Quotes on Garage

I sat in a garage and invented the future. Steve Jobs

Ashes to ashes. Garage sale to garage sale," I said. John Green

Dale Earnhardt's opinion in the garage area is like God's to us. Ernie Irvan

I've got a Ferrari. VROOM! I do 104 from the garage to the front door. Bill Cosby

I wash my cars and clean the garage a lot. That's kind of my thing. Joey Logano

When I first started writing lyrics and stuff, I was writing it to garage, and obviously garage kind of progressed to grime. Lady Sovereign

Your heart, Bessie, is an autumn garage. J D Salinger

It's always consoling to know that today's Christmas gifts are tomorrow's garage sales. Milton Berle

There are three floors beneath the garage? Why on earth?" -Mac Karen Marie Moning

If you walked into Netscape headquarters with a plain old modem from CompUSA they'd think it was a garage-door opener. Walt Mossberg

Our garage was basically science fair central. Jeff Bezos

As long as bands are still out there slaving away in the garage and putting out their own records and just pushing the envelope for how songs should be written or how they should be played, punk will never die. Milo Aukerman

I had spent about three months where I couldn't sing at all, so that was anxiety-provoking. But after that, I went back out. I sang for two hours in my garage one day to see if I had a voice. Bruce Springsteen

I also watched boxing all the time and Tuesday Night Fights on USA and just kept hitting my heavy back in the garage. Robbie Lawler

In terms of myself, my next big plan is to loose 7llb ( as I've been planning to do since I was seventeen) Also to go to the gym three times a week , not merely to buy a sandwich. And also de-clutter the garage. Helen Fielding

When drum'n'bass happened, when the two-step/garage thing happened, there was a chart smash every week; it operated on the underground and the pinnacle of pop mainstream at the same time. Kieran Hebden

We [No Doubt] were making music that was the opposite of grunge and what was popular on the radio, and we were fine with that. And for a garage band, we were massive! We were already successful in our own minds. Gwen Stefani

My ears are open to all sorts of stuff. I appreciate some of the big electro house guys.I love their music but I also like a lot of the stuff coming out of the U.K. Future garage stuff. A lot of stuff like that. A-Trak

Garages, barns and attics are always older than the buildings to which they are attached. Leonard Cohen

You can tell the difference between songs that were created in a garage and songs that were created in the studio. Gary Cherone

I'm one of those guys who likes to piddle around in the garage and fix stuff. Steve Cropper

There's poetry in being the band that can sell out Wembley but also makes a record in a garage. I don't like doing what people expect me to do. Dave Grohl

Of course it's fantastic to have bands formed in garages, but there is a market for other types of music. Rachel Stevens

As far as outdoor work is concerned, a studio is only a garage; a place in which to store pictures and repair them, never a place in which to paint them. Joaquin Sorolla

I used to buy everything at garage sales. It was hard to give up! I"d be like, "But this crazy sweater is amazing, and it only cost 25 cents!"? Leighton Meester

I used to buy everything at garage sales. It was hard to give up! I'd be like, 'But this crazy sweater is amazing, and it only cost 25 cents!'&8201; Leighton Meester

Like now what Urban Outfitters has become is very much how I always dressed in high school by going to garage sales and getting stuff for 50 cents. Cost a little more now, to look like crap. Amy Lee

Your body is only the garage for your soul. Wayne Dyer

Every time my brain parks the car neatly in the driveway, my mouth drives through the back of the garage. Dave Eggers

I saw him making love to you, you forgot to close the garage door. Bob Dylan

I think we're just a garage band that got lucky. It's the enthusiasm from the audience that keeps it going. Joe Perry

When the phone rang, Parker was in the garage, killing a man. Donald E Westlake

Parking at a garage is like going to a prostitute. Why pay for it when you can apply yourself, and then may be you can get it for free. Jason Alexander

I grew up in the South Side, and when we would have snow and blizzards and drifts, we would jump off the garage roof into the snow. Now if I'm up on a step ladder and I think I'm going to fall, it's a foot and a half off the ground, but I'm panicked about it. So I'm afraid of ladders and those beds. Jimmy Pardo

Glenn Beck retired or got fired...and a lot of people are asking who will now speak for the raving lunatics who startle you outside of a parking garage? Bill Maher

For me personally, Blink-182 has been a big influence. Just seeing them way back in the day play little shows and start from a garage band to where they are now, makes me believe anything is possible if you truly want it and commit your life to it. Beau Bokan

I know my own limitations. And if somebody says, "I need songs for a cartoon garage band - they look like this and they should sound like this," it gives you a direction. I like having that kind of assignment. Beck

What I love about music, when you can look at something and be like, "Wow, what's this all about?" You can't really picture what these people look like - is it one guy, or a band making music in a garage? Stephen Malkmus

You don't have to live in a garage to write great poetry. Felix Dennis

The slogan of progress is changing from the full dinner pail to the full garage. Herbert Hoover

There's not a platinum record hanging in my house anywhere. It doesn't exist here. I'm over it. They're all in the garage, wrapped up in bubblewrap. Jon Bon Jovi

