Quotes on Essence Of Beauty

Beauty is one of the rare things that do not lead to doubt of God. Jean Anouilh

We ordinary people must forge our own beauty. We must set fire to the greyness of our labor with the art of our own lives ... What is the essence of this art of living? Of course, even this art should have beauty as its essence. Kenji Miyazawa

True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. Audrey Hepburn

Change is the essence of life. Anatole France

Beauty lives with kindness. William Shakespeare

For this beauty, beauty without strength, chokes out life. Hilda Doolittle

A change of heart is the essence of all other change, and it has brought about me a reeducation of the mind. Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence, Baroness Pethick-Lawrence

What is beautiful? Whatever is perceived joyfully is beautiful. Bliss is the essence of beauty. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The essence of all beauty, I call love. Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Business demands faith, compels earnestness, requires courage, is honestly selfish, is penalized for mistakes, and is the essence of life. William Feather

That which is required in order to the attainment of accurate conclusions respecting the essence of the Beautiful is nothing morethan earnest, loving, and unselfish attention to our impressions of it. John Ruskin

Clean water, the essence of life and a birthright for everyone, must become available to all people now. Jean-Michel Cousteau

I don't like standard beauty - there is no beauty without strangeness. Karl Lagerfeld

It is God who is the ultimate reason things, and the Knowledge of God is no less the beginning of science than his essence and will are the beginning of things. Gottfried Leibniz

Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty. Ben Stiller

The essence of beauty is unity in variety. Felix Mendelssohn

Beauty Is in the Eyes of the Beholder! Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

You love the beauty that you can see and touch and handle, the beauty that you can destroy, and do destroy, but of the unseen beauty of life, of the unseen beauty of a higher life, you know nothing. Oscar Wilde

Spiritually, life is a festival, a celebration. Joy is of the essence of life; Agnivesh

Integrating the mind is the essence of life. Decide you will always say and do only what you feel is right. Then, you will come to tremendous clarity and conviction in the inner and outer worlds. Swami Nithyananda

There is nothing pleasanter than spading when the ground is soft and damp. John Steinbeck

The foundations of the world are to be found, not in the cognitive experience of conscious thought, but in the aesthetic experience of everyday life. Alfred North Whitehead

Is it indeed from the experience of beauty and happiness, from the occasional harmony between our nature and our environment, that we draw our conception of the divine life. George Santayana

The most useful man in the most useful world, so long as only commodity was served, would remain unsatisfied. But, as fast as he sees beauty, life acquires a very high value. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Laughter is the very essence of religion. Seriousness is never religious, cannot be religious. Seriousness is of the ego, part of the very disease. Laughter is egolessness. Rajneesh

Beauty and sadness always go together. Nature thought beauty too rich to go forth Upon the earth without a meet alloy. George Macdonald

The sensation of seeing extremely fine women, with superb forms, perfectly unconscious of undress, and yet evidently aware of their beauty and dignity, is worth a week's seasickness to experience.... To me the effect [of a Siva dance] was that of a dozen Rembrandts intensified into the most glowing beauty of life and motion. Henry Adams

If your inner being changes, your whole outer life will be totally different. It will have a different fragrance, a different beauty, a different grace. And when your inner being is changed and becomes a flame of light, you will become a light unto others too. You will become a beckoning light, a great herald of a new dawn. Your very presence will trigger revolutions in other people's lives. Rajneesh

Lilacs are May in essence. Jean Hersey

Beauty grows in you to the extent that love grows, because charity itself is the soul's beauty. Saint Augustine

My God grant me love for that which has splendor, but in this time of my life let me strive for attainable things. Pindar

The beauty of life is, therefore, geometrical beauty of a type that Plato would have much appreciated. John Desmond Bernal

The war made me poignantly aware of the beauty of the world. J R R Tolkien

The essence of life is to care. The beauty of life is to give. William Arthur Ward

Men nowhere, east or west, live yet a natural life, round which the vine clings, and which the elm willingly shadows. Man would desecrate it by his touch, and so the beauty of the world remains veiled to him. He needs not only to be spiritualized, but naturalized, on the soil of earth. Henry David Thoreau

Exhuberance is Beauty. William Blake

Beauty is only bearable when you're happy. Helen Kieran Reilly

What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good. Aristotle

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Laozi

Of all earthly creatures, humans alone have the power to choose. One must never lose time in vainly regretting the past nor in complaining about the changes which cause us discomfort, for change is the very essence of life. Anatole France

