Quotes on Humanity

History is never antiquated, because humanity is always fundamentally the same. Walter Rauschenbusch

Ah, Bartleby! Ah, humanity! Herman Melville

For us, patriotism is the same as the love of humanity. Mahatma Gandhi

Combine science and humanities. Steve Jobs

Not even the Washington Post understands humanity. Rush Limbaugh

I've always been very aware of my own humanity. The limits of my humanity. Danny Pudi

Ultimately we've only got humanity to work with. It's only clay we've got. J R R Tolkien

There's nothing I'm particularly keen to hide about my humanity. Tilda Swinton

Humanity can be pretty stinky. Barbara Brown Taylor

If untouchability lives, humanity must die. Mahatma Gandhi

We cannot trample upon the humanity of others without devaluing our own. Chinua Achebe

There is no humanity before that which starts with yourself. Marcus Garvey

I am out of humanity's reach. William Cowper

Humanity is never more sphinxlike than when it is expressing itself. Rebecca West

Humanity, you never had it to begin with. Charles Bukowski

What would the world be without him, and those like him? Janet Morris

Better to join in with humanity than to set ourselves apart. Pema Chodron

... humility + humor = humanity. Kathie Lee Gifford

Lies are essential to humanity. Marcel Proust

He is not humanity deified. He is not Godhead humanized. He is God. He is man. He is all that God is, and all that man is as God created Him. Charles Spurgeon

The gift of The Giver is something good and true and beautiful about what is good and true and beautiful in humanity. Kathryn Jean Lopez

The tendency of humanity is towards the forbidden. Horace

One cannot deny the humanity of another without diminishing one's own. James A Baldwin

Humanity had to go through egoic madness and then outgrow it. Eckhart Tolle

Creativity has got to start with humanity. Marilyn Monroe

History must stay open, it is all humanity. William Carlos Williams

Humanity is always made up of more dead than living. Auguste Comte

...humanity learns true lessons only in cataclysm. Daniel H Wilson

He who understands humanity seeks solitude Ali Ibn Abi Talib

I won't trade humanity for patriotism. Immortal Technique

Humanities' greatest desire is to belong and connect. Jason Russell

There can be no renewal of our relationship with nature without a renewal of humanity itself. Pope Francis

The philanthropists inquire whether Transcendentalism does not mean sloth: they had as lief hear that their friend is dead, as that he is a Transcendentalist; for then is he paralyzed, and can never do anything for humanity. Ralph Waldo Emerson

The problems of all of humanity can only be solved by all of humanity Friedrich Durrenmatt

In my view, relationship movies never get old because humanity will never not be confounded by their relationships. Zoe Lister-Jones

Above all remember your humanity. Joseph Rotblat

The more materiality there is, the less humanity there is Philippe Starck

It is the business of the artist to make humanity aware of itself. Ezra Pound

It seems to me that one of the most basic human experiences, one that is genuinely universal and unites-or, more precisely, could unite-all of humanity, is the experience of transcendence in the broadest sense of the word. Vaclav Havel

Software work is the most complex that humanity has ever undertaken. Fred Brooks

Liberty is the right and hope of all humanity. George W Bush

If You Do' Claim Your Humanity, You Will Become A Statistic. Chuck Palahniuk

I am for Socialism because I am for humanity. Eugene V Debs

...you can render to God and humanity no greater service than to make the most of yourself. Wallace D. Wattles

It's against the rules of humanity to believe there is nothing we can do. Melina Marchetta

Humanity would never tolerate it Elie Wiesel

For me, with me, making a film is always about humanity. Michael B Jordan

Religion [is] the universal obsessional neurosis of humanity Sigmund Freud

No religion is higher than humanity Abdul Sattar Edhi

Humanity is best described as inhumanity. Pat Conroy

A saint belongs to all humanity. Elif Safak

Each man is haunted until his humanity awakens. William Blake

Set religion free, and a new humanity will begin. Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

Until we begin to see each other as ourselves, nothing will change. We are one planet. Peter Joseph

Humanity lives in its fiction. Blaise Cendrars

Humanity needs to weep, and this is the time to weep, Pope Francis

Humanity is outraged in me and with me. George Sand

Humanity is the cancer of nature. David Foreman

I'm an optimist about humanity in general, I suppose. Tim Berners-Lee

The religion of humanity is love. Giuseppe Mazzini

We can't separate our humanity from our poetry ... Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I discuss humanity and not races. Pearl Bailey

Humanity always becomes a conqueror. Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Violence diminishes our humanity. Coretta Scott King

Humanity is the sin of God Theodore Parker

Why are there no names for the abscence of things? Why is there no name for the abscence of humanity? Carrie Jones

Learning to think rigorously, so as to act rightly and to serve humanity better. Pope John Paul Ii

If you are not astonished that you exist, your humanity is not complete. Deepak Chopra

Above all nations is humanity, Goldwin Smith

In fighting for women, we fight for humanity. We fight for the future - for everyone. Salma Hayek

We are blind to each other's humanity. Ernie Barnes

A culture is the sum of all the things about which humanity can choose to differ. Brian Eno

I love humanity, it's people I don't like. Charles M Schulz

Humanity connected is God. Jim Gilliam

Your humanity is your instrument. Wayne Shorter

Like anything, you've gotta find the humanity in the characters. Holliday Grainger

We have to start seeing people as human beings. Our entire humanity depends on that. Lisa Ling

If nuclear energy is used for the sake of humanity, then I say yes. But if it is used destructively, then no. Recep Tayyip Erdogan

It's rare that you get to work with actors, female or not, where you all get along. Just because of the nature of humanity. Shailene Woodley

The idea of engineering is an idea of mastery. And today the role that we are being asked to play is a role based on informed humanity. Vandana Shiva



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