Quotes on Ends

Listen at me. The end is almost never far off any time at all! J. California Cooper

Relationships that do not end peacefully, do not end at all. Merrit Malloy

The stationary condition is the beginning of the end Henri Frederic Amiel

We may all end up dead, but we're sticking it to them in the meantime. Cinda Williams Chima

Me, myself and I. That's all I got in the end. Beyonce Knowles

In the end, We're all the same. Ben Kweller

God and I; here is the beginning and the end of personal religion. Aiden Wilson Tozer

Nothing good ever ends. William Saroyan

We are not the end of the gospel; God is. David Platt

Of a good beginning cometh a good end. John Heywood

Death comes for us all in the end. J K Rowling

It takes courage to begin something, but it can take even more to end it. Marie Forleo

And we all end up where we started Melina Marchetta

Everything ends badly, otherwise it would not end. Lou Holtz

The end is never worth the beginning. Vali Myers

Modus in rebus there must be an end of things. Sherrilyn Kenyon

What was everybody's business in the end proved to be nobody's business. Each one looked to the other to take the lead, and the aggressorsgot away with it. Jan Smuts

That which has a beginning will surely have an end. Joseph Smith Jr

Things do' have to end. They can begin again. William

The one thing about me is that I do' even know where I"ll end up, and I do' know what I"ll be doing but I know that I"ll never really stop. Mika

Shakespeare had it right all along: Love will kill you in the end. Raquel Cepeda

The end was contained in the beginning. George Orwell

Let his herald your end,and begone with the thundder clap. Masashi Kishimoto

Life never end when you are in it. Daniel Handler

When you come to the end, that's where God begins. Mitch Albom

Music is your only friend. Until the end. Jim Morrison

O you who have borne even heavier things, to these too, God will grant an end! Virgil

I have always abhorred the business end of music. Marc Edwards

Physicians mend or end us, Secundum artem; but although we sneer - In health - when ill we call them to attend us, Without the least propensity to jeer Lord Byron

A woman's friendship ever ends in love. John Gay

Life is a cycle of ends and starts. Mark Webber

My tendency is to be the guy in the back, even though I often end up being the guy in the front. Balthazar Getty

Few can foresee whither their road will lead them, till they come to its end. J R R Tolkien

The public is often right during the trends, but wrong at both ends Humphrey B. Neill

If you don't change direction, you end up where you are headed. John Gibbons

We all end up in the same place. Some sonner than others. James Lee Burke

Every end is a beginning...And every beginning is an end. T S Eliot

When we get to the end of ourselves, we get to the beginning of God. Alan Redpath

Every road has an end. Choose the one that worth travelling! Mehmet Murat Ildan

I'd like to end up sort ofunforgettable. Ringo Starr

It was not an end, it was a beginging Madeleine L'Engle

There is no worse death than the end of hope. Pelagius

Freedom is always at the beginning and not at the end. Jiddu Krishnamurti

In the end, I cared about him so much that I just thought he deserved someone who loved him more than I did. Lisa Unger

Eventually, we all end up alone. Ally Carter

The very thing that attracts you to someone can end up putting you off. Anne Tyler

In the end you"ll see you wo' stop me. Christina Aguilera

In the end, it only comes down to one thing: choosing the one you ca' live without. Rachel Vincent

Are you mine?" Yes. "Are you mine?" Yes. "Are you mine?" No. "No?" No. I loved being yours. But now I'm mine, which is all I ever was, in the end. Emma Forrest

Life has to end, love doesn't. Mitch Albom

The beginning of it starts at the end Tom Waits

In every end, there is also a beginning. Libba Bray

In the end you'll see you won't stop me. Christina Aguilera

You can't measure love, it has no start it has no end Christofer Drew

The fear that all this will end. The fear that it won't. Rae Armantrout

I get it. The things you hope for the most are the things that destroy you in the end. David Levithan

The end...is just the beginning Bethany Hamilton

The End is the Beginning is the End Serena Ryder

There are women whose love only ends with death. Georges Rodenbach

In everything one must consider the end. Jean De La Fontaine

Start at the end and work back. Neil Armstrong

At the end of every road you meet yourself. S. N. Behrman

The road is better than the end. Chuck Jones

I shall never be converted, and I shall remain true to my old religion of the classics until my life's end. Richard Strauss

God is at the end, when we thinke he is furthest off it. George Herbert

Every end is the beginning of something else. M. L. Stedman

The end of all wisdom is love, love, love. Ramana Maharshi

In the end, it's not about failure, it's about how much you love what you do. Vera Wang

To make an end is to make a beginning. T S Eliot

It's just the end of some things. And the beginning of others. Lisa McMann

What came for them? Not death. Just the end of living. Arundhati Roy

The end is now the beginning.... Derek Landy

Oulipo ends where the work begins. Paul Fournel

Any road followed precisely to its end leads precisely nowhere. Frank Herbert

I knew it would soon be the end, so I played the part, you know, the part of - how shall I say, I do' know. Samuel Beckett

In the end, it's not about failure, it's about how much you love what you do. Vera Wang

God has no beginning and no end. Sathya Sai Baba

Learning . . . is - also an end in itself. Robert A Heinlein

The end is in the beginning. T S Eliot

Your power ends where your fear begins. Barbara Marciniak



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