Quotes on Believe

You are what you are by what you BELIEVE! Oprah Winfrey

He who believes shall be saved, but he who does not believe shall be damned. God has spoken. Saint Patrick

It's always good to do something that is not a repeat. I just don't believe in repeating. Yoko Ono

You can't preach it like it is if you don't believe it like it was. Vance Havner

What you believe in, is the life you decide. Keshia Chante

You'd have to be here to believe it! Mike Lange

I do not believe in a personal God. Stephen Hawking

As you believe, so it is for you. Richard Bach

We have to be continually reminded of what we believe. C S Lewis

One can only believe entirely, perhaps, in what one cannot see. Virginia Woolf

You have to believe in it to get it... Nora Roberts

How many times have I told you not to believe everything you hear? Seek truth for yourself. Isabel Allende

What enables me to believe in anything is hope. Ben Harper

Believe, don't fear, believe. Gabby Douglas

You are authentic when everything you say and everything you do you ACTUALLY believe. Simon Sinek

I've never let anyone talk me into not believing in myself Muhammad Ali

Who couldn't believe there's a God? Paul Walker

The French, unfortunately, actually believe what they say, and that has been very destructive. Paul Krugman

The clergy believe that any power confided in me will be exerted in opposition to their schemes, and they believe rightly. Thomas Jefferson

Thoroughly to believe in one's own self, so one's self were thorough, were to do great things. Alfred Lord Tennyson

Believe none of what you hear...and even less of what you see...this is what we`ll be. Andy Biersack

Movies are so weird. I don't believe anything until it's already done. Rex Smith

Everything has a lifecycle. You have to believe it's going to change. Les Wexner

You have to do what you believe in Ben Harper

All wrong conduct is based on wrong believing Edwin Louis Cole

Why understand when you can believe? Christopher Moore

Then you came along and helped me believe in myself again. Nicholas Sparks

He who believes he can and he who believes he cannot are both correct. Henry Ford

It makes it very hard to say what you believe in and not be attacked for it. And it's not fair; I'm Korean, but I'm not supposed to talk about my experience and my life? It's unaccepting. Margaret Cho

All things are possible to one who believes. Bernard Of Clairvaux

You can only have as much as you believe. Mark Victor Hansen

He that believes all misseth; he that believes nothing, hits not. George Herbert

It is more reverent to believe in the works of the Deity than to comprehend them. Tacitus

Coincidence exists, but believing in it never did me any good. Robert B Parker

Don't believe everything you read on twitter. Marilyn Monroe

Happiness comes towards those which believe in him Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Believe, do' fear, believe. Gabby Douglas

They both believed in her even when she didn't believe in herself. Cassandra Clare

Because it is so hard, in any life, to believe in what you ca' fully understand. Sarah Dessen

There's no point in believing in things that exist. Terry Pratchett

Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true. Millie

We believe each other into being. Jennifer Michael Hecht

Oh I do believe In all the things you see What comes is better Than what came before Cat Power

We who believe in freedom cannot rest. Ella Baker

I can't believe Nixon won. I don't know anyone who voted for him. Pauline Kael

What you meditate on is what you believe. Karen Wheaton

You will become on the outside, what you believe on the inside. John C Maxwell

There are times when I catch myself believing that there is such a thing as something; which is separate from something else. Gregory Bateson

Thou shalt not believe something just because you can explain it. Arthur Kornberg

Only those who obey can believe, and only those who believe can obey. Dietrich Bonhoeffer

marriage is mostly puttin' up with things, I reckon, when it ain't makin' believe. Ellen Glasgow

These Americans believe that everything is possible ... Fredrika Bremer

Apparently, they believe they're gods. Steve Novick

Nothing is more damaging to you than to do something that you believe is wrong. Abraham Lincoln

By believing passionately in that which doesn't exist, you create it and that which has not been sufficiently desired is what we call the non existent. Nikos Kazantzakis

The only truth was whatever you could make someone believe. Megan Chance

Naruto: BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Masashi Kishimoto

When we believe it, we will see it! Dewitt Jones

You cannot believe everything you hear Jude Morgan

Believe everything you read Kurt Cobain

And he believed because loving her meant believing. It meant trusting. And it meant life. It meant Kell Kreiger was no longer alone Lora Leigh

To believe is to become what you believe. June Jordan

Many Things That Are True Are True Because You Believe Them. Seth Godin

We are what we believe ourselves to be Paulo Coelho

Read the Word. Consume the Word until it consumes you. Believe the Word. Act on the Word. Smith Wigglesworth

All you have to do is believe, then you will see everything. Morgan Freeman

I have to believe in myself. I have to be my biggest advocate or I would crumble. Whitney Port

Say what you believe and see who follows. Seth Godin

Believing in everything at the same time is the same as not believing in anything at all. Adil Hussain

Don't you believe what you read. Michael Jackson

Everyone believes that he abounds in wisdom, but is short of money. Marsilio Ficino

Do you believe in life after love? Cher

You can't believe everything you read. Daniel Handler

I often cannot believe the things I do. Dave Eggers

I shall have to believe even though I cannot understand. Edgar Rice Burroughs

You wouldn't believe that so much could change just because a relationship ended. Nick Hornby

There is nothing more terrifying than the absoluteness of one who believes he's right. Libba Bray

Believe as though you are, and you will be... Ernest Holmes

You can - because you believe that you can. Denise Austin

If someone tells you that you cannot do something and you believe it, they are right. Carol Burnett



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