Quotes on Heartbeat

The soundtrack in the poetry is the soundtrack from your own heartbeat. Russell Simmons

We have our own little heartbeat, too. We already have what I would call polyrhythms going on. John Densmore

I'm sure you would have stopped it if you could have." "In a heartbeat. Kiera Cass

Life isn't measured in minutes, but in heartbeats. Joan Lowery Nixon

Meditation has to become your heartbeat; even when you are asleep the meditation continues like an undercurrent Rajneesh

I will dance and resist and dance and persist and dance. This heartbeat is louder than death. Suheir Hammad

A sermon is no sermon in which I cannot hear the heartbeat. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Together, we can bring our planet's heartbeat back. Ian Somerhalder

I would have done it for you in a heartbeat Julie James

To be in a body is to hear the heartbeat of death at every moment. Andrew Harvey

I measure the moment in the heartbeats I skip David Levithan

Every breath, every heartbeat, was one less until maybe things stopped hurting this much. Jenny Downham

If I have to remove one to save ten, I'll do it in a heartbeat. If I have to waterboard somebody to save a thousand people, I'll do it in a heartbeat. Sean Patrick Flanery

You can hold a secret, hold it so far in that it drives nearly every thought and every move you make- your very heartbeat, almost. Deb Caletti

Breath and brevity are sisters; the long-winded is an enemy who muffles your heartbeat. Shirley Geok-lin Lim

Lies were like acid, corrosive: They could dissolve trust in a heartbeat. Rob Thurman

We like to think of life as a constant ... Yet it can be ended in a heartbeat. David Gemmell

Willpower is breath and heartbeat of life; Life blooms in the girdle of taut willpower. Praveen Kumar

I would work with any one of them again in a heartbeat because it was joyous and incredibly easy. Jason Alexander

I would do 'American Splendor' and 'About Schmidt' again in a heartbeat. Hope Davis

If I didn't find out, or learn, that I was an alcoholic and I didn't take the 12 Steps of Recovery, I wouldn't be the person I am today. So, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Harry Reems

There is no other closeness in human life like the closeness between a mother and her baby - chronologically, physically, and spiritually they are just a few heartbeats away from being the same person. Susan Cheever

Life is more than breath and a heartbeat; meaning and purpose are the life of life. Desmond Tutu

This is what I like about photographs. They're proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect. Jodi Picoult

If direction is a look, montage is a heartbeat. To foresee is the characteristic of both; but what one seeks to foresee in space, the other seeks in time. Jean-Luc Godard

There's a kind of ear music . . . a rhythmic synchronicity which creates a kind of heartbeat on the page. Allan Gurganus

God had a heartbeat for 18-25 years old...the vast majority of whom don't have a clue why they are on this planet. Louie Giglio

Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat. That I have one, too. Tahereh Mafi

Alexia gave in to his demanding touch, but only, of course, because he sounded so pathetic. It had nothing, whatsoever to do with her own quickening heartbeat. Gail Carriger

I could fall for you in a heartbeat Ken Follett

Step into this experience with the goose bumps in your heartbeat Buddy Wakefield

Oh, honey, if he swung batter-batter for my team, I'd be all over that in a heartbeat. J. Lynn

There's no conscious thing on the face of the world that does' know dread more intimately than its own heartbeat. Clive Barker

Can I be blamed for wanting a real body, to put my arms around? Without it I too am disembodied. I can listen to my own heartbeat against the bedsprings...but there's something dead about it, something deserted. Margaret Atwood

If it came down to that, I'd protect you in a heartbeat. Nicholas Sparks

Hula is the language of the heart, therefore, the heartbeat of the Hawai'ian people. Kalakaua

Hope is the music of the whole Bible, the heartbeat, the pulse and the atmosphere of the whole Bible. Aiden Wilson Tozer

Love is the heartbeat of all life. Paramahansa Yogananda

It looked like a ballpark. It smelled like a ballpark. It had a feeling and a heartbeat, a personality that was all baseball. Richie Ashburn

Your mother's heartbeat is the first sound you ever hear and your own heartbeat is the last. Dave Brubeck

Things could change so entirely, in a heartbeat; the world could be made entirely anew, because someone was kind. Jo Baker

Your mother's heartbeat is the first sound you ever hear and your own heartbeat is the last. Dave Brubeck

I work between my heartbeat. I have one-and-a-half seconds to actually move. And at the same time I have to watch I do' inhale my own work. Willard Wigan

Anything I've asked of MGM Grand, they've done for me in a heartbeat. They're all about making entertainers and athletes happy. Floyd Mayweather Jr

You turn on the television, it's like, "Woah is me! God almighty, we're awful." We are so down and out we are - name me a country in the world, name me one leader anywhere in the world who wouldn't trade places in a heartbeat. We by far, we're going to own the 21st century. Joe Biden

