Quotes on Black

Black makes your life so much simpler. Everything matches black, especially black. Nora Ephron

Microsoft is still not a black belt Ken Kutaragi

I tried to get a tan but I'm black already, 2 Chainz

I don't like conservatives. They always talk about the good old days. I'm black, we have no good old days. Alonzo Bodden

I am black. What are you going to do about it? Adrian Piper

I tried to get a tan but I'm black already, 2 Chainz

I wear the black for those who never read. Johnny Cash

Puerto Ricans are many colors - we are Spanish, we're French, we're Thai, Indian, we're almost black, some of us. Rita Moreno

Electoral reforms are necessary if India has to be rid of black money. Narendra Modi

It's not Lyndon Johnson who makes the black freedom movement; it's the black freedom movement who makes Lyndon Johnson. Bill Ayers

There are so many ways to be and to be black at the same time, but we're finally seeing that full range expressed much more widely than before. Baratunde Thurston

[T]here's nobody Black in charge of anything in Hollywood. Russell Simmons

My continuum? Blimey! For me,Black Mirror is all part of the whole. Charlie Brooker

For one work we developed a human hair felt, which involved collecting and sorting hundreds of kilos of human hair, and then blending it will a tiny percentage of black merino followed by carding and felting. Patricia Piccinini

If you understand the Black Lives Matter movement, there's no central leadership of the movement. This is an organic, grassroots movement all around America. Cory Booker

When something so unjust as the black list happened, [Dalton Trumbo] would come to life in a certain way. Jay Roach

An era similar to the one in which the black rotary phone dominated its product category may not recur anytime soon. Tom Peters

In many ways [those middle-aged black ladies] my touchstone, because they are what I meant when I talked about the audacity of hope. Barack Obama

The Black Power Mixtape is a documentary, first of all. It brings us closer to the voices we heard at that particular point in time. Danny Glover

In The Black Power Mixtape , you hear the voice of Angela Davis - not someone playing Angela Davis. Danny Glover

I wanted to separate color from race. Distinguishing color - light, black, in-between - as the marker for race is really an error. Toni Morrison

I'd like to get something small and self-generated in before Black Rock has whatever life that it has. Katie Aselton

Even somebody like The Black Keys or Royal Blood, they all have this original roots base to what they do. Paul Weller

I'm black, so, you know, I'm again with black folk, but it's a love that spills over to vanilla suburbs and red reservations and brown barrios and yellow slices. Cornel West

It's always darkest before it becomes totally black. Mao Zedong

Irish Americans are no more Irish than Black Americans are Africans. Bob Geldof

Bald is the new black! Gail Porter

Arizona has always been anti-black. Paul Mooney

The less I talk about being black, the better. Idris Elba

The relationship of black Americans to Obama is sociologically riveting. Andrew Sullivan

I wear black all the time. Ivana Trump

With Hellboy I am doing a comic-book movie. That's what's so great about being an actor: You get to do Meet Joe Black, and you get to do Arrested Development, and then you get to do Hellboy and Eloise, and The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie. It's great. You get to play the field. Jeffrey Tambor

...it's only on a black day that you begin to have friends. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

It's always hard for me to find a therapist who is a black woman or even a woman of color. It's something that we've always been told is not for us. It's top down. Morgan Parker

I don't claim to say, "All black women are like me," because they're not. Morgan Parker

I almost never do anything for Black History Month, because I feel it's just another way to separate us. Alice Walker

My hope as an actress is knowing that I'm someone who is more privileged - I'm biracial and lighter-skinned - and I hope it can open up the door for more women of color, especially darker-skinned black women. I hope everyone hops on the bandwagon and decides to start putting women of color in movies that aren't just about race. Amandla Stenberg

There's a price tag on everything including black people's lives and what they do with them. Vince Staples

Human beings are not black and white. Hugh Panaro

I prefer black music in general. Phil Collins

I do consider myself part of black history. Mary J Blige

What I do isn't black music; it's just my music. Daryl Hall

I have no desire to take all black people back to Africa; there are blacks who are no good here and will likewise be no good there. Marcus Garvey

I was a black center in the middle of all the nature. I was nothing, but I could do anything. James Franco

The Black writer explains pain to those who inflict it. Alice Childress

It's not what you are. It's what you do. Stephenie Meyer

One must respect black. Nothing prostitutes it. Odilon Redon

I design differently because I am Patrick Kelly, and Patrick Kelly is black Patrick Kelly

to be black is to be very-hot. Haki R. Madhubuti

I may sound a little black, but I'm really pretty well adjusted. Hunter S Thompson

I was not allowed to be an individual. I was black and I was a woman - and I was a black woman. Shola Lynch

Im just not really attracted to black chicks. Zach Braff

i was'nt always black. there was this freckel that just grew and grew... Bill Cosby

Clearly a black man's life is not worth a ham sandwich, Michael Steele

It could have been worse. I could have been born black. Stevie Wonder

I equate Deadheads to people that like black licorice. There aren't many people that like black licorice, but the ones that do, REALLY REALLY like it! Or buttermilk, or whatever. Jerry Garcia

I want to be the black Madonna. Rihanna

The cruel of heart have their own black happiness. Victor Hugo

I wear black on the outside, because black is how I feel on the inside. Steven Morrissey

It always looks darkest just before it gets totally black. Charles M Schulz

Janis Joplin sings the blues as hard as any black person. B B King

There will never be a chanel collection without black Karl Lagerfeld

Night's black Mantle covers all alike. Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas

Light black. From pole to pole. Samuel Beckett

Where white is black and black is white, I won. Ted Hughes

All I know is I've tried my best. Tiger Woods

I am not a black artist, I am an artist. Jean-Michel Basquiat

Black detraction will find faults where they are not. Philip Massinger

... I am dark but fair, / Black but fair. Alice Meynell

Out of the blue and into the black Neil Young

And my friend is black, but I don't know what to call him. So I just call him Jamal Even though his name is Steve. Bo

Who can be born black and not exult! Mari Evans

Black is not sad... Black is poetic. Ann Demeulemeester

Before me no one would have dared dress in black Coco Chanel

When I was arrested I was dressed in black Johnny Cash

I'll be back. I'll be black. I'll be white black. Sarah Silverman

Black men, you were once great; you shall be great again. Lose not courage or faith, go forward. Marcus Garvey

You know what they say: 'Once you go black, your parents don't talk to you anymore. Amy Schumer

Hitler really wasn't so bad. In the black way. Anthony Jeselnik

Orphan Black is the new black. Haley Webb



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