Quotes on Color White

No color will ever be brighter for me than black and white. Alessandro Del Piero

Money has no color. If you can build a better mousetrap, it won't matter whether you're black or white. People will buy it. A. G. Gaston

I feel you see every crack and bruise with black and white [pictiures] and color distracts usually from the honesty. Nikki Sixx

Black and white are the most ravishing colors of all in film. Penelope Gilliatt

The more divided people of color are in a system of white supremacy/privilege, the weaker they will be, both individually and collectively. Tim Tebow

Some visualize the Pistols era in shades of black and white. It wasn't. Actually, the colors I envision are neon or army dirt green with fluorescent pink-anything that would annoy." John Lydon

No one color can describe the various and varied complexions in our group. They range from the deep black to the fairest white with all the colors of the rainbow thrown in for good measure. When twenty or thirty of us meet, it is as hard to find three or four with the same complexion as it would be catch greased lightning in a bottle. Mary Church Terrell

I'm proud to be white. I don't have anything against my color. But I don't think color matters, either. Just like I feel it doesn't matter that I'm a white dude doin' black music. Mark Wahlberg

... in 1950 a very large slice of the white South stood at the crossroads in its attitude toward its colored citizens and [was] psychologically capable of turning either way. Sarah-Patton Boyle

The system of white supremacy is intended to make folks of color doubt themselves, their intelligence, their abilities, their very sanity. And so it's important to remember that folks of color know their own realities. Tim Wise

Antiracism is not "my" campaign. I have been doing antiracism organizing, activism, educating and writing for 20 years, in one form or another, but it's not a personal crusade. My work is part of a larger tradition, and larger effort, involving mostly people of color, and of course some white allies as well. Tim Wise

My favorite name for a color is "puce." It's kind of a dried blood color. It's a hideous color. But I love the word. It's so euphonic. But my favorite colors are lavender, purple, periwinkle blue, and white. Elizabeth Taylor

White must be the lightest color in a picture. Ludwig Wittgenstein

Up until the middle to late '60s, it was a choice to film in black-and-white or color. But then television became so vital to a film's finance, and television won't show black-and-white. So that killed it off, really. John Boorman

Doesn't the world inside a black and white photograph seem more real? It's because the real world is losing its color Tablo

Black and white can show how something is. Color adds how it is, imbued with temperatures and humidities of experience. Peter Schjeldahl

The execs don't care what color you are. They care about how much money you make. Hollywood is not really black or white. It's green. Will Smith

A tanned skin is something more than respectable, and perhaps olive is a fitter color than white for a man,-a denizen of the woods. "The pale white man!" I do not wonder that the African pitied him. Henry David Thoreau

When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their soul! Ted Grant

give the man of color an equal opportunity with the white, from the cradle to manhood, and from manhood to the grave, and you would discover the dignified statesman, the man of science, and the philosopher. Maria W. Stewart

Motion pictures are just beginning to live up to their true potential of being immersive experience - going from beyond black and white flickering images to fully immersive 3D color high-definition. You don't even know where the real world starts and the fake world begins. And yet, none of that's going to matter unless the story and the emotions that they allow us to become invested in are something that we can recognize. Pixar is able to do this in ways that almost defies speculation. Tom Hanks

I believe that people whose skins aren't necessarily - are a different color than white can self-govern. George W Bush

Black for hunting through the night For death and sorrow, the color's white Gold for a bride in her wedding gown, And red to call enchantment down. Cassandra Clare

Too often, systems of oppression turn those who are the targets of the oppression against one another. It's happened in the USA between white working class and poor folks on the one hand, and people of color on the other. Tim Tebow

Black, like white, is the best color! Karl Lagerfeld

The color white is the absence of memory. Stephen King

There are only two colors to paint a boat, black or white, and only a fool would paint a boat black. Nathanael Greene Herreshoff

Live and let live, believe and let believe. 'Twas said the lesser gods were only traits Of the one awful God. Just so the saints Are God's white light refracted into colors. Robert Frost

Nowadays, people shoot digitally and it's all in color, but you press a button and it all goes to black and white. But it's not lit for black and white. So, it's a tricky thing. If you're going do black and white, you better remember to separate things with light, because color ain't gonna be there. David Lynch

The great thing about the moon landing is that my grandmother got the first color TV in order to be able to see the moon landing that was in black and white. Alfonso Cuaron

