Quotes on Behavior

Everything's getting homogenized. It seems to me like music and behavior and everything else is getting homogenized. Dick Van Dyke

Money is 80% behavior, 20% head knowledge. It's what you do, not what you know. Dave Ramsey

Success always obsoletes the very behavior that achieved it. Peter Drucker

Drunken behavior will not be tolerated, except by those who are being hilarious. Demetri Martin

Fear is an effective factor in altering behavior... Jerry Vlasak

Nationalization of private debts undermines prudential lender behavior and is a government intervention in the market. Joseph Stiglitz

What happened in the milliseconds before a behavior to cause it? That's in the neurobiological realm. Robert M. Sapolsky

Only humans invent moralizing gods who monitor our behavior. Robert M. Sapolsky

We have the power to abstain from destructive behavior. Sylvia Earle

Repeating a new behavior is what makes change stick. Gabrielle Bernstein

I feel like my behavior goes over better on the streets of New York. Casey Affleck

When you don't respond to bad behavior, you get more of it. Carly Fiorina

When it came to, like, appropriate behavior towards one another, it was - I was well-versed. Seth Rogen

We like to see others, but don't like others to see through us. Jean De La Fontaine

You won't get sued for anticompetitive behavior. Linus Torvalds

Past behavior is the most reliable predictor of future behavior. Gordon Livingston

Taking faith seriously leads to the utility of altruistic behavior. Ted Malloch

We are not just our behavior. We are the person managing our behavior. Ken Blanchard

Excessive interest in pathological behavior was itself pathological Arthur C Clarke

People are not their behaviors. Tony Robbins

The maxim of courts is that manner is power. Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was not just inappropriate behavior Bob Kerrey

Leadership is not a title. It's a behavior. LIVE it Robin S. Sharma

The more you understand how your salvation isn't about your behavior, the more radically your behavior will change. Timothy Keller

Always act as if you were seen. Baltasar Gracian

Every human act can be disguised with a coating of gilt. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Behavior is shaped and maintained by its consequences B F Skinner

What truly leads the evolutionary procession, in other words, is behavior. Robert Ardrey

Your behavior reflects your actual purposes. Ronald A. Heifetz

Deep and sustainable change...requires changes in behavior among those who do not welcome the change. Douglas B. Reeves

The only unnatural sexual behavior is none at all. Sigmund Freud

All feelings are acceptable, but all behavior isn't. Mary Pipher

Repentance is a change of behavior which invites forgiveness. Theodore M. Burton

Whenever possible, the left and the Democrats have de-stigmatized irresponsible behavior. Dennis Prager

With the exception of Obama's belated lame-duck behavior, the US has always, in practice, supported Israel unquestionably. Lawrence Davidson

Babies are born whole and then they go through experiences in life that chip away at some of that, and it becomes learned behavior. Ari Graynor

Many women are harassed, one in three between the ages of 18 and 34, by one poll. And we need to figure out if, in fact, we are going to enable them to come forward with their complaints, as opposed to enabling harassers and abusers to continue their behavior. Anita Hill

We just fight our way through it. But you can't just get up and walk out without repeating the behavior over and over. Sally Field

If you don't have a conscience, what is your behavior like? Apparently, if you don't have a conscience, if you don't really . . . love, then the only thing that's left for you is the game - it's about controlling things. Martha Stout

If you're looking for like, a pure base for your behavior on stage, maybe it's better to say, "Yeah, you're not obliged to pretend. But, you're also obliged to not pretend." So you have access to both sides, if you will. It's never a pure binary thing, but you can pretend. If you have total agency as a performer, then both are at your disposal. Richard Maxwell

The more absolute the need, the more predictable the behavior becomes until it is mathematically certain. William S Burroughs

We all have unresolved shame, because it is used as a tool to control behavior. Christiane Northrup

I am not going to engage in the kind of behavior that you see from Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton

One of the things that's very troubling to voters about Donald Trump is his erratic behavior, his lack of good temperament to serve as commander in chief. Robby Mook

Ethics is prescriptive and can change behavior, but usually only at the margins. Dale Jamieson

Bill Clinton was punished for his behavior. Star Jones

If past behavior is any indication, Donald Trump's behavior would not be acceptable. Julianne Malveaux

Donald Trump's language has been atrocious, his behavior toward women. Bernie Sanders

Maybe [success] is because I'm in China and I'm more open. Maybe it's my independent behavior, or because I participated in certain projects. I have no idea. Ai Weiwei

If you want a particular behavior from someone else, try spotlighting those times when he or she is already doing it. Michelle Gielan

It's a whole lot more productive to be in problem-solving mode than it is to be in behavior modification mode. Ross W. Greene

I'm very disciplined, but the one thing that I have addictive behavior about is the Internet. Dani Shapiro

Now as to the behavior of the soldiers: occupations always corrupt the occupiers. Yaroslav Trofimov

The most effective way to beat Hillary Clinton is to remind voters of Hillary Clinton's behavior. Carly Fiorina

The process of debugging, going an correcting the program and then looking at the behavior, and then correcting it again, and finally iteratively getting it to a working program, is in fact, very close to learning about learning. Nicholas Negroponte

I have friends in politics who really put the friendship to the test through their behavior. Martin Schulz

Belief creates behaviors. Neale Donald Walsch

Spry is not a look, spry is behavior. Robert Culp

My behavior is humiliating. Danny Bonaduce

I'm always shocked when actors have diva-esque behavior. Julianna Margulies

So I put up with bad behavior in the name of loving the way I thought you were supposed to love. Deb Caletti

The measure of civilized behavior is compassion. Paul Theroux

Bad beliefs make bad behavior. Warren Akin Candler

If you can understand human behavior, it ca' hurt you nearly as much. Carol Plum-Ucci

Can't you ever get off for good behavior?" "Sure, if I was ever good. Richelle Mead

You can have me the way i am - bad behavior included - or not at all. Stephenie Meyer

Good behavior is everybody's business, and good taste can be everyone's goal. Millicent Fenwick

Human behavior is timeless. Barbara Tuchman

How do you change your behavior? Change what you worship Timothy Keller

The work for the actor is always the same. We're looking for a human being. We're looking for believable human behavior. Ann Dowd

Hold the mirror up to nature. Human behavior is worthy of examination and celebration. Tom Hanks

One thing that I learned that helped me deal with human behavior is confrontation, and I'm not that great with confrontation at all. But once I started to be O.K. with that, the better everybody's life got. Kenny Chesney

Learned behaviors have replaced the biologically given ones. Margaret Mead

I'm still strongly opposed to antismoking laws, strongly opposed to any law that regulates personal behavior. John Perry Barlow

A lot of bad behavior in singers is caused by nerves. Renee Fleming

Most bad behavior comes from insecurity. Debra Winger

Your daily behavior reveals your deepest beliefs. Robin S. Sharma

You can always tell your true values by looking at your behavior - especially under pressure. Brian Tracy

Reclaim our environment from those who would destroy it with their predatory economic behavior. Dennis Kucinich

nonlinear interactions almost always make the behavior of the aggregate more complicated than would be predicted by summing or averaging. John Henry Holland



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