Quotes on Existence Of Life

Every life is its own excuse for being. Elbert Hubbard

Only art and science make us suspect the existence of life to a higher level, and maybe also instill hope thereof. Ludwig Van Beethoven

The quality of life is determined by its activities. Aristotle

Question boldly even the existence of God. Thomas Jefferson

Dancing is a very crude attempt to get into the rhythm of life. George Bernard Shaw

A train of thought is never false. The falsehood lies deep in the necessities of existence. Joseph Conrad

We must be purposely kind and generous or we miss the best part of life's existence. Horace Mann

Pleasure is not the purpose of man's existence. Joy is. David O Mckay

My quality of life is more amazing than I ever could've imagined in those 20 years of struggling with illness. In those 20 years, I did not know the meaning of the word hope. It was just a bleak, difficult existence. With all the gifts, with all the successes that I had, it was still an incredibly bleak way of living and I want to be a messenger of hope. Linda Hamilton

We need not only a purpose in life to give meaning to our existence but also something to give meaning to our suffering. We need as much something to suffer for as something to live for. Eric Hoffer

As long as you are a part of the physical process of the existence, there is nothing that does not change. Jaggi Vasudev

The measure of a man's life is the well spending of it, and not the length. Plutarch

For me the Beatles are proof of the existence of God. Rick Rubin

What would have to occur or to have occurred to constitute for you a disproof of the love of, or the existence of, God? Antony Flew

For me, the existence of nonexistence of God is a nonissue. Greg Graffin

The existence of God, the why of life, was all that really only a question of glands? J D Salinger

I don't ever participate in debates about the existence or nonexistence of God because I can't imagine why anyone would be persuaded one way or the other by such things. Susan Jacoby

Communists disavow the existence of God and religion. They hate it, because it's a competitor. Rush Limbaugh

Music is, to me, proof of the existence of God. It is so extraordinarily full of magic, and in tough times of my life I can listen to music and it makes such a difference. Kurt Vonnegut

Our political way of life is by the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God, and of course presupposes the existence of God, the moral ruler of the universe, and a rule of right and wrong, of just and unjust, binding upon man, preceding all institutions of human society and government. John Quincy Adams

The radical tension between good and evil, as man sees it and feels it, does not have the last word about the meaning of life and the nature of existence. There is a spirit in man and in the world working always against the thing that destroys and lays waste. Howard Thurman

One doesn't become a witch to run around being helpful either.... It's to escape all that - to have a life of one's own, not an existence doled out to you by others, charitable refuse of their thoughts, so many ounces of stale bread of life a day. Sylvia Townsend Warner

Error is not just acceptable, it is necessary for the continuation of life, provided it is not too great. A large error is a catastrophe, a small error is essential for enhancing existence. Without error, there is no movement. Death follows. Jacques Lecoq

Considering the way the prebiotic soup is referred to in so many discussions of the origin of life as an already established reality, it comes as something of a shock to realize that there is absolutely no positive evidence for its existence. Michael Denton

Although a man may have no jurisdiction over the fact of his existence, he can hold supreme command over the meaning of existence for him. Norman Cousins

To the contrary: His life hummed with meaning and purpose. But the meaning he wrestled from existence lay beyond the comfortable path: McCandless distrusted the value of things than came easily. Jon Krakauer

Art defies defeat by its very existence, representing the celebration of life, in spite of all attempts to degrade and destroy it. Nadine Gordimer

You are...Well, not exactly the love of my life, because I expect to love you for much longer than that. The love of my existence." -Bella Stephenie Meyer

Everybody has to solve that "meaning of life" and purpose question for themselves. Everybody does it their own way. I think you have to be thoughtful about the way that you're doing it. So I describe it as purpose. If you can think about leading a purposeful life - not just an accumulation but you actually make the world a better place - then I think in the grand scheme of the universe, that that explains our existence. If not, we're just passing through. We're grains of sand and we're blowing in the breeze. Les Wexner

It's not true that life is one damn thing after another; it is one damn thing over and over. Edna St Vincent Millay

The one function that most gods seem to have in common is to give human existence some ultimate purpose - and, while it is not possible to disprove an ultimate purpose, there does not seem to be any evidence for it. This is not to say, of course, that there is no purpose in life at all: we all make our own purposes as we go through life. And life does not lose its value simply because it it not going to last forever. Barbara Smoker

