Quotes on Hard Times

Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the "hero" within us is revealed. Bob Riley

The hard times make a true friend afraid to ask. Tupac Shakur

If you want everything, you first have to give everything up. Laozi

Be bold and courageous. When you look back on your life, you'll regret the things you didn't do more than the ones you did. H Jackson Brown Jr

I just have a hard time displaying things. Cary Fukunaga

I have a hard time repeating myself. Ariel Rechtshaid

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings. Laozi

Life is cruel and unfair, my friends, and that is fact. Stephan Jenkins

When you stand and share your story in an empowering way, your story will heal you and your story will heal somebody else. Iyanla Vanzant

I am learning every day to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me. Tracee Ellis Ross

Let us hear what the Bible says and what we as Christians are called to hear together: By grace you have been saved. Karl Barth

I have a hard time watching myself. Logan Lerman

We're living in hard times. Antonio Banderas

Everyone goes through a hard time in their life. Kirsten Dunst

Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. Michael Jordan

The were good times, there were hard times, but there were never bad times Steve Jobs

Hard times always lead to something great. Betsey Johnson

If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it. Michael Jordan

Work Hard. Do your best. Keep your word. Never get too big for your britches. Trust in God. Have no fear; and Never forget a friend. Harry S Truman

Never let your head hang down. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. Satchel Paige

When I had nothing more to lose, I was given everything. When I ceased to be who I am, I found myself. When I experienced humiliation and yet kept on walking, I understood that I was free to choose my destiny. Paulo Coelho

Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up. Sylvester Stallone

For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks. Friedrich Nietzsche

My goal now is to remember every place I've been, only do things I love, and not say yes when I don't mean it. Sandra Bullock

Christians are like the several flowers in a garden that have each of them the dew of heaven, which, being shaken with the wind, they let fall at each other's roots, whereby they are jointly nourished, and become nourishers of each other. John Bunyan

The Bible is God's chart for you to steer by, to keep you from the bottom of the sea, and to show you where the harbor is, and how to reach it without running on rocks or bars. Henry Ward Beecher

I guess Judd (Apatow) is my soul mate because we have a lot of hard times, and it's great at times, too. Leslie Mann

I do' think of myself as being a celebrity, it's too mortifying. I have a hard time watching myself on screen and it's getting worse. I ca' tell whether my work is good or not. Johnny Depp

There is so much more content in English that a lot of people have a hard time filtering through the noise. Alexander Klopping

I have a hard time even calling myself a musician, but I still have to be involved in music in some capacity in my life. James Paxton

We all have to go through hard times. Tragedies. Those are given to us to see what we're going to do with them. Gwen Stefani

One thing that was inspiring to me in my research about [Georgia] O'Keeffe was to learn that in addition to her success she had very hard times, and times when she was frustrated and uninspired. Liza Campbell

I wasn't a stranger to hard times. I used to read the Bible - well, I still do, but when I was young I read the Bible quite a bit. Patti Smith

If your life is cloudy and you're far, far off course, you may have to go on faith for a while, but eventually you'll learn that every time you trust your internal navigation system, you end up closer to your right life. Martha Beck

I have a hard time watching myself! Usually I do the work, and then I leave it. So I pretend like I'm not on TV every week. Lauren London

It's really impossible for athletes to grow up. On the one hand, you're still a child, still playing a game. But on the other hand, you're a superhuman hero that everyone dreams of being. No wonder we have such a hard time understanding who we are. Billie Jean King

Strong men greet war, tempest, hard times. They wish, as Pindar said, to tread the floors of hell, with necessities as hard as iron. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hard times may have held you down, but they will not last forever. When all is said and done, you will be increased. Joel Osteen

When you feel the world is against you or you give up hope, you look at your heroes and say, "They were able to do it. They had hard times and a lot of opposition, but they got through it." Then you feel, "I can do it too." John Leguizamo

Through the times I've gone through the last couple of weeks - and I'm still trying to help a friend - I got attacked pretty hard through the media, and it hurt and it was devastating, but I really found out who was with me and who was there for me. Michael Irvin

