Quotes on Adversity

Adversity is, to me at least, a tonic and a bracer. Walter Scott

Adversity, which makes us indulgent to others, renders them severe towards us. Jean Antoine Petit-Senn

We must be challenged to improve, and adversity is the challenger. John Wooden

Adversity will do something too you or for you....... Napoleon Hill

Things were bad but now they are OK. Harold J. Seymour

When adversity hits, go out and learn something. Julie Andrews

In our adversity, God shouts to us. C S Lewis

Expand your notion of what adversity is. Robert Greene

Righteousness has never precluded adversity. M Russell Ballard

The sharpest sting of adversity it borrows from our own impatience. George Horne

Tis looking downward makes one dizzy. Robert Browning

There's nothing better for a comedian than adversity. Jeff Dunham

But we must not suffer over the suffering. Alan Watts

In any adversity gold can find friends. Amelia Barr

Out of adversity comes opportunity. Benjamin Franklin

Adversity defines true character. Ray Lewis

A man I am cross'd with adversity. William Shakespeare

Without adversity, we can never unleash our greatness. Paul G. Stoltz


The English nation is never so great as in adversity. Benjamin Disraeli

Adversity deprives us of our judgment. Tacitus

Prosperity has no power over adversity. Publilius Syrus

We all have to go through the tumbler a few times before we can emerge as a crystal. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Public calamity is a mighty leveller. Edmund Burke

Prosperity provideth, but adversity proveth friends. Elizabeth I

One who was adored by all in prosperity is abhorred by all in adversity. Baltasar Gracian

Adversity reminds men of religion. Livy

He that has never known adversity is but half acquainted with others, or with himself. Charles Caleb Colton

Adversity makes strange bedfellows. William Shakespeare

In adversity man is saved by hope. Bill Vaughan

Sisters are a shield against life's cruel adversity. Nancy Mitford

Much dearer be the things which come through hard distress. Herbert Spencer

Prosperity getteth friends, but adversity trieth them. Nicholas Ling

From adversity we can learn the value of patience. Dalai Lama

Adversity builds character and character takes you places money can't. Ti

Through adversity we find our heroes... Steve Gleason

It is written that adversity introduces us to ourselves. George W Bush

We must endure Adversity Bravely and cheerfully. Sri Chinmoy

I've always risen to the challenge and faced adversity; it's just a part of who I am. Erik Rutan

Our adversity is never just for us, but to bless others around us. O. J. Brigance

Prosperity often presages adversity. Hosea Ballou

Adversity is a misperception as all works toward the good. Julia Cameron

He that swells in prosperity will be sure to shrink in adversity. Charles Caleb Colton

One can never truly savor success until first tasting adversity. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Adversity creates heroes. Picabo Street

Don't try to live too many days at a time. Harold B Lee

I didn't care what, how much adversity life threw at me. I intended to get to the top. Ted Turner

Adversity is a stimulus. James Broughton

In so many things, growth comes from adversity. Michael Huffington

The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. Ulysses S Grant

Our greatest battle is to become ourselves, in the face of adversity. Steven Pressfield

A man is insensible to the relish of prosperity until he has tasted adversity. Saadi

He who does not tire, tires adversity. Martin Farquhar Tupper

A good resolve will make any port. Horace

Problems are messages. Shakti Gawain

Morality begins at the point of a gun. Mao Zedong

Necessity is an interpretation, not a fact. Friedrich Nietzsche

The good things of prosperity are to be wished; but the good things that belong to adversity are to be admired. Seneca the Younger

Lots of times, our main problem isn't our problem. Our biggest problem is our perspective on our problem. Steven Furtick

Every burden is a blessing. Robert H Schuller

As a rule, adversity reveals genius and prosperity hides it Horace

The reward of suffering is experience Aeschylus

Find the grain of truth in criticism-chew it and swallow it. Don Sutton

The greatest difficulties lie where we are not looking for them. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Adversity, if you allow it to, will fortify you and make you the best you can be. Kerri Walsh

Make choices-not excuses. Charles J Givens

The enlarging of the soul requires not only some remodeling, but some excavating. Neal A Maxwell

Adversity is the mother of progress. Mahatma Gandhi

Adversity makes men remember God. Livy

Adversity will surface in every life. How we meet it makes the difference. Marvin J Ashton

With man, most of his misfortunes are occasioned by man. Pliny The Elder

Misfortunes make us wise. Mary Norton

Life didn't promise to be wonderful. Teddy Pendergrass

It is in adversity that the good show their friendship most clearly; prosperity always finds friends. Euripides

There are uses to adversity, and they don't reveal themselves until tested. Sonia

Adversity is the midwife of genius Napoleon Bonaparte

You learn things in adversity that you would never have discovered without trouble. There is always a seed of hope. Og Mandino

In every adversity, there is a seed of equivalent benefit. Pat Riley

Courage is adversity's lamp. Luc De Clapiers

Adversity is a good school. Charlotte Bronte



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