Quotes on Easy Road

Easy roads make sleepy travellers. Charles Spurgeon

The easy road is always under construction,so have an alternate route planned. Jill Shalvis

Only the hardest roads make us really feel that we are alive! Leave the easy roads! Mehmet Murat Ildan

I took the other road, all right, but only because it was the easy road for me, the way I wanted to go. If I've encountered some unnecessary resistance that's because most of the traffic is going the other way. Edward Abbey

There is no short and easy road, no magic cure for those ills which have afflicted mankind from the dawn of history. Frank B Kellogg

The way that I am now, I don't want to accept mediocrity. I don't want to accept the easy road. Joe Nichols

When people ask me if it has been a hard or easy road, I always answer with the same quotation, the end is nothing, the road is all.Willa Cather Willa Cather

The easy road in Olympia is a yes vote. That's the easy road in Olympia. The easy road in Olympia is not carrying the banner for freedom and liberty. The easy road in Olympia is worrying about getting reelected. The easy road in Olympia is going along to get along. Matt Shea

What my father especially taught me was to not always take the safe road, the easy road. If you are going to do good work, you have to risk failing badly. Natasha Richardson

Life is complex. Each one of us must make his own path through life. There are no self-help manuals, no formulas, no easy answers. The right road for one is the wrong road for another...The journey of life is not paved in blacktop; it is not brightly lit, and it has no road signs. It is a rocky path through the wilderness. M Scott Peck

How easy it is to be unknown! Sophia Lee

I've been readen th Bible an a hunten God fer a long while-off an on- but it ain't so easy as picken up a nickel off the floor. Harriette Simpson Arnow

Wildflower corners are easy to maintain, but once gone, they are hard to rebuild. Aldo Leopold

It would be about as easy for an American to become a Chinaman or a Hindoo as for him to acquire an Englishness or a Frenchness or a European-ness that is more than half skin deep. Ezra Pound

Marriage is not something that's easy, but nothing in life is easy. Emmitt Smith

If things don't come easy to you, you have to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Steve Coogan

Money is easy to hide. Herve Falciani

Nothing worth while is every easy come by. Lucy Maud Montgomery

Domestic discord is not inevitably and fatally necessary; but yet it is not easy to avoid. Samuel Johnson

It's easy to decide what you're going to do. The hard thing is deciding what you're not going to do. Michael Dell

It is so easy to exist instead of live. Anna Quindlen

Money in the bank is like toothpaste in the tube. Easy to take out, hard to put back. Earl Wilson

Make it easy for your customers to talk to you. Kevin Stirtz

Making things easy is hard. Ted Nelson

Things that are worth doing are never easy. Chris Jericho

To be the cream of the crop is no easy feat. It's a big deal. Ice Cube

George Carlin put it best. He said, "My old act was so easy to do because there was so little of me in it." Jay Mohr

The hardest instruments for women to play are bass and drums. Drums because of the physicality needed and bass just because its heavy and it's not an easy instrument to play. Suzi Quatro

Stop doing what is easy. Start doing what is right. Roy T. Bennett

Being a DJ is so easy. I can put headphones in this pocket, USB sticks in the other and that's it - I'm a DJ. But when I do the live show I'm bringing all this fragile analogue synthesizer equipment and dealing with three-hour sound checks and all that. Jacques Greene

There's nothing cooler than someone explaining to you, as if it was easy, how they create antimatter. And they kept saying things like, "Well obviously you know that..." Will Farquarson

Nonfiction is easy and fiction is hard. Ann Patchett

It's easy to actually get the ink on the page, but somehow I've gotta find a way to play this. And I have to find a way to emotionally survive playing this. Aden Young

I've tried lots with my hair. Obviously I used to have it as a number one all over, super easy, but then I started to grow it out. I had an afro and then I got rid of the sides. Lewis Hamilton

This is what Newt Gingrich has wrought - is a politics in which it's very easy to destroy and very hard to build. George Packer