I cannot believe that the inscrutable universe turns on an axis of suffering; surely the strange beauty of the world must somewhere rest on pure joy! Louise Bogan

Science, freedom, beauty, adventure: what more could you ask of life? Charles Lindbergh

It has been the office of art to educate the perception of beauty. We are immersed in beauty but our eyes have no clear vision. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lord Byron is an exceedingly interesting person, and as such is it not to be regretted that he is a slave to the vilest and most vulgar prejudices, and as mad as the winds? There have been many definitions of beauty in art. What is it? Beauty is what the untrained eyes consider abominable. Edmond De Goncourt

Rapidity is the essence of war: take advantage of the enemy's unreadiness, make your way by unexpected routes, and attack unguarded spots. Sun Tzu

The essence of this law is that you must think abundance; see abundance, feel abundance, believe abundance. Let no thought of limitation enter your mind. Robert Collier

God is the efficient cause not only of the existence of things, but also of their essence. Corr. Individual things are nothing but modifications of the attributes of God, or modes by which the attributes of God are expressed in a fixed and definite manner. Baruch Spinoza

The essence of compassion is a desire to alleviate the suffering of others and to promote their well-being Dalai Lama

I believe that the true value of life lies in work, diligence and innovation. After all, work is the essence of humanity. Sheikh Abdullah

Because there's a clock attached to every beautiful woman. From the second she comes into her own, she begins to decline, because she begins to age. Aging is every beautiful woman's kryptonite. And so, yes, it's ridiculous and no, you do' have much time and of course it's not fair. Those three statements are the essence of beauty. Paul Rudnick

Nonfiction speaks to the head. Fiction speaks to the heart. Poetry speaks to the soul. It's the essence of beauty. The essence of pain. It pleases the eye and the ear. Ellen Hopkins

I don't have any understanding of a human being who doesn't respect the beauty of life and that goes for all creatures that have thoughts, feelings and needs. Alicia Silverstone

To see is one of God's great gifts to man and to comprehend what we see is doubly so. Furthermore, He has endowed some people with the qualities to see the beauties of life and nature much more than others and they have the greatest gift of all. Waite Phillips

The first act of awe, when man was struck with the beauty or wonder of Nature, was the first spiritual experience. Henryk Skolimowski

When the act of reflection takes place in the mind, when we look at ourselves in the light of thought, we discover that our life is embosomed in beauty. Ralph Waldo Emerson

I seen a baby cry seconds later he laughs... the beauty of life, the pain never lasts. J Cole

The eye is the window of the human body through which it feels its way and enjoys the beauty of the world. Leonardo Da Vinci

We fear death, yet we long for slumber and beautiful dreams. Khalil Gibran

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. Audrey Hepburn

The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years. Audrey Hepburn

The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries or the way she combs her hair. Audrey Hepburn

Beautiful people do not just happen Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

The essence of Christianity is told us in the Garden of Eden history. The fruit that was forbidden was on the tree of knowledge. The subtext is, All the suffering you have is because you wanted to find out what was going on. Frank Zappa

We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. Mother Teresa

The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides. Audrey Hepburn

I do not wish to die- There is such contingent beauty in life: The open window on summer mornings Looking out on gardens and green things growing, The shadowy cups of roses flowering to themselves- Images of time and eternity- Silence in the garden and felt along the walls. A. L. Rowse

Ibsen is like this room where we are sitting, with all the tables and chairs. Do I care whether you have twenty or twenty-five links on your chain? Hedda Gabler, Nora and the rest: it is not that I want! I want Rome and the Coliseum, the Acropolis, Athens; I want beauty, and the flame of life. Eleanora Duse

In war, we always deform ourselves, our essence. Chris Hedges

Talents constitute our very essence. Charles Rollin

Liberalization and democratization are in essence counter-revolution. Andrei Grechko

Love - this is the essence of life. But you will not give your life to another. Ruslana Korshunova

The essence of Bonham is what he didn't play rather than what he did play - what he left out. Robert Plant

Rapidity is the essence of war. Sun Tzu

The essence of all health begins through joyful living. Jesse Dylan

When is a cell finally too small to hold our essence? Mary E. Pearson

Concentrate on the Essence, concentrate on the Light. Rumi

Melody is the essence of music. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Doing, not learning to do, is the essence of entrepreneurship. Guy Kawasaki

The very essence of success is practice. Ignacy Jan Paderewski

The highest reaches of music come thrillingly close to the central core and essence of life itself. Leopold Stokowski



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