Quotes on Delusion

All life is a delusion of the senses. Margery Wilson

I do know that we have delusions about ourselves in what we sound like. Meryl Streep

I don't have the delusion that I'm the best or have the right answer. Whenever someone is out there pissed at you or me, they don't even know you or I. What they are really pissed at is themselves. You might have total respect for them but they don't respect themselves. Tony Robbins

I'm not living under false delusions myself. Rush Limbaugh

My delusion outweighs my talent by far and it always will, because if it doesn't, then there's no point in living. Willis Earl Beal

Those who greatly enlighten delusion are buddhas; those who are greatly deluded about enlightenment are sentient beings. Kim Hee-jin

We live and we die and anything else is just a delusion. Chuck Palahniuk

I was suffering from the delusion that it's the thought that counts. Lionel Shriver

Love without desire is a delusion: it does not exist in nature. Ninon de L'Enclos

That you carry yourself forward and experience the myriad things is delusion. That the myriad things come forward and experience themselves is awakening Dogen

The European reaction to Obama is a European delusion. Noam Chomsky

Whatever you think is delusion. Dainin Katagiri

There are many kinds of delusion. Michael Ende

Dispel not, the happy delusions of children. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is no world. It is God Himself. In delusion we call it world. Swami Vivekananda

There's part of me that's grateful for the delusion, because it takes a very hard shell to get started as an actor, and I don't have a very hard shell. Zoe Kazan

I famously stole tons of VHS tapes from a video store I worked in. It was detailed in my special, Laboring Under Delusions. I worked at Tower Video and stole a bunch of videotapes from them, and then got caught and had to return the videotapes. It was a mortifying experience. Paul F. Tompkins

Getting rid of a delusion makes us wiser than getting hold of a truth. Ludwig Borne

It was my delusion and naivety that brought me here. Lady Gaga

That's kind of what trust is, isn't it? A willful self-delusion. Brandon Sanderson

Realization is to get rid of the delusion that you have not realized. Ramana Maharshi

Maybe science is just magic with delusions of lack of grandeur. Peter David

Ideation without execution is delusion Robin S. Sharma

An industrial system predicated on the delusion of limitless expansion will, in time, consume its own basis of support. Petra Kelly

With my writing, I generally just pretend that no one's reading it. I allow myself that delusion so that I can write the things that I write. Roxane Gay

We chart delusions through collective agreement. Siri Hustvedt

It's only before realities set in that we can treasure our delusions. Anna Quindlen

What delusion has come over me? What sweet madness has seized me? Charlotte Bronte

Paranoia is the delusion that your enemies are organized. Arthur D. Hlavaty

In the long run our boasted control of nature is a delusion. Joseph Wood Krutch

Belief and delusion are incestuous siblings. Aleksandar Hemon

History is the lies of the victors, Julian Barnes

You believe that you are your mind. This is the delusion. Eckhart Tolle

The effect is delusion, and therefore the cause must be delusion. Swami Vivekananda

Create delusion. Establish doubt. Feed paranoia. John Katzenbach

The illusion that we are separate from one another is an optical delusion of our consciousness. Albert Einstein

People have this delusion that everything has to be for everybody at all times. Every album must be liked by everybody, and every TV show must be liked by everybody, and every movie must be liked by everybody. Everything then becomes bland. Rob Zombie

The best you can hope for in this life is that your delusions are benign and your compulsions have utility. Scott Adams

Respect the delicate ecology of your delusions. Tony Kushner

Daydreams are the delusions of the devil. Charlotte Bronte

Better a cruel truth than a comfortable delusion. Edward Abbey

If the influence of luck is a delusion, then all I can say is that the delusion is virtually universal. Felix Dennis

Not creating delusions is enlightenment. Bodhidharma

The God Delusion makes me embarrassed to be an atheist, and the McGraths show why. Michael Ruse

A form of self-delusion. Elbert Hubbard

Faith is an evil precisely because it requires no justification and brooks no argument. Richard Dawkins

I seek the truth...it is only persistence in self-delusion and ignorance that does harm. Marcus Aurelius

Everyone, including skeptics, will generate delusions that match their views. That is how a normal and healthy brain works. Skeptics are not exempt from self-delusion. Scott Adams

I suppose our capacity for self-delusion is boundless. John Steinbeck

It is difficult for men in high office to avoid the malady of self-delusion Calvin Coolidge

I suppose I have a highly developed capacity for self-delusion, so it's no problem for me to believe that I'm somebody else. Daniel Day-Lewis

Love is the self-delusion we manufacture to justify the trouble we take to have sex. Daniel S. Greenberg

If history teaches anything, it teaches that self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly. Ronald Reagan

Celebrity gives us delusion of self importance. Al Goldstein

I like to think 'The God Delusion' is a humorous book. I think, actually, it's full of laughs. And people who describe it as a polarizing book or as an aggressive book, it's just that very often they haven't read it. Richard Dawkins

We all need a bit of self-delusion. It gets us over the difficult spots. John Ralston Saul

Do not hold the delusion that your advancement is accomplished by crushing others. Marcus Tullius Cicero

Good intentions are wicked! As far as I can see, all they lead to are lies and delusions. Jane Smiley

The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that I am here (pointing to himself) and you are out there. James H. Austin

The fundamental delusion of human beings is the belief that we exist separately and independently from the rest of the universe. Reb Anderson

The sense that my world is stable and stationary, that change will never come and that all will go on continuously as it is, is the nature of all delusion. Brenda Shoshanna

In exalting the faculties of the soul, we annihilate, in a great degree, the delusion of the senses. Aime Martin

One of society's absurd delusions is that the spending of money can cure something. Vernon Howard

It is not by delusion, however exalted, that mankind can prosper, but only by unswerving courage in the pursuit of truth. Bertrand Russell

Delusion and the awakening - both can come and go slowly or suddenly. Shenhui

Vision without execution is delusion. The joy is in the results Peter Drucker

Attempt what is not certain. Certainty may or may not come later. It may then be a valuable delusion. Richard Diebenkorn

I've often thought that there isn't any "I" at all; that we are simply the means of expression of something else; that when we think we are ourselves, we are simply the victims of a delusion. Aleister Crowley

We would seldom be deceived by flattery, did our own conceit not promote the delusion. Norm Macdonald

Were we perfectly acquainted with the object, we should never passionately desire it. Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Genealogies are admirable things, provided they do not encourage the curious delusion that some families are older than others. W H Auden

Nondistraction means not being lost in subtle undercurrents of delusion or indifferent stupor... Thinley Norbu

When told that man lives in delusion everyone thinks of himself as the exception; hence his delusion. Vernon Howard

Delusion: belief said to be false by someone who does not share it. Thomas Szasz

Im busy doing my job, and being a loudmouth doesnt appeal to me as much as when I was younger and had the youthful delusion that I was smarter than everybody else. Steve Albini

It is the duty of every man, as far as his ability extends, to detect and expose delusion and error. Thomas Paine

Objectivity is the delusion that observations could be made without an observer. Heinz von Foerster

That the self advances and confirms the ten thousand things is called delusion; that the ten thousand things advance and confirm the self is called enlightenment. Dogen

You're living in a delusion based on your legendary father. Sergio Martinez

When you hate someone intensely, 80% of what you think is delusion. Dalai Lama



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