Quotes on Humble Person

Work at being a humble person. John Templeton

You have to learn humility. First of all you have to be humble people. Unless and until you have a large heart you can never humble down. You have to be an extremely humble person. Humility doesn't mean that you bow to a person who is dominating, it never means that. But it means a strength within you. The person who is weak can never be humble. Nirmala Srivastava

A genuinely humble person humbles himself even before those who should be humbled by his presence. Michael Ugwu Eneja

A humble person never stops learning. Todd Blackledge

A truly humble person knows that they are nothing in themselves but they are everything in Christ. Joyce Meyer

The praise that comes from love does not make us vain, but more humble. James M Barrie

To be humble is to be teachable. Richard G Scott

I'm a very humble person. I don't rub salt in people's wounds and I'm genuine. Tony Vlachos

A humble person is not one who thinks little of himself, hangs his head and says, "I'm nothing." Rather, he is one who depends wholly on the Lord for everything, in every circumstance. David Wilkerson

The proud do not change to improve, but defend their position by rationalizing. Repentance means change, and it takes a humble person to change. Ezra Taft Benson

The new midlife is where you realize that even your failures make you more beautiful and are turned spiritually into success if you became a better person because of them. You became a more humble person. You became a more merciful and compassionate person. Marianne Williamson

Become more humble as the market goes your way. Bernard Baruch

I humble myself before God, and there the list ends. Sam Houston

Religion is to do right. It is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, it is to be humble. Ralph Waldo Emerson

How can he possibly be humble? He hasn't done anything yet. Albert Einstein

The humble person receives praise the way a clean window takes the light of the sun. The truer and more intense the light is, the less you see of the glass. Thomas Merton

A humble person is more likely to be self confident... a person with real humility knows how much they are loved. Cornelius Plantinga

The practice of democracy means that I, one person, one humble person, nevertheless feel some responsibility if the officials for whose election I was responsible go too far out of line. Clyde Kluckhohn

Only a humble person can come to know God because the humble person can recognize that there is something more powerful, more complete and more perfect than they are. Frederick Lenz

Humble Hearts have humble desires. George Herbert

I'm a really humble person and I'm a really on-the-go person. For me, it's never that serious. Joey Badass

Whoever is humble to men for God's sake, may God exalt his eminence... Elijah Muhammad

Be loving, and you will never want for love; be humble, and you will never want for guiding. Dinah Maria Murlock Craik

Comics have a caste system - an editor has to act in a certain way, an artist has to be humble. Jack Kirby

Be humble because until the sun with all its grandeur, let the moon shine. Bob Marley

As far as casting, I'm there for every single person that's cast. Even if it's one word, I'm there for their auditions. Matthew Weiner

I'm attracted to things that make me want to be a better person. Octavia Spencer

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing. Camille Pissarro

I'm very humble in terms of knowing that television is an extraordinary collaborative medium and that one person alone cannot make a great TV show. Shawn Ryan

Professions of humility are the very cream, the very essence of pride; the really humble person wishes to be, and not to appear so. Humility is timorous, and starts at her shadow; and so delicate that if she hears her name pronounced it endangers her existence. Saint Francis De Sales

The next time you feel unworthy, inadequate or inferior, remember that these experiences have nothing to do with humbleness, any more than lowering yourself to connect with another individual has to do with humbleness. There are no lower or higher individuals in the perception of a humble person. There are only souls. There is only love. Gary Zukav

The humble person is open to being corrected, whereas the arrogant is clearly closed to it. Proud people are supremely confident in their own opinions and insights. No one can admonish them successfully: not a peer, not a local superior, not even the pope himself. They know - and that is the end of the matter. Filled as they are with their own views, the arrogant lack the capacity to see another view. Thomas Dubay

The impression somehow prevails that the true believer, particularly the religious individual, is a humble person. The truth is that the surrendering and humbling of the self breeds pride and arrogance. Eric Hoffer

How does humility manifest itself in leadership and in life? A humble person is more concerned about what is right than about being right, about acting on good ideas than having the ideas, about embracing new truth than defending outdated position, about building the team than exalting self, about recognizing contribution than being recognized for making it. Stephen Covey

An artist has to be humble, an editor must be officious, and a publisher must be somewhere out in the galaxy enjoying godhood. It was a caste system, pure and simple. And it was accepted that way. Nobody thought of contracts, nobody thought of insisting on better deals. Jack Kirby

If you have a lair then you are probably not a good person. Demetri Martin

I am a pretty crazy person, so it's best for me to be on my own most of the time. Henry Rollins

It's nice to do nice things, innit? I'm a nice person, deep down, I do nice things all the time. Liam Gallagher

You don't just go to somebody and say, 'I'm a better person because you're in my head. Neal Shusterman

I'm a better person when I'm preparing for a role, when I'm studying a role. Val Kilmer

