Quotes on Determination

I just build and build more yall niggas build and destroy Drake

Nothing strengthens a woman's determination to be in love quite so much as being told that she cannot. Gene Tierney

Determination, however, can take the place of patience, if earnestly applied. Cornelia Meigs

It may take us a little longer to reach the summit, but never fear, we will get there! Barbara Mertz

The Russians don't make determinations about what our defense posture is. Barack Obama

Determination. No matter what field you're in, determination will surely get you to the top. Zendaya

Satyagraha is a relentless search for truth and a determination to search truth. Mahatma Gandhi

Never go backward. Attempt, and do it with all your might. Determination is power. Charles Simmons

Survival's the thing, isn't it? Janet Morris

Determination doesn't make it easier, it makes it possible. Jean Charest

The power of determination will make you unstoppable. Jean Charest

Paintin they own pictures then they crop me in But I will remain where the top begins Nicki Minaj

Determination is like a muscle. If you do not use it regularly, it fades away. Lynn Jennings

It's never easy to set up any business, but it comes back to determination and drive and the love of what you do! Richard Branson

Success waits patiently for anyone who has the determination and strength to seize it. Booker T Washington

Say what you believe in a manner that bespeaks the determination with which you believe it. Taylor Mali

The only thing experience teaches you is what you can Elaine May

Determination could easily become obsession. N.K. Jemisin

Understanding of being is itself a determination of being of Da-sein. Martin Heidegger

Nothing can be more useful to you than a determination not to be hurried. Henry David Thoreau

I knew I was going to be a journalist, and that was it.. full stop. Suzy Welch

For life: it is rather a determination not to be overwhelmed. For work: the truth can only be recalled, never invented. Marilyn Monroe

Well we didn't look at it like that. We looked at it: "Why Carolyn Maloney?" Of course, we didn't know about Caroline Kennedy, but we do know and have - this is not against somebody, this is for somebody who we know has had a proven record. It's 16 years in the House, 10 years on the City Council of New York City, that she has shown her determination to pass legislation. She is - she knows how a legislature works. Eleanor Smeal

I would say my determination is way higher than my smartness. Kanye West

Fall. Stand. Learn. Adapt. Mike Norton

To advance spiritually requires a method of practice & determination to carry it out. Allan Lokos

Soul puts the determination or forms or images of forms, into matter. Peter Adamson

She [Beyonce]is probably the closest thing we've seen to Michael Jackson as far as having that determination and drive that I've ever seen. Rodney Jerkins

George W. Bush - who I'm sure that a lot of people, when I say this, will not be happy about it - but Bush had a determination, and had a very clearly defined set of principles. You knew exactly where he stood. Frank Luntz

Non-co-operation is a nation's determination to improve. Mahatma Gandhi

Up until now, the prospect of parole has kept us from confronting our captors with any real determination George Jackson

Don't let your inability to do everything undermine your determination to do something. Cory Booker

The determination to win is the better part of winning. Daisaku Ikeda

The only things you learn are the things you tame Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Great determination can overcome most odds. Aesop

I have too much drive and determination to let anything falter me. Jana Kramer

Freedom is self-determination. Baruch Spinoza

But Socialism, alone, can bring self-determination of their peoples. Karl Liebknecht

The longer I live, the more I am certain that the great difference between the great and the insignificant, its energy - invincible determination - a purpose once fixed, and then death or victory. Sir Fowell Buxton, 1st Baronet

Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination. Carl Von Clausewitz

Determination is the wake-up call to the human will. Tony Robbins

He conquers who endures. Aulus Persius Flaccus

Beginners are many; finishers are few. Stephen Covey

Live life to it's fullest, love wastefully, and be all we can be. John Shelby Spong

So some will be left who remember. Janet Morris

When progress is in short supply bring a surplus of determination. Wes Fesler

Determination is frequently found in failure, but it is never found in defeat. Wes Fesler

Came up that's all me, stayed true that's all me, no help that's all me, all me for real Drake

When you locate good in yourself, approve of it with determination. When you locate evil in yourself, despise it as something detestable. Confucius

In the end maybe what marriage offered was the determination of one's burial site. Jane Hamilton

If my own experience had taught me anything, it was that, if a thing had to be done, it could be done. Gertrude Lawrence

To him who has determined, it only remains to act. James Florio

Check and restrain anger. Never make any determination until you find it has entirely subsided. Cuthbert Collingwood, 1st Baron Collingwood

If we have one real strength, it's commitment and determination Nigel Worthington

Let your courage and determination be the vehicle that drives you, and takes you anywhere in this life you wanna go. Robert M. Hensel

Take the selfishness out of anger and you're left with determination. Bernie Glassman

With determination and purpose, I head into the light. Julie Anne Peters

You have to fight for the things you want. Jennifer Lopez

Swim or sink, live or die, survive or perish with my country was my unalterable determination. John Adams

Fortitude, determination... in a way they're things that I idealize myself and am curious about. Stephen Lang

The fight isn't over until you win. Robin Hobb

You can have talent and strength, but the most important is determination. Lyoto Machida

How many years you have to keep on doing, until you know what to do and how to do! Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I just bring the determination to win. Lebron James

If you work with determination and with perfection, success will follow. Dhirubhai Ambani

O Lord, thou givest us everything, at the price of an effort. Leonardo Da Vinci

I run with heart and determination, and that's what you can't measure-heart. Ladainian Tomlinson

Failure builds muscle, determination, and dreams. Michael Jordan

Determination can be a battle or a thrill. Choose to be thrilled. Danielle LaPorte

I love doubt in a woman. It's nearly as sexy as determination. Irvine Welsh

When you look ahead and darkness is all you see, faith and determination will pull you through. Drake

Luck is when determination meets opportunity Richard Branson

Persistence is nothing more than Concentrated Effort mixed with Determination and Faith. Napoleon Hill

This is community land that belongs to particular clans, and therefore, it must go back and its administration and the determination as to what to do, must rest in the hand of the communities. That is why you have these committees, among whose members, of course, they will be traditional leaders. You will have these collectives, which must then deal with the land, the issue of communal rights. Thabo Mbeki

Sitting in your garden is a feat to be worked at with unflagging determination and single-mindedness. . . . I am deeply committed to sitting in the garden. Mirabel Osler

Often when people tell their story, they talk about their strengths and resiliency. It's really about their determination and their aspiration to survive and live. Chath Piersath

You also can understand how to play tennis from Serena Williams, and she is awesome. I haven't seen her Masterclass but just watching her on the court - I saw some of Wimbledon on TV and there's such an awesome force in her and focus and determination and technique, you just look at her and it's awesome. If I would like to learn tennis I would immediately turn to her. Werner Herzog

If every component part of the nation claims the right of self-determination for itself, there is no one nation and there is no independence. Mahatma Gandhi

I know so many writers who are a hundred times better than me and have longer, greater ideas than mine, but they gave up; they stopped. The biggest talent you can have is determination. Chuck Palahniuk

I was brought up with the 3 Ds: Determination, Discipline and Da Lord. Robin Roberts



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