Quotes on Achievement

What is any achievement, however great it was, once time itself is dead? Iain Banks

Happiness is not a tangible thing, it's a byproduct - a byproduct of achievement. Ray Kroc

Leadership is an achievement of trust. Peter Drucker

What's wrong vs Right with you It's not a question of what's wrong with you, it's a question of what's right with you. Al Duncan

Those who never have time do least Georg C Lichtenberg

Courage comes through achievement, but also through the attempt. Chris Guillebeau

There is no such thing as failure; everything is just a stepping stone to a greater lesson or achievement. Idara Victor

If I had to say what my one greatest achievement is, it's that I lasted, and I'm still happy. I hope that comes through. Cleve Jones

A sense of achievement improves general confidence and self-esteem. Philippa Perry

Achievement brings its own anticlimax. Maya Angelou

The greatest achievement is to outperform yourself. Denis Waitley

Your greatest achievement is to love me. Prince Charles

As much time as you put into it, that's what your achievements are going to be when you come out of it. Mary Lou Retton

Everywhere I went I experienced the same success, which transcends words. Leni Riefenstahl

Expectation is the springboard of achievement. Ngaio Marsh

There is no shortcut to achievement. George Washington Carver

The gift of achievement is not the things you get, but the person you become. Robin S. Sharma

My biggest achievement is my children. Tracy Repchuk

We have seen that intellect and achievement are far from perfectly correlated. Lewis Terman

Our achievements are generally limited only by the beliefs we impose on ourselves. Bear Grylls

The great achievement of liberal Protestantism was to make God boring. H L Mencken

I do' measure America by its achievement but by its potential. Shirley Chisholm

It is not because we have value that we are loved, but because we are loved that we have value. Our value is a gift, not an achievement. William Sloane Coffin

Postponing action is only postponing achievement. Rick Pitino

Achievement brings with it its own anticlimax. Agatha Christie

It was an utterly phenomenal achievement. David Mccullough

Education is inoculation against disruption. Robin S. Sharma

The only failure is not trying. Robin S. Sharma

All personal achievement starts in the mind of the individual. W Clement Stone

Ideas are the beginning of all achievement. Bruce Lee

Freedom is not an achievement but an opportunity. Bhagat Puran Singh

There are many who find a good alibi far more attractive than an achievement. Eric Hoffer

The mathematics of high achievement Thomas Carlyle

There is a necessary limit to our achievement, but none to our attempt. Phillips Brooks

The main substantive achievement of neoliberalism has been to redistribute rather than to generate wealth and income. David Harvey

On a personal level, I don't have many individual achievements... Eddie Lacy

To cross the seas, to traverse the roads, and to work machinery by galvanism, or rather electro-magnetism, will certainly, if executed, be the most noble achievement ever performed by man. Alfred Smee

Belief is the cornerstone of all the great achievements since the beginning of time. Robert Anthony

Painting constantly appeared to me as the one and only possible achievement. Max Beckmann

I don't measure America by its achievement but by its potential. Shirley Chisholm

It is only our humanity that can deliver us from the brutality of our achievements. Henry Rollins

Time is inelastic and inflexible. Time is indispensable. No achievement is possible without time. Brian Tracy

Emmys are wonderful and I'm thrilled to death that I have mine. But they're representative of a specific achievement, where this sort of thing is representative of how you've grown in your own industry. Dinah Shore

Don't confuse honours with achievement. Zadie Smith

There is no achievement without risk. Gene Kranz

Without failure there is no achievement. John C Maxwell

Before any great achievement, some measure of depression is very usual. Charles Spurgeon

All great achievements are the result of sustained focus over time-all of them. Gary W. Keller

Gonna Be One Of The Great Achievements Of This Administration Joe Biden

Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements gained slowly over time. John C Maxwell

Will you be remembered, how would you be remembered, why wouldn't you fight for the greatest achievement ever? Ray Lewis

happiness has always seemed to me a great achievement. Francoise Sagan

Any great achievement is preceded by many difficulties and many lessons; great achievements are not possible without them. Brian Tracy

To pray as God would have us pray is the greatest achievement of earth. Samuel Chadwick

Hopefully my greatest achievement will be getting into heaven! Tommy McDonald

Almost every great achievement began with someone finally getting ticked off, saying, 'Enough!' and standing up to fight. Darren Hardy

There must be equality of all men before God and in a democratic society. Now that's one of the great achievements. Reinhold Niebuhr

The greatest achievements are those that benefit others. Denis Waitley

I love the success of my teammates more than my individual achievements. I've just always cared more about that since I started playing. Lebron James

What you are must always displease you, if you would attain to that which you are not. Saint Augustine

The value of achievement lies in the achieving. Albert Einstein

We know the good, we apprehend it clearly; but we can't bring it to achievement. Euripides

The only worthwhile achievements of man are those which are socially useful. Alfred Adler

Now I am a genius; before that I was a drudge. Niccolo Paganini

Success can corrupt; usefulness can only exalt. Dimitris Mitropoulos

Life never gives more than partial liberation. Achievement can never be more than fragmentary. Janusz Korczak

Technical achievement without vision is only craft. Carole Katchen

The fact that you are free is not your achievement, but rather a failure on our side. Felix Dzerzhinsky

Graduation is not the conclusion of an achievement but simply the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another chapter Thomas S Monson

Peace is never a perfect achievement. Kofi Annan

Attaining even mediocrity is often a struggle. Mason Cooley

The feat represents immense achievement for the neotenic ape, species Homo sapiens. But behind this lie twooldattributesoftheapetribalismandinquisitiveness. Brian Aldiss

To a friend, achievement is good news, to an enemy, it's bragging. Vanna Bonta

Reverence for life, veneratio vitae, is the most direct and at the same time the profoundest achievement of my will-to-live. Albert Schweitzer

Many times I wondered whether my achievement was worth the loneliness I experienced, but now I realize the price was small. Gordon Parks

Money is a stupid measure of achievement, but unfortunately it is the only universal measure we have. Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Everything ultimately fails, for we die, and that is either the penultimate failure or our most enigmatical achievement. Edward Dahlberg

I never thought of achievement. I just did what came along for me to do - the thing that gave me the most pleasure. Eleanor Roosevelt

As a general rule, a reputation is built on manner as much as on achievement. Joseph Conrad

The superior man limits his achievements. Confucius



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