When you audition for something you do feel a little bit more legit. It's a validation that you are the right person for the job because they've chosen and they've seen you do something connected to that role. Luke Evans

Leadership is not about being a nice person or not a nice person. Simon Sinek

I'd like to be remembered as a good person, that gave as much as she could with what she had to give. Mya

I have always voted for who I believed was the best person. Robert M Gates

I'm more a competitive person. Felix Baumgartner

I have always been a business person. Bethenny Frankel

I am a positive person and do not allow things to get on top of me. Jamie Redknapp

Most of the things are either not communicable through human expression or they're top secret. Also I'm working on being a better person, and becoming more disciplined. Kalan Sherrard

I'll slow roast ya, got no holster Drake

I aint drive here I got chauffeured Drake

I'm more than just an option. Drake

Diss me and you'll never hear a reply for it Drake

I get it I live it to me there's nothin realer Drake

No I'm not saying I'm the nicest I just life like it. Drake

It sweetens every bit of work to think that I am doing it in humble, far-off, yet real imitation of Jesus. Elizabeth Prentiss

Develop a tremendous faith in God and that will give you a humble yet soundly realistic faith in yourself. Norman Vincent Peale

God makes confetti out of our titles and accomplishments to celebrate the poor and the humble. Bob Goff

All intelligent faith in God has behind it a background of humble agnosticism. Harry Emerson Fosdick

It would appear, from the best examples, that the proper way of beginning a preface to one's work is with a humble apology for having written at all. Ellen Glasgow

Just the way I carry my swag and I'm humble with it too. Lil Herb

I'm a real stubborn person. I'm still humble, not too cocky, but I'm big headed. I know what I wanna do and I know how I wanna do it and I know what needs to be done. Schoolboy Q

Truth should so humble that even dust could crush it. Mahatma Gandhi

To embrace what are called the Calvinistic doctrines was an infallible token of a humble mind. John Newton

Being on Broadway and getting a Tony nomination - this has been an incredible ride, from rather humble beginnings. Kate Fleetwood

Studious of ease, and fond of humble things. Ambrose Philips

I believe that if you think about disaster, you will get it. Brood about death and you will hasten your demise. Think positively and masterfully with confidence and faith, and life becomes more secure, more fraught with action, richer in achievement and experience. This is the sure way to win victories over inner defeat. It is the way a humble person meets life or death. Eddie Rickenbacker

Good work is no done by "humble" men. It is one of the first duties of a professor, for example, in any subject, to exaggerate a little both the importance of his subject and his own importance in it. A man who is always asking "Is what I do worth while?" and "Am I the right person to do it?" will always be ineffective himself and a discouragement to others. He must shut his eyes a little and think a little more of his subject and himself than they deserve. This is not too difficult: it is harder not to make his subject and himself ridiculous by shutting his eyes too tightly. G H Hardy

Reggie when I first met you, You didn't say two words to me, I didn't know who you were, But we instantly clicked, And you became one of my best friends man... Words can't express how much I care about you, Your well-being, How you feeling, Not even just basketball man, But off the court, I always make sure you're alright. You're such a humble person man. You do everything for the team. You always put yourself last. And I learned a lot from you. Thank you man, thank you. Kevin Durant

Discipline and diligence are up there on the list, but one of the most important qualities of many really successful people is humility. If you have a degree of humility about you, you have the ability to take advice, to be coachable, teachable. A humble person never stops learning. Todd Blackledge

I stand here not because I have fame or money or because I play on TV or hit a World Series home run. That doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because I stand here as a humble person because I know He could have picked someone else. In His Word he says, 'the least of us shall be first.' When I look up, I realize I am blessed and I say thank you Jesus for all you have done for me because without you I would be nothing. Joe Carter

There is that indescribable freshness and unconsciousness about an illiterate person that humbles and mocks the power of the noblest expressive genius. Walt Whitman

Be humble, for the worst thing in the world is of the same stuff as you; be confident, for the stars are of the same stuff as you. Nikolaj Velimirovic

We will be humble as we are obedient, and as obedient as we are humble. St. Catherine of Siena

I cannot raise my worth too high; Of what vast consequence am I! "Not of the importance you suppose," Replies a Flea upon his nose; "Be humble, learn thyself to scan; Know, pride was never made for man. John Gay

For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted. Manny Pacquiao

I came from rather humble beginnings. Teresa Palmer

My mom came from such humble beginnings and especially my dad as well. He didn't go to university. Petra Stunt

You have to be humble when you're dealing with God. Jill Scott

True love is humble, thereby is it known; Girded for service, seeking not its own; Vaunts not itself, but speaks in self-dispraise. Abraham Coles

For me, religion is serious business - a farrago of authoritarian nonsense, misogyny and humble pie, the eternal enemy of human happiness and freedom. Katha Pollitt



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