Quotes on Facts

Facts and truth really don't have much to do with each other. William Faulkner

But facts are chiels that winna ding, An' downa be disputed. Robert Burns

I'm comfortable with anything after the fact. George Saunders

Faction is that hybrid of documented fact and novelistic elaboration. Norman Mailer

There's no such thing as nothing. In every nothing, there's a something. In fact, there could be everything! Libba Bray

In fact, in Aberdeen, Washington, I am known as Mr. Small Package! Daniel Bryan

In fact, with each of my novels I have been surprised by something that happens that I had not thought of beforehand. Julie Klassen

You can't get there alone. In fact, you can't get very far at all. Keith Ferrazzi

What counted was not the facts but the fears. Max Lerner

If you truly love God and His will, then doing what you will, will, in fact, be doing what God wills. Peter Kreeft

A fact may blossom into a truth. Henry David Thoreau

Facts do not constitute truth, Werner Herzog

No one has ever failed to find the facts they are looking for. Peter Drucker

Facts, even false ones, cannot be copyrighted. John Green

For ruining a fact, do not attack it, defend it badly. Ali Shariati

But facts are facts and flinch not. Robert Browning

The Roseicrucians were everywhere, aided by the fact that they didn't exist. Umberto Eco

A fact is not a truth until you love it. Shelby Foote

Thoughts aren't fact, so don't take them seriously Ruby Wax

By the mere fact that we do not go forward, we go backward. Fulton J Sheen

I would stand upon facts. Henry David Thoreau

In fact, it's the very impersonality of impersonal knowledge that renders such knowledge the most ethically potent of all. Rebecca Goldstein

L'on a beau se cacher a' soi-me" me, l'on aime toujours. We vainly conceal from ourselves the fact that we are always in love. Blaise Pascal

Go wherever the facts lead. Socrates

If you only do what you can do, you'll never be more than you are now.I never thought i'd be where I am now, but the fact that I am is pretty cool. Jennifer Yuh Nelson

We are going to follow wherever the facts lead us. Henry Hyde

Get some facts and come back and see me! Jim Calhoun

NOW is a fact that cannot be dodged. Sinclair Lewis

Everything which is demanded is by that fact a good. William James

I don't have time to read a lot. And when I do, I read things that have just the facts. Meryl Streep

It was the fact that they tried so hard that doomed them. Alexandra Robbins

The safest words are always those which bring us most directly to facts. Charles Henry Parkhurst

I bemoan the fact that all my famous friends have places in St. Bart's and I have to go to Montauk. Rufus Wainwright

There is no fact-checking on tertiary celebrities. You can say whatever you'd like, and it will just rise up again. Wayne Knight

Science and religion are both the same thing. They're there; they're life. If it's not science, it's not a fact. Chuck Berry

I felt pretty comfortable with Westerns, apart from the fact I couldn't ride. Richard Widmark

Facts are counterrevolutionary. Eric Hoffer

L'on a beau se cacher a' soi-me" me, l'on aime toujours. We vainly conceal from ourselves the fact that we are always in love. Blaise Pascal

Keep your facts, I'm going with the truth. Stephen Colbert

Les faits ne parlent pas. Facts do not speak. Henri Poincare

The fatal futility of Fact. Henry James

Jealousy is an emotion. It doesn't have to make sense. In fact, it usually doesn't. J A Jance

you know that the urge for revenge is a fact of marital life. Jane Smiley

My favourite painting is often the one or the collection that I am currently working on. This is probably due to the fact that I don't yet know where it will take me. Joseph Pisani

Too many theorists have a tendency to ignore facts that contradict their convictions. Maurice Allais

Our beliefs are, however, often contrary to fact. Bertrand Russell

In fact, we live in a culture where intelligence, exceptional or not, is reviled. Fran Lebowitz

In fact, all the additional knowledge gained by an irrationally constituted society may but enlarge and enhance the powers of death and destruction. Paul A. Baran

The fact is that I loved being in England. Bill Vaughan

Without TD, we don't win Super Bowls. That's fact. Shannon Sharpe

A logical picture of facts is a thought. Ludwig Wittgenstein

I don't want to be George Lucas and go back after the fact. Patrick Stump

Facts themselves do not give knowledge Fulton J Sheen

You can have your own opinion, but not your own facts. Talib Kweli

He was on me before my brain processed the fact that he was coming for me. Karen Marie Moning

Chaos is more freedom; in fact, total freedom. But no meaning. Audrey Niffenegger

The fact of being alive compensated for what life did to one. Salman Rushdie

In fact living is dying. Guy De Maupassant

And the idea of ourselves is our escape from the fact what we really are. Jiddu Krishnamurti

You love him," he says. Not an asking, just a fact. "I do," I say. Also a fact. Patrick Ness

One must accept the fact that others don't see what you do. Louise Bourgeois

We always question the bonafides of the man who tells us unpleasant facts. R.K. Narayan

Beauty is an opinion not a fact Hayden Panettiere

Solitude is the profoundest fact Octavio Paz

Whenever two hypotheses cover the facts, use the simpler of the two. William of Ockham

The greatest American superstition is belief in facts. Hermann Graf Keyserling

I love truth, although I shall die hating mere facts, because they are misleading. Corra May Harris

Don't make me out to be an artist. I am an engineer. I am after the facts, only the facts. Harold Eugene Edgerton

All public facts are to be individualized, all private facts are to be generalized. Ralph Waldo Emerson

We Can Only Exist By Taking Our Minds Off The Fact That We Exist Thomas Bernhard

What is believed to be a fact is only a fact until another fact supersedes it. Science is only a fashion. Nothing more. Robert Rankin

I loved the fact that I could get on stage and be in control. Gloria Gaynor

The beginning of all wisdom is recognition of facts. Juho Kusti Paasikivi

That's great. Except for the fact that it's completely unimportant. Rick Riordan

Fact is richer than diction. J L Austin

Facing facts is always empowering. Eckhart Tolle

The fact is - nothing comes, at least nothing good. All has to be fetched. Charles Buxton

Trivial facts are often the best hints to what is going on. John Roberts

I think there's as much profundity and wisdom in Shakespeare, more so in fact, than those in the Bible. Steve Coogan

We hew and saw and plane facts to make them dovetail with our prejudices, so that they become mere ornaments with which to parade our objectivity. Paul Eldridge



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