Quotes on Honesty

Hold firmly to your word. Maimonides

Whatever I did, I did with love and I did with honesty. Paulo Coelho

Like begets like; honesty begets honesty; trust, trust; and so on. James F. Bell, III

Your gift to God is honesty. God's gift to you is truth. Leonard Jacobson

Honesty leads to peace. Veronica Roth

I gave them all the truth and none of the honesty. Colum Mccann

There's times I'd rather kill you than listen to your honesty. Garth Brooks

We do have to remain true to the idea of honesty within what you want to do. Kevin Drew

What is dishonorably got, is dishonorably squandered. Marcus Tullius Cicero

If you don't know how, why pretend? Huang E

Honesty has always worked for me. Katy Perry

Truth and honesty is my thing. Karrine Steffans

Honesty is as much saying everything as it is saying what is true. Richard A. Snelling

Act in earnest and you will become earnest in all you do. William James

Honesty is better than any policy. Immanuel Kant

Honesty is nothin' compared to decency. Jackie Mason

Honesty is incompatible with amassing a large fortune. Mahatma Gandhi

He that departs with his own honesty For Vulgar , doth it too dearly buy. Ben Jonson

It is man that makes truth great, not truth that makes man great. Confucius

Prevarication, like honesty, is reflexive, and soon becomes a sturdy habit, as reliable as truth. Norman Mailer

Nothing is quite honest that is not commercial, but not everything commercial is honest. Robert Frost

It takes courage to live through suffering; and it takes honesty to observe it. C S Lewis

Full stories are as rare as honesty. Zadie Smith

Maybe my expectations for honesty are too high. Kelley Armstrong

Dally not with other folk's spouses or money. Benjamin Franklin

Somehow there is a certain honesty underground, a certain truth, Christophe Agou

Appearance blinds, whereas words reveal. Oscar Wilde

You say you lost your faith But that's not where it's at You had no faith to lose And you know it Bob Dylan

With death comes honesty. Salman Rushdie

Well, I guess in all honesty I would have to say that I never knew nor did I ever hear of anybody that money didnt change. Cormac Mccarthy

Honesty is always good, except when it's better to lie. James Patterson

It takes strength and courage to admit the truth. Rick Riordan

We are franker towards others than towards ourselves. Friedrich Nietzsche

What is dignity without honesty? Marcus Tullius Cicero

Things have no power that humans don't put there. Terry Pratchett

I must really confess right here, the attraction was purely physical. Rod Stewart

I really, really, really, really, really, really, really like girls. George Thorogood

Looking at my life, it's very clear to me, I lived so selfishly. Madonna Ciccone

What could there be more purely bright in truth's day star? Lou Reed

You're all just pissing in the wind. You don't know it, but you are. Neil Young

Everything that thou reprovest in another, thou must most carefully avoid in thyself. [Lat., Omnia quae vindicaris in altero, tibi ipsi vehementer fugienda sunt.] Marcus Tullius Cicero

You better not compromise yourself, it's all you've got. Janis Joplin

Honesty is good sense, politeness, amiableness,-all in one. Samuel Richardson

honesty dies in selling itself. George Sand

Most of us are honest all the time, and all of us are honest most of the time. Charles Mathias

Honesty is not the best policy - merely the safest William Shakespeare

Thank you for your honesty. Veronica Roth

Honesty can be a dirty gift. Colin Cotterill

Honesty is the foundation for trust; you can't have one without the other. Brenda Jones

There are no degrees of honesty. Ronald Reagan

Stick to the honesty and never leave it! Mehmet Murat Ildan

It is up to each voter to evaluate honesty and competency in a factual, therefore fair way. Bill O'Reilly

There was a lot of distance between the Dar of The Honesty Room and the Dar of Mortal City, so there was no attempt. Dar Williams

Most of the stories I have go downhill quickly. In all honesty most of the good stories I have, no one else would think is funny. JD Era

I'm more into Neil Young and radical honesty. Bradford Cox

You can choose to be civil or not be civil. What is the point of going through the day and think it's cool to wear your honesty on your sleeve at the expense of everyone around you? Jennifer Garner

Honesty is the greatest aphrodisiac. Zan Perrion

To strictest justice many ills belong, And honesty is often in the wrong. Lucan

Falsehood is never in words; it is in things. Italo Calvino

Your honesty is not to be based either on religion or policy.Bothyourreligionand policy must be basedon it. John Ruskin

Can you honestly love a dishonest thing? John Steinbeck

What a fool honesty is. William Shakespeare

What is more arrogant than honesty? Ursula K Le Guin

Life comes down to honesty and doing what's right. That's what's most important. Bob Feller

Each time we don't say what we wanna say, we're dying. Yoko Ono

Honesty's the best policy. Miguel De Cervantes

I feel honesty always works. Bobby Unser

You can never lose anything that really belongs to you, and you can't keep that which belongs to someone else. Edgar Cayce

Honesty is all you need. Cass Elliot

He that loseth his honesty hath nothing else to lose. John Lyly

Honesty has always been very important to me. Jessica Lynch

Honesty has always been an integral part of my operation, really. Russell Brand

Honesty is very sexy. Valerie Bertinelli

Honesty prospers in every condition of life. Friedrich Schiller

I'm the voice of honesty. Howard Stern

Honesty will never break you. Kate Hudson

In all honesty, we never tried to get the number-one song anywhere anyway. Katie White

Love and honesty don't mix. Miguel Syjuco

But I love honesty, and, therefore; do I make great account of facts. Gerrit Smith

Honesty needs no disguise nor ornament; be plain. Thomas Otway



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