Quotes on Chances Are

I would live the same life over if I had to live again, And the chances are I go where most men go. Adam Lindsay Gordon

Chance is the pseudonym God uses when He'd rather not sign His own name. Anatole France

Our chances are always pretty good Joe Flacco

Chances are where you find them Terry Pratchett

You are what you do. If you do boring, stupid, monotonous work, chances are you'll end up boring, stupid, and monotonous. Bob Black

Where a chunk of business is simple, the chances are that it is. Richard Koch

When you give others a new chance, a new chance is really being given to you. Bryant H Mcgill

Just think it, and chances are it will happen. Paul Auster

Why should man fear since chance is all in all for him, and he can clearly foreknow nothing? Best to live lightly, as one can, unthinkingly. Sophocles

When the cat's away, chances are he's been run over. Mike Sanders

Chance is a nickname for Providence. Nicolas Chamfort

Chance is as relentless as necessity. Simon Blackburn

If something is repeated over and over as obvious, the chances are that it is obviously false. Noam Chomsky

I think the chances are better of me putting Super Unleaded into a rented car. David Spade

As far as physicians go, chance is more valuable than knowledge. Michel De Montaigne

I've never quite believed that one chance is all I get Anne Tyler

...in the shaping of a life, chance and the ability to respond to chance are everything. Eric Hoffer

If you hear something you like, and you're halfway like the public, chances are they'll like it too. Chet Atkins

Call any vegetable and the chances are good that the vegetable will respond to you. Frank Zappa

Chance is a name for our ignorance. Leslie Stephen

Don't think there are no second chances. Life always offers you a SECOND CHANCE... It's called TOMORROW Nicholas Sparks

Chance is the providence of adventurers. Laurence Sterne

The fear of being laughed at makes cowards of us all. Mignon Mclaughlin

Chance is the only source of true novelty. Francis Crick

Free will is to mind what chance is to matter. Charles Darwin

But there was one other thing that the grown-ups also knew, and it was this: that however small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance is there. The chance had to be there. Roald Dahl

If any one hates to be alone with himself, the chances are that he has not much of any self to be alone with. Robert Haven Schauffler

If we're not actively making things better, chances are we're making them worse. William Westney

Chance is the fool's name for Fate Fred Astaire

Random chance is not sufficient to explain random chance. ~Jubal Harshaw Robert A Heinlein

To submit to chance is to reveal the self and its obsessions. Charles Simic

When art writing seems incomprehensible, chances are it is. Walter Darby Bannard

Never say never, for if you live long enough, chances are you will not be able to abide by the simplest of such injunctions. Gloria Swanson

If you are not happy while getting rich, chances are that you will not be happy when you do get rich. Robert Kiyosaki

When the days are too short, chances are you are living at your best. Earl Nightingale

Chance is the nature of our universe. [...] madness represents a chaotic reservoir of surprises. Some surprises can be valuable. Frank Herbert

If you hear some bad collectivistic notions, chances are that they came from [modern] liberals. But if you hear or read something outrageously, god-awfully collectivistic, you may be sure that the author is a conservative. Isabel Paterson

The most peaceful thing in the world is plowing a field. Chances are you'll do your best thinking that way. Harry S Truman

Many have told me through the years: 'I think I'll take my chances without Jesus.' And I always come back and say, 'So what chance is that?' Phil Robertson

But if Christians don't get Jesus right, what chance is there that other people will bother much with him? N T Wright

Hunting after happiness is like hunting after a lost sheep in the wilderness-when you find it, the chances are that it is a skeleton. Josh Billings

A lucky chance is constant in nothing but inconstancy. Marcus Aurelius

Never act upon wishful thinking. Act without checking the facts, and chances are that you will be swept away along with the mob. Jim Rogers

If it looks like art, chances are it's somebody else's art. Chuck Close

As many authors have said, if the writer is not surprised by events, then chances are that the reader will not be either, and grow bored. Paul Di Filippo