My goal was to show that even if people work in a garage or a supermarket, they have very funny things to say. We never hear their voices. Michel Gondry

Ferrari used to be the car that you kept in your garage, took out to polish and show, and put back into the garage. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Churches are good for prayer, but so are garages and cars and mountains and showers and dance floors. Anne Lamott

I don't like recording studios - except my own, which is just a little room above the garage. Keith Jarrett

Give a man a car of his own and he leaves humility and common sense behind him in the garage. John Le Carre

I think that's exactly what Silicon Valley was all about in those days. Let's do a startup in our parents' garage and try to create a business Walter Isaacson

I was in my friends garage, and he had; a kite, a yo-yo, and a boomerang. I was like "Dude, you have abandonment issues" Demetri Martin

I'm happier than I've ever been in life. Happy with my life outside of racing. Really happy with my life inside the garage. Matt Kenseth

Standing in a garage no more makes you a car than standing in a church makes you a Christian. Woody Allen

Buy our album, were Nirvana, a garage band from Seattle. Well, it sure beats raising cattle. Al Yankovic

Out there in some garage is an entrepreneur who's forging a bullet with your company's name on it. You've got one option now - to shoot first. You've got to out innovate the innovators. Gary Hamel

We always thought it strange that nobody was up on that stage playing soul stuff. Maybe people were playing it in their garages, like us, but they always reverted to pure rock when they got on stage Michael Hutchence

I don't dream football. I dream the American Dream - two cars in a garage, be a happy father. Barry Sanders

Just because you go to church doesn't mean you're a Christian. I can go sit in the garage all day and it doesn't make me a car Joyce Meyer

Your body is the garage where you park your soul. Wayne Dyer

Walking isn't a lost art: one must, by some means, get to the garage. Evan Esar

I've never vied for power in the family before. Pointing a box at the garage door and saying "Open!" was never a big deal, but holding that television tuner and realizing I alone control what is flashed on the screen brings out the Iacocca in me. Erma Bombeck

My next door neighbor just had a pacemaker installed. They're still working the bugs out, though. Every time he makes love, my garage door opens. Bob Hope

When Tiger was 6 months old, he would sit in our garage, watching me hit balls into a net. He had been assimilating his golf swing. When he got out of the high chair, he had a golf swing. Earl Woods

We have had two chickens in every pot, two cars in every garage, and now we have two headaches for every aspirin. Fiorello H. La Guardia

A clean basement, garage and attic are signs of an empty life. Doug Larson

The most significant New York club for me was Paradise Garage, where they played house music. This was around '84 or '85. Boy George

As J.J. has said many times, when you start a series you want to have a destination. It's like driving a car, when you pull out of your garage and you head out driving down the road, you have a destination, okay? Bryan Burk

I think we're starved for a life of the senses. We're in the garage, we're in the car, we drive to work, we're in a windowless cubicle that's gray and beige. In a way, it's funny that we consider ourselves an advanced culture, because people who live in so-called primitive environments still enjoy the richness of the smells, colors, and sounds of our world. We all crave that. Janet Fitch

Being a writer means I sit in a dark (and pretty dank) room off my garage for many hours a day, and in my wallowing moments I can feel as if I'm already on the outside of society, peering wistfully in. Lauren Groff

I like garage band for writing because you only have crayons and there are only five crayons in the box. Your choices are limited and I find that to be very good for me. Erin McKeown

The reform of a college English department cuts no ice down at the corner garage. Camille Paglia

We didn't have a garage to rehearse in. We had to aggravate the folks in the house. But I got a chance to play in a beer joint, and that's how it started. Charlie Daniels

I suffer depression only in the sense that I am a writer. We don't have proper jobs to go to. We are on our own all day. Show me a writer who doesn't get depressed: who has a completely stable mood. They'd be a garage mechanic or something. Mark Haddon

Leverage your brand. You shouldn't let two guys in a garage eat your shorts. Guy Kawasaki

When I go to the garage to pick up my clubs, I clean the spider webs off. John Ratzenberger

I started out singing in high school in the choir and in a garage band. Stark Sands

Grime is a particular style of music. You've got electro, funk and garage; grime is its darker side. It's constantly evolving. Tinie Tempah

As a teenager I had friends who had little music studios in their bedrooms and garages. I'd go and play around; very soon, my hobby became a passion. Natasha Bedingfield

I had more clothes than I had closets, more cars than garage space, but no money. Sammy Davis Jr

Practical storage pieces are great if you have a basement or a garage. But when you actually live with them day in and day out, they should be beautiful to look at. Thom Filicia

Studios are passe for me. I'd rather play in a garage, in a truck, or a rehearsal hall, a club, or a basement. Neil Young

It's very likely that graduates, current employees and retirees have some wonderful pieces of Deer Park history in their closets or garages. Matt Lucas

When I was poor living in a garage in Kansas I began to draw the mice that scampered over my desk. That is how Mickey Mouse was born. Walt Disney



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