It is not an easy job to govern China, I am aware of that. Ai Weiwei

It's not easy for me to admit that I've been standing in the same place for 18 years. Denzel Washington

Accents are very easy for me. Toks Olagundoye

It is failure that is easy. Success is always hard. Henry Ford

When we're threatened, it's very easy to appeal to our basic natures. Paul Haggis

I have really low self-esteem, and it's not easy for me to put myself on an album cover. Bradford Cox

Even to play a dead body; that'd be an easy gig. Maria Thayer

Someone explained parallax error to me, and I thought Ah, with a cheap camera, it would be pretty easy to behead someone. Max Tundra

It's easy to respect a general, but it's hard to love them. Andrew Gurland

It's very easy to go down, so always live up. Incline yourself upward. Jack Nicholson

What's easy to do, is also easy not to do. Darren Hardy

There's no such thing as an easy anything. Joel Silver

You are what you eat. Which makes me cheap, quick and easy. Dave Thomas

Do what is easy and your life will be hard. Do what is hard and your life will become easy. Les Brown

If she's amazing, she won't be easy. If she's easy, she won't be amazing. Bob Marley

It's easy to talk about how much you love God, but loving others reveals how much you truly do. Elizabeth George

If you do what is easy, your life will be hard Les Brown

Change is never easy. Sally Field

The Japanese banks are not having an easy time as they once had. David Rockefeller

It's just not easy to explain to someone else what you don't understand yourself. Wislawa Szymborska

I like barbecuing because it's easy. Norah Jones

Take it easy. Don't approach music as a religion. Gustav Ejstes

I have a pretty easy life. Josh Hartnett

Jesus beckons his followers to a path that's far from the easy road. It's a path filled with adventure, uncertainty, and unlimited possibilities - the only path that can fulfill the deepest longings and desires of your heart. Erwin Mcmanus

It shouldn't matter what anyone else thinks. Life is not easy. The road to happiness is not a path well trotted. You have to find your own path to enlightenment. Jamie Campbell Bower

Take those road hazards- the potholes, ruts, detours, and all the rest- as evidence that you were on the right route. It's when you find yourself on that big, broad, easy road that you ought to worry. Joni Eareckson Tada

The best advice is to take it easy, respect speed limits and do not try to make up time lost in the tailbacks on the open road. Emma Caulfield

A true leader must have enough backbone to stand alone - even when the crowd wants to take the easy road home. A true leader cannot be dependent on companionship for his or her security, but must learn to trust in God alone. Leslie Ludy

Socialism can only be put into practice only by methods which most socialists disapprove. Friedrich August von Hayek

To me success would be to be able to do your very best in everything you do. Paul Cummings

Lowering prices is easy. Being able to afford to lower prices is hard. Jeff Bezos

It is easy to write when you don't know how. Judy Delton

Before, by yourself, you couldn't. Now, you've turned to our Lady, and with her, how easy! Josemaria Escriva

It's never easy to set up any business, but it comes back to determination and drive and the love of what you do! Richard Branson

It is not easy to compete when you have LD, but it is possible. Henry Winkler

Anything that isn't writing is easy Jimmy Breslin

Nothing comes easy when I'm in character, because everything I do in character, I take seriously. Vin Diesel

It's easy to create something that has a lot of luster, but it's very hard to make something that has a lot of depth. John Dykstra

I laugh all the time. I'm an easy laugher. You can find me on any set, because I'm always laughing. Quentin Tarantino

It is easy to kill when you don't see your victim Friedrich Durrenmatt

Ideas are easy to conceive, less easy to execute. Robert E Lee

What have you learned from those times when life was easy? Sylvia Browne

Life is a marshmallow, easy to chew but hard to swallow. Francis Bacon

Turning on the light is easy if you know where the switch is. Colin Wilson

It is much more easy for a Spanish person to love themselves than a Canadian person. Mike Myers



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