Quotes on Beautiful

Find something only you can say James Dickey

In Nature, all is useful, all is beautiful Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was overwhelmingly beautiful to see my music performed. Sarah Mclachlan

The road to freedom is a beautiful system Phil Jackson

I create so that each and every woman is the most beautiful Christian Dior

Nothing is beautiful and true. Jonathan Safran Foer

A woman is beautiful only when she is loved. Julius J. Epstein

Fickleness has always befriended the beautiful. Propertius

Thank you for all your good and beautiful work. Gloria Steinem

Let's do something beautiful for God. Mother Teresa

Women have been burnt as witches simply because they were beautiful. Simone De Beauvoir

You are yourself, and you've never been more beautiful! Debby Ryan

Life aint always beautiful, but its a beautiful ride. Gary Allan

Can a wolfe be beautiful? Markus Zusak

You have to destroy something to make it beautiful. Gerard Way

calls her beautiful, but she cannot hear... Stephen Chbosky

If you do' know God as beautiful and satisfying, you do' know him. John Piper

Begin with the beautiful, which leads you to the good, which leads you to the truth. Robert Barron

He looked at me like I was beautiful. Lauren Oliver

They were beautiful nothings Charles Bukowski

The truth was much more beautiful. Alejo Carpentier

Don't let them tell you ain't beautiful Eminem

Wasn't it beautiful when you believed in everything? Taylor Swift

Now I am too beautiful to be set free. Charles Manson

C'est veritablement utile puisque c'est joli. It is truly useful since it is beautiful. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

A woman could be as beautiful as she felt herself to be. Laura Lee

Pam: "Claude, the mouthwateringly beautiful asshole? Charlaine Harris

The beautiful must be incongruous. Julien Torma

You're all beautiful. And you shouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise. Troye Sivan

Ain't nothing quite as beautiful as music. Eyedea

Whatever is beautiful is beautiful by necessity Pindar

Balder the Beautiful Is dead, is dead! Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

For something to be beautiful it doesn't have to be pretty. Rei Kawakubo

Nature is beautiful, not because it changes beautifully, but simply because it changes. Nam June Paik

Elizabeth Taylor is not beautiful, she is pretty-I was beautiful. Ava Gardner

The beautiful attracts the beautiful. Leigh Hunt

Beauty when most unclothed is clothed best. Phineas Fletcher

Something impractical cannot be beautiful. Otto Wagner

Everything beautiful has to be worked for. Eknath Easwaran

Here everything is so wholly what I consider beautiful. In other words, there is peace here. Vincent Van Gogh

I glanced up at him. "I love things that are beautiful when you don't expect them to be. Elizabeth Chandler

Life isn't pretty but it sure is beautiful. Billie Joe Armstrong

Don't ever let no one tell you, you ain't beautiful Eminem

All things considered, nothing is beautiful. Horace

For something to be beautiful it does' have to be pretty. Rei Kawakubo

Sicily is more beautiful than any woman. Truman Capote

We don't love others when we find them beautiful, we find others beautiful when we love them. Josei Toda

Let's get something straight - I don't see myself as beautiful. Robert Redford

Politics is a romantic search for the good and the true and the beautiful. James M. Buchanan

I won't show a picture where a person doesn't look beautiful. Nan Goldin

If you go to London now, not everything is beautiful, but it's amazingly better than it was. And the Thames is certainly a lot better: There are fish in the Thames. Freeman Dyson

With a little leadership, you'd get it in here very quickly, and it could be put to use on the inner cities and lots of other things, and it would be beautiful. Donald Trump

I live or die for hip-hop and it's a beautiful form but you're a writer first and foremost. Kate Tempest

[If you want to] ask the question what is beautiful? It's the life that you lead. It's the life that all women lead. Charlize Theron

I didn't want food that looked unapproachable or ridiculously beautiful. Anthony Bourdain

We have life. That's what's beautiful. DJ Khaled

The god is the beautiful. Plato

It's useful because it's beautiful. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

For me, noise is not something I use to shock, or because it's funny, or weird, or whatever. I use it because I find it beautiful. Christian Fennesz

Going after ISIS, it's beautiful, I like it. Ted Koppel

I love Salt Lake City. well. It's beautiful with all the great outdoors around you. Peter Sagal

I really love that type of music where someone can take a guitar or light instrumentation and a beautiful voice and can send me somewhere. Mark Lanegan

A place like Sound City, which was just a big, beautiful room where you would hit record and capture the sound of the performer - a place like that isn't necessarily in demand anymore. Dave Grohl

These so called Popcorn movies, or family movies, actually provide something quite beautiful and something quite necessary, which is a family bonding experience. Nicolas Cage

I've always thought the back is one of the most beautiful parts of a woman. Padma Lakshmi

I do not consider myself beautiful. Beatrice Dalle

I wouldn't exactly describe her as strictly beautiful. She knocked me out, though. J D Salinger

Elle MacPherson is absolutely amazing; she is just so beautiful. Carol Alt

I love everything that's beautiful. A lot of things. Ursula Andress

Beauty is subjective: Bette Davis wasn't beautiful, but she was more than beautiful. Jacques Audiard

Spin is 'something is beautiful because we say it's beautiful.' Junot Diaz

I'm not the beautiful one. Heather Donahue

It is beautiful to be what you are. Jean Paul Gaultier

I have a lot of beautiful friends. Richard Gere

The word 'circumnavigate' is quite a beautiful word. Cate Blanchett

Beauty seen makes the one who sees it more beautiful. David Steindl-Rast

All German women are beautiful. Heidi Klum

None of us understand what we're doing, but we do beautiful things anyway. Allen Ginsberg

you have the right to live a beautiful life Selena Gomez

There can never be a more beautiful you.... Jonny Diaz



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