Quotes on Dying

Death does not frighten me, but dying obscurely and above all uselessly does. Isabelle Eberhardt

Nothing is more vintage than dying of Rubella. Stephen Colbert

It's either the wallpaper or me. One of us has to go. [These were his dying words.] Oscar Wilde

What am I living for and what am I dying for are the same question. Margaret Atwood

Looking at Death, is Dying - ... Emily Dickinson

I choose to live until death, not spend the time dying until death occurs. Mattie Stepanek

Once you stop learning, you start dying Albert Einstein

I keep on dying, Because I love to live Maya Angelou

No, I'm not dying, and I sure... ain't dead. Richard Pryor

I am more afraid of doing what is wrong than of dying. Philip Doddridge

America is dying at 1 percent GDP. Donald Trump

I see somebody dying, I pick him up. Mother Teresa

There's never been anything funny about a woman dying for love. Richard Yates

I'm not dying for things to say. Stephen Malkmus

We are all dying of life. John Jakes

I was dying when you came. Victor Hugo

If you've got nothing worth dying for, you've got nothing worth living for. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Why am I dying to live if I'm just living to die. Tupac Shakur

I started getting afraid of dying. I don't have any religion and I wanted to understand something about these greater powers without anthropomorphizing it. Damian Loeb

You have to learn to do everything, even to die. Gertrude Stein

The best part of chronic head lice is it takes away your fear of dying alone. Dana Gould

The climbing and soloing aren't worth dying for, but they are worth risking dying for. Todd Skinner

Where I am death is not, where death is I am not. Epicurus

In death a hero, as in life a friend! Alexander Pope

Death is the gate of life. Bernard Of Clairvaux

You couldn't have small, dying children in a movie without really bringing everyone down, but you can in comics. Chuck Palahniuk

Are all ends of life so sad? Marie of Romania

Dying isn't like living; it requires no effort at all. Ann Aguirre

To work is to live without dying. Rainer Maria Rilke

When I am not writing, I'm dying. Neil Diamond

The moment you stop learning you're dying. Robert Kiyosaki

You know, what's so dreadful about dying is that you are completely on your own. Vladimir Nabokov

In fact living is dying. Guy De Maupassant

She's so thin she's either dying or rich. Chuck Palahniuk

He is terribly afraid of dying because he hasn't yet lived. Franz Kafka

Maybe probably ain't all that comforting a word when it's maybe yer not dying. Patrick Ness

You've got to work at living-99 and 9/10 of Americans work at dying! Jack Lalanne

We're all dying, Cassel. It's just that some of us are dying faster than others. Holly Black

Love when it comes, its easy. But when it leaves, its like dying. Lee Donghae

Sometimes living takes more courage than dying. Jane Yolen

Not loving is but a long dying. Emperor Wu of Han

I was never born, I didnt die. Abhay Kumar

I never felt like dying was a good idea. Anthony Kiedis

Is it really worth dying for the person you love? Jodi Picoult

Dying is the last thing I would EVER do! John Green

Where are the feasts we were promised? Where is the wine, the new wine, dying on the vine.... Jim Morrison

The spectator is a dying animal. Jim Morrison

If you are afraid of dying then you are afraid of living. Hiroaki Aoki

Dying can't be all that difficult-up to now everyone has managed to do it. Norman Mailer

The National Party is a dying party. Tony Windsor

Nothing is irreversible except dying. Danielle Steel

All who are born are always dying. Mitch Albom

Don't ever be afraid to live. Because though dying is easy when compared to living Sandra Brown

She was scared. Scared of dying. Michael Grant

Dying is' like living; it requires no effort at all. Ann Aguirre

He is terribly afraid of dying because he has' yet lived. Franz Kafka

Maybe probably ai' all that comforting a word when it's maybe yer not dying. Patrick Ness

We"re all dying, Cassel. It's just that some of us are dying faster than others. Holly Black

As far as he knew, I was dying. Mickey Mantle

...Though drowned was just as dead as any other way of dying. Mercedes Lackey

Dying - you can't do that to a cat. Wislawa Szymborska

Every day is a lie. But you are dying. That is not a lie. Cormac Mccarthy

In living we die, in dying we live. Ted Dekker

Sometimes the dying live more fiercely and wisely than the rest of us. (146) Julia Cameron

Be happy now because tomorrow you are dying, Philip K Dick

Make sure the thing you're living for is worth dying for. Charles Mayes Wigg

Rest is for the dead. Thomas Carlyle

There's something dreadfully decisive about a beheading. Agnes Smedley

The Filipino is worth dying for. Benigno Aquino, Jr.

We're afraid to live, because we're afraid of dying. Dolly Parton

I'm dying, but so are you Christopher Hitchens

I am afraid of dying-but being dead, oh yes, that to me is often an appealing prospect. Kathe Kollwitz

How alike are the groans of love to those of the dying. Malcolm Lowry

Don't you love nobody better'n you do yo'self. Do, you'll be dying befo' yo' time is out. Zora Neale Hurston

In all dying our ages are the same. Maureen Duffy

Being is Dying by Loving. Meher Baba

Don't be so scared of dying that you stop living. Santosh Mohan Dev

When you stop growing you start dying. William S Burroughs

Not actively surviving is passively dying. Ori Hofmekler

I don't think of dying, I think of being here now. Valerie Harper



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