A film fable so structured that all alchemical searchings are clearly filmwise (gold being discovered cinematically in each sequence ot mixed black-and-white and color) so that when the drama-discovery is actually made, it acts as a deliberate anti-climax of aesthetic perfection. Stan Brakhage

I am obsessed by the idea of silence. I went through an entire library studying art, artists and their critics, philosophers, too, on the meaning and significance of the color white. I dreamed of white birds and white bears. I thought about the white pages of my mother's journals. I became enthralled with John Cage and his work, 4'33", his masterpiece of ambient sound. Rauschenberg, too. And then at some point I let go. What sticks to the soul is what gets placed on the page. Maybe that's the unknown part, the mystery, the power of the empty page. Terry Tempest Williams

Above all, keep your colors fresh! Edouard Manet

I like lots of color and mix-and-match. Rachel Trachtenburg

On my darkest days, I wear my brightest colors. Cyndi Lauper

White is actually one of my favorite colors. I have a white car. I love white. Kim Kardashian

Color television! Bah, I won't believe it until I see it in black and white. Samuel Goldwyn

The white light streams down to be broken up by those human prisms into all the colors of the rainbow. Take your own color in the pattern and be just that. Charles R. Brown

In 1982 I bought the newly released Makina Plaubel 55mm fixed-lens camera. With this shift from 35mm to 6 x 7, I also changed from black and white to color. Later that year, I started my project on New Brighton called The Last Resort. However, the first project I shot in colour was composed of urban scenes from Liverpool. This image was on the second roll of film. It's the first good photo I made in this new chapter of my work. Martin Parr

Why black and white? Because color can be too demanding. Diane Keaton

In black and white you suggest, in color you state. Paul Outerbridge

Color is descriptive. Black and white is interpretive. Elliott Erwitt

I like contrasting between black and white and color. Robert Barry

Black and white creates a strange dreamscape that color never can. Jack Antonoff

We've got Chinese, white, black and mixed; but remember that our colors are cheap, for after many years of contracts and tricks nobody's purity runs very deep. Nicolas Guillen

Paint pictures with sound. First, find your white-the deepest, roundest sound you can play on the guitar. Then, find your black-which is the most extreme tonal difference from white you can play. Now, just pick the note where you've got white, pick it where you've got black, and then find all those colors in between. Get those colors down, and you'll be able to express almost any emotion on the guitar.? Les Paul

Brown people and black people and red people swarmed through our great halls, until those who were white looked simply faded-out human beings beside them. Indeed, I came to see that white is not a color in skin any more than in textiles, and if it had not quality, it had no value even for humanity. I saw that color in skin had a certain advantage in strength and warmth as a means of beauty. Candace Wheeler

What must it be like to live in Rush Limbaughs world? A world where when anyone other than conservative, white men attempts to do anything or enter any profession, be it business, politics, art or sports, the only reason theyre allowed entry or, incredibly, attain excellence is because the standard was lowered. Be they liberals, people of color, women, the poor or anyone with an accent.... Edgy, controversial, brilliant. What a way to shake up intelligent sports commentary. Hitler would have killed in talk radio. He was edgy, too. Nancy Giles

I invented the colors of the vowels!-A black, E white, I red, O blue, U green-I made rules for the form and movement of each consonant, and, and with instinctive rhythms, I flattered myself that I had created a poetic language accessible, some day, to all the senses. Arthur Rimbaud

Did he happen to select a color too?" "Blue." "Blue?" Victoria burst out, prepared to do physical battle for white. Madame nodded, her finger thoughtfully pressed to her lips, her own hand plunked upon her waist. "Yes, blue. Ice blue. He said you are glorious in that color-'a titian-haired angel,' he said" Victoria abruptly decided ice blue was a lovely color to be married in. Judith Mcnaught

The gross elements are earth, water, air and fire, with the fifth being space. Each particle of the body is made up of these five elements, which are manifested in different colors. In their true quality, space is blue light, water is white, earth is yellow, fire is red, and air is green. Tulku Thondup

I was white. Chalk had more color than I did. And quite possibly more personality. Darynda Jones

Before pride waves a white flag, it waves all other colors. Akiane Kramarik

Start [the movie] in color. Color is always attributed as fun, and black and white is very sad. Marjane Satrapi

She knew that she could not have reached this white serenity except as the sum of all the colors, of all the violence she had known. Ayn Rand