When others are having hard times and poor business, you will find your greatest opportunities. Wallace D. Wattles

Hard times fall upon everybody. Whatever it is, we're going to get out of it. Mike Tyson

It was a hard time for me to have a pure moment, to be present, to be here Stephan Jenkins

God gave us family so that when we have a hard time praying for ourselves, we have others who will pray for us. James Potter

I killed so many women I have a hard time keeping them straight. Gary Ridgway

It isn't so much that hard times are coming; the change observed is mostly soft times going. Groucho Marx

Hard times ain't quit and we ain't quit. Meridel Le Sueur

Ronald Reagan would have a hard time getting elected as a Republican today. Lindsey Graham

Hard times may test me, they cannot destroy me, T. B. Joshua

Hard times are purposeful, meant to refine and redirect us. They're not arbitrary or random, and they're definitely not cruel. Liz Curtis Higgs

People have a hard time accepting anything that overwhelms them. Bob Dylan

I've struggled in my life. I've had hard times, but I kept pressing on. Dwyane Wade

I have a hard time getting past the day without the nap, so the nap is a must. Mohnish Pabrai

I'm really out of touch with myself emotionally. I've always had a hard time talking about how I feel. Sharon Van Etten

If you're sensitive, you will have a hard time with me. Bill Parcells

I have a hard time waiting for things to happen. Zoe Lister-Jones

These times are so hard, and they're getting even harder. Eminem

I think my parents had a hard time dealing with me. Chris Lilley

I know that John Adams has had a very hard time directing French ensembles. Gavin Bryars

Character is the virtue of hard times. Charles De Gaulle

Hard times make you bitter or make you more compassionate. Jewel

I have a hard time with free time. Shia Labeouf

I'll always be with you, inside and out," she reads. "Through hard times and helpless ones, through love, through doubt. Jessica Sorensen

There's a lot of people out there who go through hard times, and they feel alone. They feel like nobody is there. But I'm in the same boat. Brandy Norwood

I learned about the strength you can get from a close family life. I learned to keep going, even in bad times. I learned not to despair, even when my world was falling apart. I learned that there are no free lunches. And I learned the value of hard work. Lee Iacocca

I struggled many times when maybe it didn't look like I was struggling, and I had to work hard every day. Ryne Sandberg

I saw A Hard Day's Night 12 or 13 times. Pat Metheny

Donald Trump has built a business through hard times and through good times. He's brought an extraordinary business acumen, he's employed tens of thousands of people in America. Mike Pence

Write what you love. Love will hold you through the hard times and hold the world during the good times. Mark Z Danielewski

In difficult times, it's so hard to look around and to see what to be grateful for. Alice Barrett

When hard times come, the greatest danger does not necessarily lie in the circumstances we face, but rather in the way we treat ourselves at the time. Nothing is more dangerous than self-hate. Nothing makes it more difficult to heal or to find the grace of peace than self-attack and the agony of self-doubt. Stephen Schwartz

Following bio-medical treatment - which is basically changing the diet, giving vitamins and supplements and detoxing the body from metals or candida - and he recovered. And the reason the medical community has such a hard time with this is because we are treating and healing a vaccine injury ... this is truly a revolution. Jenny Mccarthy

I'm used to really struggling and facing a hard time to get things going, until I'm comfortable at all with them. Seth Rogen

Elephants have a hard time adapting. Cockroaches outlive everything. Peter Drucker

I don't think of myself as being a celebrity, it's too mortifying. I have a hard time watching myself on screen and it's getting worse. I can't tell whether my work is good or not. Johnny Depp

If I have to win one game, I'd have a hard time taking anybody over Dustin Pedroia as my second baseman. Mariano Rivera

Hard times require furious dancing. Each of us is proof. Alice Walker

You've always had a good grasp on what's right and wrong. You just have a hard time admitting that sometimes you choose the wrong. Jessica Sorensen

There have always been hard times. There have always been wars and troubles Louis L'Amour

When life is at that extremely hard time, all we can control is our attitude. Arianna Huffington



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