The more the ensemble, the duet or the forty piece orchestra, plays as one person, the more it makes people dance, because you're back in the womb. You feel mom's heartbeat. It makes you move. It reminds you of that warm, groovy space you were in. John Densmore

Music always has to do with vibrations for me. I love to record everyone's heartbeats, in way. None of us beats at the same pace and a song is a magical moment where different entities, for a split second, meet up. Lou Doillon

I leapt eagerly into books. The characters" lives were so much more interesting than the lonely heartbeat of my own. Ruta Sepetys

For at no time are any events predestined. There should be no such word in your vocabulary, for with every moment you change, and every heartbeat is an action, and every action changes every other action. Seth

This country will kill you in a heartbeat and still people love it. Cormac Mccarthy

When I have an idea, it goes from vague, cloudy notion to 100,000 words in a heartbeat. Lynn Abbey

She closes the door completely, and I crouch there. I allow myself to fall forward and rest my head on the door frame. My breath bleeds. My heartbeat drowns my ears. Markus Zusak

I'm very proud to be Canadian, but I would move to New York in a heartbeat. Lexa Doig

A dedication to perfection means that we are doomed always to be just a heartbeat way - from exposure. Perfection is unchanging; lives are ongoing. Joy Browne

I'm the ruler in my kingdom and my dark seat is hot. Step into my world and your heartbeat stop! Aaron Dontez Yates

You are in a place that has not been seen for tens of thousands of years, because it was so sealed off. There is such silence that when you hold your breath you can hear your own heartbeat. Everything is so fresh that you have the sensation that the painters have merely retreated deeper into the dark and that they are looking at you. Werner Herzog

Promise to my momma I'ma make it to the Top.. So I'ma keep climbing til my heartbeat drop J Cole

To listen to the silence is to hear the heartbeat of the Universe. Laurence Overmire

A span of a few heartbeats can make for a greater memory than the sum of a mundane year.-Catti-brie R A Salvatore

I think my heartbeat might be the Morse code for "inappropriate." Rives

Her mind emptied of everything but the gusting wind and how fragile Wolf looked in that heartbeat, like one movement could break him open. Marissa Meyer

Our breath, like our heartbeat, is the most reliable rhythm in our lives. When we become attuned to this constant rhythm, our breath can gradually teach us to come back to the original silence of the mind. Donna Farhi

I could take you down on this sidewalk and be up that skirt of yours in a heartbeat. And you wouldn't fight me, would you? No, she probably wouldn't. Wrath and Beth J.R. Ward

Even when I cannot see him, I can hear the beautiful gallop of God's heartbeat for humanity. Christine Caine

Namby-pamby little routines that don't speed up your heartbeat and make you sweat aren't worth your while. Jane Fonda

We left no doubt that we are one heartbeat And something like that is pretty hard to stop Once it gets going Oscar Lua

You may not know, But it is absolutely true: With each heartbeat Your heart is calling: "God, God!" You may not hear it, But God Himself definitely hears Your heart's cry. Sri Chinmoy

We each have a finite number of heartbeats, a finite amount of time. But we have enough heartbeats and enough time to do what is important. Susan L Taylor

Men take what women make and claim it as their own.Men don't love childrenThey kill them in a heartbeat to hurt a woman Jessica Valenti

And since time sets its own tempo, like a heartbeat or an ebb tide, timepieces don't really keep time. They just keep up with it, if they're able. Dava Sobel

By writing at the instant, the very heartbeat of life is caught. Walt Whitman

Don't do it for the money. Follow the path to do what makes your heartbeat faster. Follow your passion. Lynn Tilton

You kind of can't help who you'll fall in love with. I'd date someone who isn't in the business in a heartbeat. Selena Gomez

Music gets inside you, music captures you. Music becomes your heartbeat. It's a drug and makes you feel whatever the song's about. Ed Westwick

Men take what women make and claim it as their own.Men do' love childrenThey kill them in a heartbeat to hurt a woman Jessica Valenti

I don't audition for "on-air" commercials - the ones where your face can be seen. I've auditioned for voiceover campaigns that I haven't gotten, but I don't really want to be seen in a commercial unless it's a product that I really love. Like, if Adidas asked me, I would do it in a heartbeat. But I did a Reebok commercial, one for Pep Boys, one for Dunkin' Donuts. I auditioned for commercials, but I really couldn't stomach it. It just didn't feel right. Michael Showalter

Let me say, it's - what a commentary it is on American media that you have to go to Russian television in order to get covered as a candidate in this election. It's pretty outrageous. And our media could solve that in a heartbeat if they actually opened it up, you know, but they don't. So I think that's more commentary on the crisis in our media. Jill Stein

There's no conscious thing on the face of the world that doesn't know dread more intimately than its own heartbeat. Clive Barker

If there was another Dr. Quinn movie, I would do it in a heartbeat. Joe Lando

Patients know in a heartbeat if they're getting a clumsy exam. Abraham Verghese