They'll get it all from you sooner or later 'cause they own this f**kin' place. It's a big club and you ain't in it. You and I are not in the big club. By the way, it's the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head with their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy. The table is tilted, folks. The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. Good, honest, hard-working people: white collar, blue collar, it doesn't matter what color shirt you have on. George Carlin

You can say anything with a Post-It. I'm not entirely sure why that is. Maybe the friendliness of the squares makes it easier. A square is nicely compact and less intimidating than a full page. And they come in cheerful colors. Non-white paper is kind of inherently festive. Or maybe paper that sticks feels more important than paper that can blow away. (Though you can move them, if you need to put them somewhere else.) They might not be as lasting as words carved in stone, but Post-It thoughts will stay. For awhile, at least. Erin Morgenstern

When I think back about my immediate reaction to that redheads girl, it seems to spring from an appreciation of natural beauty. I mean the heart pleasure you get from looking at speckled leaves or the palimpsested bark of plane trees in Provence. There was something richly appealing to her color combination, the ginger snaps floating in the milk-white skin, the golden highlights in the strawberry hair. it was like autumn, looking at her. It was like driving up north to see the colors. Jeffrey Eugenides

My black-and-white work is more of a celebration and the color work became more of a critique of society. Martin Parr

I see love in black and white. Passion in shades of "gris". But when it comes to you and I, color is all I see. Lady Gaga

The outside world is black and white with only one color dead. Peter Gabriel

Black, white and nude are my essential colors. Each time I start a collection, I start with these colors; they are the elemental colors we refer to from the beginning. Narciso Rodriguez

Black and white might be sufficient. But why deprive yourself of color. Christian Dior

Life is in color, but black and white is more realistic. Samuel Fuller

Color is the overpowering of black; white - the final victory over black. Dejan Stojanovic

Life is not black and white. The closes we ever get to either of those colors is wearing them. Karen Marie Moning

Some people like living in black and white worlds. Let them stay there. Appreciate all the colors you see in your world though. Ashly Lorenzana

It's a new era at Disney. From now on, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will be known as Person of No Color and the Seven Vertically Challenged Individuals. Argus Hamilton

It's important to maintain an attractive smile as you age. A lighter, less beige, more white tooth color is key, but no Chiclets. Evelyn Lauder

I read that prior to the advent of color TV, most people dreamed in black and white. Damian Loeb

I like black and white films. I don't exactly know why - probably because there is a stylization which is removed from actual life, unlike a color film. Norman Mclaren

A shaft of white light used properly can be far more effective than all the color in the world used indiscriminately. Josef von Sternberg

Color can do anything that black-and-white can. Vincente Minnelli

White is associated with purity because the entire spectrum is functioning in unity. White is a healing color. White is appropriate for weddings because the unity of male and female symbolizes the unity of allness. Tae Yun Kim

Only in black and white can I see the design and textures. I don't consider color photography art. Black and white is an interpretation. Color is a duplication. Clyde Butcher

I have never figured out how women work but I do know that their skin color has no significance. Black or white, every last one is pretty pink on the inside and they are all impossible. Peter Matthiessen

In black and white there are more colors than color photography, because you are not blocked by any colors so you can use your experiences, your knowledge, and your fantasy, to put colors into black and white. Anders Petersen

So long as our textbooks hide from us the roles that people of color have played in exploration, from at least 6000 BC to the twentieth century, they encourage us to look to Europe and its extensions as the seat of all knowledge and intelligence. So long as they say "discover," they imply that whites are the only people who really matter. So long as they simply celebrate Columbus, rather than teach both sides of his exploit, they encourage us to identify with white Western exploitation rather than study it. James W. Loewen

Go and change your gown, Mary," Daniel interjected. "I'm partial to gold. If you've a gown in that color, wear it to please me. If not, white will do well enough. I'm wedding you, Lady Mary." Lord Daniel Ferguson caught Lady Mary before she hit the floor. He wasn't at all irritated that his intended had just fainted dead away, and he actually let out a full burst of laughter as he swept Mary up into his arms and held her against his chest. "She's overcome with gratitude, Alec," Daniel called out to his friend. "Aye, Daniel, I can see she is," Alec answered. Julie Garwood

If blue collar jobs are leaving and white collar jobs are outsourced what color collar jobs are left? Bob Edwards



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