The intellect of most persons is harnessed by innumerable wants. Such a life is, from the spiritual point of view the lowest type of human existence. The highest type of human existence is free from all wants; and it is characterised by sufficiency or contentment. Meher Baba

Most people, I believe, think that you need a God to explain the existence of the world, and especially the existence of life. They are wrong, but our education system is such that many people don't know it. Richard Dawkins

There is a beautiful expression of this in the Chandogya Upanishad: 'There is this City of Brahman, (that is the body), and in this city there is a shrine, and in that shrine there is a small lotus, and in that lotus there is a small space, (akasa). Now what exists within that small space, that is to be sought, that is to be understood.' This is the great discovery of the Upanishads, this inner shrine, this guha, or cave of the heart, where the inner meaning of life, of all human existence, is to be found. Bede Griffiths

Only when you stop identifying yourself with things that are not you, the possibility of knowing the nature of your existence arises. Jaggi Vasudev

Life does not have meaning through mere existence or acquisition or fun. The meaning of life is inherent in the connections we make to others through honor and obligation... Laura Schlessinger

Precisely in an age when the inviolable rights of the person are solemnly proclaimed and the value of life is publicly affirmed, the very right to life is being denied or trampled upon, especially at the more significant moments of existence: the moment of birth and the moment of death. Pope John Paul Ii

The excitement of life is in the numinous experience wherein we are given to each other in that larger celebration of existence in which all things attain their highest expression, for the universe, by definition, is a single gorgeous celebratory event. Thomas Berry

Faith is not a question of the existence or non-existence of God. It is believing that love without reward is valuable. Emmanuel Levinas

He who denies the existence of God, has some reason for wishing that God did not exist. Saint Augustine

Reason can never prove the existence of God. Immanuel Kant

Music is, to me, proof of the existence of God. Kurt Vonnegut

Since only what is material is perceptible, knowable, nothing is known of the existence of God. Karl Marx

If you can prove the existence of God, it can only be proven through love. Shakira

The existence of God is the ultimate paradox. Kedar Joshi

I disagree with those who argue that evolutionary biology and the existence of God are incompatible. Elliott Sober

The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans. Our challenge for the future is that we realize we are very much a part of the earth's ecosystem, and we must learn to respect and live according to the basic biological laws of nature. Jim Fowler

To my fancy, one looks back on life, it has only two responsibilities, which include all the others: one is the bringing of new life into existence; the other, educating it after it is brought in. All betrayals of trust result from these original sins. Henry Adams

Lao Tsu says the way of life is ancient, timeless. It is existence which he calls the Tao - a mysterious source, beyond understanding, and all of us are a reflection, if not that source of life ourselves. Frederick Lenz

The human family has invaluable friends and irreplaceable allies in the plant and animal worlds. We cannot continue to tug at the web of life without tearing a hole in the very fabric of our earthly existence-and eventually falling through that hole ourselves. Van Jones

I think, is wonderful about growing older, is appreciation for the miracle of existence, of life. I thank God every day. I also do believe that belief and imagination manifests reality. And therefore, even though it took twenty-five years, I did find the house, eventually, and the man I could live with. Barbra Streisand

Life without sex might be safer but it would be unbearably dull. It is the sex instinct which makes women seem beautiful, which they are once in a blue moon, and men seem wise and brave, which they never are at all. Throttle it, denaturalize it, take it away, and human existence would be reduced to the prosaic, laborious, boresome, imbecile level of life in an anthill. H L Mencken

The whole secret of existence is to have no fear. Gautama Buddha

The only thing worth having in an earthly existence is a sense of humor. Lincoln Steffens

I don't think fear necessarily is a core human emotion, but I do think fear of death is something that is at the core of every person's existence. Zachary Cole Smith

Life as we call it, is nothing but the edge of the boundless ocean of existence when it comes upon soundings. Oliver Wendell Holmes

In the morn of life we are alert, we are heated in its noon, and only in its decline do we repose. Walter Savage Landor

There is no easy path leading out of life, and few are the easy ones that lie within it. Walter Savage Landor

I am sure care's an enemy to life. William Shakespeare

For a man who is in love with the existence, nothing is ordinary in life! Mehmet Murat Ildan

