes a mistake never makes anything. It's part of learning the job. Joseph Delaney



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