Quotes on Disappointment

We express disappointment in everything except ourselves. Mason Cooley

Often I have encountered in life that great disappointments have proved to be the road to future successes. George S Patton

Our disappointment sits between us. Charles Bukowski

Don't predict disappointment while hope is an option Obert Skye

You have to do disappointment twice. Jess Walter

What have we all got to expect that we allow ourselves to be so lined with disappointment? Graham Greene

You always have to finish what you start and I learned that some of life's greatest lessons come with disappointment. Nastia Liukin

Victory is never won alone. Woodrow M. Kroll

Disappointment is often the salt of life. Theodore Parker

Disappointment is the nurse of wisdom. Boyle Roche

I'd lost count of the disappointments. Jonathan Safran Foer

endless hope, endless disappointment. Cassandra Clare

One of the best protections against disappointment is to have a lot going on. Alain De Botton

No holiday is ever anything but a disappointment. Aldous Huxley

Get used to disappointment. William Goldman

no expectations, no disappointments! Eric Jerome Dickey

God makes the life fertile by disappointments, as he makes the ground fertile by frosts. Henry Ward Beecher

The families of our friends are always a disappointment. Norman Douglas

You can only kill disappointment with a new try. Kim Stanley Robinson

But there were worse things than disappointment, and I'd lived through several of them already. R. J. Anderson

In all disappointments sympathy is a great balm. Elizabeth Gaskell

Death is the ultimate disappointment James Randi

You must learn to discipline your disappointment. Jim Rohn

Rejection kills, disappointment only maims. Janeane Garofalo

I am eagerly awaiting my next disappointment. Ashleigh Brilliant

So who are we going to blame for our disappointments and our failures? Robert Genn

Disappointment is just the chance to start once more, this time all the more insightfully. Henry Ford

I do force myself to sleep with myself to get the job. But that's always a disappointment. Bryan Cranston

Hurts and disappointments can hold gifts. Eleanor Brown

All have disappointments, all have times when it isn't worthwhile. John H Johnson

I give and give, even when I get nothing back - and that sets me up for disappointment. Angie Stone

I've always said my records are these failures of not getting where I want them to go, they end up detouring somewhere else, so on one level it's partly a disappointment, and on another level it's being comfortable with surrendering to that kind of state of becoming or whatever. Tim Hecker

I don't really have disappointments, because I build myself up for rejection. Nicholas Hoult

The prompter the refusal, the less the disappointment. Publilius Syrus

If I am to meet with a disappointment, the sooner I know it, the more of life I shall have to wear it off. Thomas Jefferson

Ah, but if you have no expectations, You can never have a disappointment. Stephen Sondheim

Suspense is worst than disappointment. Robert Burns

Disappointment requires adequate planning. Richard Bandler

God sees hearts as we see faces. George Herbert

Evil lurks where disappointment lodges... George Foreman

What keeps me going is a constant sense of disappointment with what I've already done... Robert Wyatt

Introversion - along with its cousins sensitivity, seriousness, and shyness - is now a second-class personality trait, somewhere between a disappointment and a pathology. Susan Cain

Lightly I sped when hope was high And youth beguiled the chase,- I follow, follow still: But I Shall never see her face. Frederick Locker-Lampson

the first time you are reconciled to the terrible unfairness of disappointment, you are getting old. Mary Lee Settle

You can't be disappointed unless you try something to be disappointed over. Evelyn Keyes

My disappointments stand up and grow ever taller. They will not be lost to me. Jamaica Kincaid

Some disappointment is always the price of brave dreaming. Robin S. Sharma

What exactly are the ingredients of Ranch dressing? Mayo and disappointment? Jim Gaffigan

...recognizing that there is more heartbreak in continuous disappointment than a void... Emily Giffin

Plans are invitation to disappointment. Derek Landy

Why is it so hard to articulate love yet so easy to express disappointment? Kaui Hart Hemmings

When we meet with better fare than was expected, the disappointment is overlooked even by the unscrupulous. When we meet with worse than was expected, philosophers alone know how to make it better. Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann

I know the world expects me to have superpowers, and it'll be quite a disappointment. But I just play myself. Stan Lee

If you can survive disappointment, nothing can beat you Louis C K

You can be defeated by life's unavoidable disappointments, or you can become stronger because of them. Kay Arthur

Disappointment can drive us, or it can defeat us. Tony Robbins

It would only lead to disappointment, even heartbreak, and her heart was too precious for me to let that happen. Lisa Kleypas

It's through discipline and tremendous disappointment and failure that you arrive at what it is you must paint. Agnes Martin

Failure is a disappointment, but not defeat. Jeanne Robertson

There's a way that the force of disappointment can be alchemized into something that will paradoxically renew you. Martin Scorsese

He sharpened his flaws and disappointments into daggers. Pete Wentz

He could bear the dying, but not the disappointment. John Flanagan

Amazing how being bathed in arterial blood can wash out any lingering romantic disappointments. Diana Peterfreund

Life delivers far less disappointment when your expectations are low. Brad Meltzer

Much more devastating than frustration is the emotion of disappointment. Tony Robbins

There is no disappointment we endure one-half so great as what we are to ourselves. Philip James Bailey

I prepare myself for all disappointments by expecting nothing ... Mary Russell Mitford

Let's face it: None of us are ever going to get to the place in life where we have no more disappointments. We can't expect to be sheltered from every little thing. Disappointment is a fact of life-one that must be dealt with. Joyce Meyer

Hate and anger and disappointment and rage can be channeled in music into the most positive place. Brody Dalle

Nobody ever gets what they want when it comes to love. Scott Turow

Expectation improperly indulged in must end in disappointment. Samuel Johnson

For every negative that is a disappointment, there is one that is a joy. Edward S. Curtis

It's easier to live with disappointment than regret. Andre Agassi

Thrashing is not the most noticeably awful of disappointments. Not to have attempted is the genuine disappointment. George Edward Woodberry

The managers at fault periodically report on the lesson they have learned from the latest disappointment. They then usually seek out future lessons. Warren Buffett

I allow myself to have my feelings of disappointment and discouragement, but never to sit and wallow in them. Tim Matheson

Life has its ups and downs, so to expect otherwise is setting yourself up for disappointment. Tim Matheson

[The biggest disappointment is] that he [Barack Obama] deported everybody and their grandmother. Junot Diaz

In fact, somebody keeps putting on my Wikipedia page that I'm either Don Pardo's son or grandson. I had an audition recently where the woman said, "I understand that you're Don Pardo's grandson," and I said, "No, I am not." And you should have seen the look of disappointment on her face. It may have cost me the job. It was that devastating to her that I wasn't related to Don Pardo. Jimmy Pardo

Enlightenment is your ego's greatest disappointment. Wayne Dyer



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