Quotes on Generous Person

When our attitude towards ourselves is big, and our attitude toward others is generous and merciful, we attract big and generous portions of success. W Clement Stone

Success may or may not mean that you've acquired a lot. It does mean that you have become a generous person. Robert H Schuller

Who will be the happiest person? The one who brings happiness to others. Swami Satchidananda

Robin Williams was the kind of generous person who would do things but not want to receive public credit for it. Jessica Chastain

If you desire to become a more generous person, don't wait for your income to change. Change your heart. John C Maxwell

The generous person is always just, and the just who is always generous may, unannounced, approach the throne of heaven. Johann Kaspar Lavater

A generous person may not have wisdom: but, unlike others, he has the means to gain it. Idries Shah

We must give more in order to get more. It is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest. Orison Swett Marden

I'm a good person, I hope. But I'm never as good as I want to be, never as nice as I want to be, never as generous as I want to be. David Tennant

Be generous and you can be the best person who ever lived. Albert Brooks

Photography has been very, very generous to me, but at the same time has damaged me. Don McCullin

The most truly generous persons are those who give silently without hope of praise or reward. Carol Ryrie Brink

People do not give from the top of their purses but from the bottom of their hearts. If you desire to become a more generous person do not change your income. Change your heart. John C Maxwell

If you're a generous person, when you get money and fame, you're going to be more generous. If you're a sharer, you're going to be more sharing. If you're a coward, you're just going to be a bigger coward. That's all money and fame does. Steve Harvey

Is it not odd that the only generous person I ever knew, who had money to be generous with, should be a stockbroker. Percy Bysshe Shelley

I'm incredibly grateful for Sophie Barthes, I'll always be incredibly grateful for her being generous enough to believe in what I thought. And it was just lucky that I met the right person. Henry Lloyd-Hughes

I'm not going to hide the fact that I am a happy person. Blake Judd

I've always written everything as two guitars and I never thought I'd find that right person. Erik Rutan

There's a morality... I think there's a moral compass but whether that comes from religion or just from being a good person, and where one starts and the other begins... I'm a good person, I hope. But I'm never as good as I want to be, never as nice as I want to be, never as generous as I want to be. David Tennant

A singer is someone who puts out an album. That's a very generous description. Kirsten Dunst

Foundations exist to help charities, to help those in need. And Mr. Trump has been incredibly generous throughout his career. Kellyanne Conway

There are journalists I share a whole history with, so I tend to be generous to these guys, but those days are over... Guus Hiddink

When you win and the other fellow loses, what do you see? A losing face. There is great joy in losing and making the other person win and have a happy face. Who will be the happiest person? The one who brings happiness to others. Swami Satchidananda

Over the last fifteen years, every single person the U.S. has tried to extradite from Sweden has been extradited, and they refuse to provide a guarantee [that won't happen]. Julian Assange

I don't understand why every single person in Congress isn't standing up and going, "He [Donald Trump] is in bed with Russia." And then they could just lock their arms and not let him in. Jen Kirkman

As far as casting, I'm there for every single person that's cast. Even if it's one word, I'm there for their auditions. Matthew Weiner

Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Paul the Apostle

I am going to concentrate on what's important in life. I'm going to strive everyday to be a kind and generous and loving person. I'm going to keep death right here, so that anytime I even think about getting angry at you or anybody else, I'll see death and I'll remember. Diane Frolov

I love it. It's silly to say that it is a world of false and stupid people. Sure there are witches and swindlers, but you can meet there many creative, talented and generous persons too. Hollywood is a pleasant place, when you are hip to the game and you enjoy it for what it is really. Matthew Mcconaughey

At my funeral, if one said, 'Nick was a generous person,' trust me I won't be doing cartwheels in my coffin. Recognition from people is never and never will be a goal. Some people strive for that respect or honor. Living a life to just reach for the position and status is vanity and sin. Nick Vujicic

Leaders should be collaborative, modest, and generous Bill Bradley

Be generous in nature and thought; for this wins respect and gives confidence and power. Friedrich Nietzsche

To generous souls every task is noble. Euripides

In all your relations to men be great, just, generous, courteous, and kindly. The great are never otherwise. Wallace D. Wattles

It needs as much generosity to take as to give. Ivan Panin

It is always so pleasant to be generous, though very vexatious to pay debts. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Generosity wins favour for everyone, especially when it is accompanied by modesty. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The more generous we are, the more joyous we become. William Arthur Ward

Military despotism represses generous sentiments, priestly tyranny stifles them. Napoleon Bonaparte

Be relentlessly generous, without focusing on when it will come back to you. Seth Godin

If the generous ideas of youth are too often over- clouded by the sordid views of after-life, that scarcely proves them to be false Anne Bronte

Every other year or so I go to one of those great generous places, the artist retreats. Some of the poems in The Beauty were written at the MacDowell Colony, in New Hampshire, and others at Civitella Ranieri, in Umbria. Jane Hirshfield