Chance is but the pseudonym of God for those particular cases, which he does not choose to acknowledge openly with his own sign manual. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Tell me it's forbidden, unthinkable, and that's where I want to go. Because the chances are it's complicated, and the complications are meaningful. Dana Spiotta

If there's a magic pony in the story, chances are I"ll read it. Chris Adrian

Give, and you may keep your friend it you lose your money; lend, and the chances are that you lose your friend if ever you get back your money. Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

In Chess, as it is played by masters, chance is practically eliminated. Emanuel Lasker

The chance is the remotest, Of its going much longer unnoticed, That I'm not keeping pace With the headlong human race Robert Frost

Fortune is a prize to be won. Adventure is the road to it. Chance is what may lurk in the shadows at the roadside. O Henry

If you're doing something the same way you have been doing it for ten years, the chances are you are doing it wrong. Charles Kettering

being afraid to take chances is scarier than actually doing things that challenge you. Simone Elkeles

Small presses take chances. Chances are at the heart of all the literature we later know as great. Kay Ryan

Nothing could be left to chance, because chance, after all, can be dangerous. But what I didn't realize all that time, what I missed all along, is that chance is everywhere. It's also what life is made of. It's all around us, but most of the time we never see it working. Jessi Kirby

If you're oblivious to other people, chances are pretty good that you're going to hurt them. William Deresiewicz

If you only do what you know and do it very, very well, chances are that you won't fail. You'll just stagnate, and your work will get less and less interesting, and that's failure by erosion Twyla Tharp

Only the element of chance is needed to make war a gamble, and that element is never absent. Carl Von Clausewitz

Chance is the first step you take, luck is what comes afterward. Amy Tan

If there's a magic pony in the story, chances are I'll read it. Chris Adrian

But it's just because the chances are all against you, just because there is so little hope, that life is sweet over here. Henry Miller

Chance is the one thing you can't buy. You have to pay for it and you have to pay for it with your life, spending a lot of time, you pay for it with time, not the wasting of time but the spending of time. Robert Doisneau

All happiness is inside your own mind. Chances are, you have not discovered that. Meditation is about experiencing the happiness inside your mind. Frederick Lenz

Chances are the movements of the euro as against the dollar will be relatively moderate. Robert C Solomon

You gotta learn that if you don't get it by midnight, chances are you ain't gonna get it, and if you do, it ain't worth it. Casey Stengel

If you're picking your best friend based on what kind of clothes she wears or how popular she is, chances are you aren't going to stay in touch after graduation. Renee Olstead

What has happened by chance is often difficult to repeat when it is sought deliberately. Chance is a genius. Katsuki Sekida

In books, as in life, there are no second chances. On second thought: its the next work, still to be written, that offers the second chance. Cynthia Ozick

We are not trying to entertain the critics. I'll take my chances with the public. Walt Disney

If you love them in the morning with their eyes full of crust; if you love them at night with their hair full of rollers, chances are, you're in love. Miles Davis

A chance is what you take before you think about it. A calculated risk is what you take after you have evaluated all possible factors and have determined that risk Craig Elliott

Most fans go wild when they see a goalie make what looks like a great save, but the chances are what they are seeing is a save that was made from being out of position. Mike Richter

Cause you know, life is what we make it and a chance is like a picture, it'd be nice if you just take it Drake

No matter your sector, chances are that people are already twittering about your products, your brand, your company or at least your industry. Tim O'Reilly

The more I risk being rejected, the better my chances are of being accepted. Robert Kiyosaki

Do the things that interest you and do them with all your heart. Don't be concerned about whether people are watching you or criticizing you. The chances are that they aren't paying attention to you. Eleanor Roosevelt

Chances are, if you are following the crowd, you're following the wrong path. Bob Proctor

Despite his crimped shirts and flowing mane (or perhaps because of them) I had seen no evidence as yet that Nathaniel even knew what a girl was. If he'd ever met one, chances are they'd both have run screaming in opposite directions. Jonathan Stroud

Someone described Providence as the baptismal name of chance; no doubt some pious person will retort that chance is the nickname of Providence. Nicolas Chamfort



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