The cleverest amongst you is he who is the loyal apostle of life, the true disciple of existence, the devout follower of love. Mehmet Murat Ildan

The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes. Adyashanti

It is not that I love contradictions: life is contradictory. Existence itself is possible only through contradictions. Rajneesh

Since zombies are not fully dead, they upset the essential balance of nature: no animals eat zombies, apparently, and zombies do not seem to decay, at least, not to the point of disintegration and reintegration back into the soil, so the food chain, or the circle of life, seems to end or be short-circuited by their existence. Zombies fulfill the worst potentialities of humans to create a hellish kingdom on earth of endless, sterile repetition and boredom. Kim Paffenroth

There lives at least one being who can never change-one being who would be content to devote his whole existence to your happiness-who lives but in your eyes-who breathes but in your smiles-who bears the heavy burden of life itself only for you. Charles Dickens

In proportion to the development of his individuality, each person becomes more valuable to others. There is a greater fullness of life about his own existence, and when there is more life in the units there is more in the mass which is composed of them. John Stuart Mill

As soon as the Gospels were written, speech without experience began to dabble with the new facts proposed by the existence of the Church. People tried to think the new life without being touched by it first in some form of call, listening, passion or change of heart. Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

...he shrunk more and more from the realities of life and above all from the society of his day which he regarded with an ever growing horror,-a detestation which had reacted strongly on his literary and artistic tastes; he refused, as far as possible, to have anything to do with pictures and books whose subjects were in any way connected with modern existence. Joris-Karl Huysmans

It's a lifelong failing: she has never been prepared. But how can you have a sense of wonder if you're prepared for everything? Prepared for the sunset. Prepared for the moonrise. Prepared for the ice storm. What a flat existence that would be. Margaret Atwood

The moment a man questions the meaning and value of life, he is sick, since objectively neither has any existence; by asking this question one is merely admitting to a store of unsatisfied libido to which something else must have happened, a kind of fermentation leading to sadness and depression. Sigmund Freud

I was raised to believe in the innate goodness of humanity, developed a deep sense of the dignity of the individual human being, and had great appreciation for the miracle of life and our existence on this earth. George Lee Butler

I am satisfied with the mystery of life's eternity and with a knowledge, a sense, of the marvelous structure of existence - as well as the humble attempt to understand even a tiny portion of the Reason that manifests itself in nature. Albert Einstein

In the end, the bedrock of existence is not made up of the family, or work, or what others say or think of you, but of moments like this when you are exalted by a transcendent power that is more serene than love. Life dispenses them parsimoniously; our feeble hearts could not stand more. Nicolas Bouvier

There are large numbers of people in India below the poverty line, there are large numbers of people who lead a meager existence. They want to find a little escape from the hardships of life, and come and watch something colorful and exciting and musical. Indian cinema provides that. So yes, the content of our television and our cinema is escapist in nature because we are there to provide entertainment. Amitabh Bachchan

Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness. He has a work, a life-purpose; he has found it, and will follow it! How, as a free-flowing channel, dug and torn by noble force through the sour mudswamp of one's existence, like an ever-deepening river there, it runs and flows Thomas Carlyle

A man who has no assured and ever present belief in the existence of a personal God or of a future existence with retribution and reward, can have for his rule of life, as far as I can see, only to follow those impulses and instincts which are the strongest or which seem to him the best ones Charles Darwin

The passage of time eliminates some of the more intimate details of one's existence. The routine trivia like passing water and shitting and the amount of food and alcohol consumed in the course of daily survival. Sure, there were girls. Lots of'em. It's inevitable. Ray Davies

As there is no pleasure in military life for a soldier who fears death, so there is no independence in civil existence for the man who has an overpowering dread of solitude. Philip Gilbert Hamerton

a letter, by its arrival, defrauds us of a whole secret region of our existence, the only region indeed in which the true pleasure of life may be tasted, the region of imagination, creative and protean, the clouds and beautiful shapes of whose heaven are destroyed by the wind of reality. Vita Sackville-West

The difference between past and present immigration experience is the existence of a defiant anti-assimilationist lobby that encourages legal and illegal aliens to resist adapting to the American way of life. Michelle Malkin



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