I'm dangerously generous. Luis Miguel

You've never been very generous, you Westerners, toward us Indians. You should have seen that things were changing, albeit slowly. You should have seen that something was happening. Not much, but something. Indira Gandhi

I'm so thankful. God has been so good and generous. Paula Deen

There is an innate decorum in man, and it is not fair to thrust Truth upon people when they don't expect it. Only the very generous are ready for Truth impromptu. Christopher Morley

I've always been a generous and a kind person and so on, but never, ever have I experienced that kind of love. The world just looked different to me and still does. Wayne Dyer

A worker's capital is inexhaustible, incapable of being stolen, and bound to pay him a generous dividend all the time. Mahatma Gandhi

Be just before you are generous. Richard Brinsley Sheridan

It's hard to align with money if you think that it is evil and nasty. But once you come to an understanding that money is neutral, it's easy to see that having money does not necessarily deprive somebody else. There's no reason why you can't be very rich and still be an extremely spiritual and wonderfully generous person-aligned to the God Force-with a huge heart, and compassion for everyone you meet. Stuart Wilde

Of the seven days God gave to us in a week, He said to take six, and use them for our business. Yet we think that we must have the seventh as well. It is like someone who, while traveling, comes upon a poor man in distress. Having but seven shillings, the generous person gives the poor man six, but when the wretch scrambles to his feet, he follows his benefactor to knock him down and steal the seventh shilling from him. Charles Spurgeon

If you have a lair then you are probably not a good person. Demetri Martin

I am a pretty crazy person, so it's best for me to be on my own most of the time. Henry Rollins

I was maybe the earliest person who was constructive toward Trump who served at a high level in the Bush administration. I took a lot of guff from my former Bush colleagues who didn't see what was happening in the country. I'm not smarter than they are or a better person than they are. I just traveled a lot around the country. Matt Schlapp

It's nice to do nice things, innit? I'm a nice person, deep down, I do nice things all the time. Liam Gallagher

You don't just go to somebody and say, 'I'm a better person because you're in my head. Neal Shusterman

Leadership is not about being a nice person or not a nice person. Simon Sinek

I have always been a business person. Bethenny Frankel

Every single person in my life and every relationship I have is distant because all I do is music. Mac Miller

If the wrong person preaches a right teaching, even a right teaching can become wrong. If a right person expounds a wrong teaching, even a wrong teaching can become right. Muso Soseki

Most of the things are either not communicable through human expression or they're top secret. Also I'm working on being a better person, and becoming more disciplined. Kalan Sherrard

I've always had a knowing that being kind is a lot more effective than being angry. And being generous has always been a characteristic I've had; whatever I've had, I've always been willing to give away. Those are best spiritual qualities. Wayne Dyer

Man, like the generous vine, supported lives; the strength he gains is from the embrace he gives. Alexander Pope

You ca' be good to others if you're not strict with yourself. The more shallow you are with yourself, the harsher you are with others. The more profound you are with yourself, the more generous you are with others Tariq Ramadan

Ah, we have to be generous to be grateful ... One has oneself to be a giver. Ivy Compton-Burnett

The most generous part of your philanthropy could be the time you put in to procure the same results and same outcomes and same returns you demand in business. Andrew Forrest

I want love to be simple. I want to trust without thinking. I want to be generous with my affection and patience and love unconditionally. It is easier to love a person with their flaws than to weed through them. I want to love the whole person, not parts; and this is how I want to be loved. Jewel

Hyun Joong hyung is totally a real man. He is very generous, easy to get along, and dependable. Sometimes, he would hide and cry secretly at night. He wo' tell others when he is sad about something. He"ll bear the sadness himself. He has a strong personality (he will not fall). Kim Kyu-jong

The longer you're with the wrong person, you could be completely overlooking the chance to meet the right person. Taylor Swift

Treat everyone you meet as though they are the most important person you'll meet that day. Roger Dawson

I`m not a morning person Laurell K Hamilton

I try my best to be a good person and be the best I can be. Selena Gomez

That wasn't me. I'm not a morning person. There's another person inside of me that does all the morning things. N.D. Wilson

You can be a good person without any racial intent and still want to keep the flag. That's what I learned in my time in the south. Sean Hannity

I think finding the right person and being with the right person is probably the answer to most things. Daniel Craig

Yeah, I'm not really a morning person. Sophie Ellis Bextor

So many people say, "I'm a good person!" Like, why are you a good person? To be a good person you have to actively be good. Miley Cyrus

It's really rubbish that some kind of "technical" learning means you will be a better person because you know this skill better. Ai Weiwei

I prefer to say that I am a beautiful person. But the addict is a horrible person. Daniel Baldwin

Every job is an opportunity to be a better person. Benjamin Walker



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