Quotes on Be Brave

To be afraid and to be brave is the best kind of courage of all. Alice Dalgliesh

To navigate, you must be brave and you must remember. Mau Piailug

Be brave, Beatrice. I love you. Veronica Roth

It's easy to be brave when they're not my fears. Veronica Roth

The people with the most fear have the greatest opportunity to be brave. Francine Pascal

I have read of women who have been strongly, grandly brave. Sometimes I have dreamed that I might be brave. The possibilities of this life are magnificent. Mary Maclane

It took me a long time to be as brave in my personal life as I was in my professional life to be brave in love means opening yourself up to the possibility of heartbreak. Mellody Hobson

Be brave enough to break your own heart. Cheryl Strayed

Be brave and celebrate with us your 'perceived flaws,' as society tells us. May we make our flaws famous, and thus redefine the heinous. Lady Gaga

Bravery has no place where it can avail nothing. Samuel Johnson

Yet it is only love which sets us free. Maya Angelou

So that my life be brave, what though not long? William Drummond

Heart be brave. If you cannot be brave, just go. Love's glory is not a small thing. Rumi

We are in a tight corner, now, I agree. But we have been in tight corners before and come out of them. You have to be brave a little longer. Mary Hoffman

But sometimes you have to be brave. Sometimes you have to show people what's important in life. Sophie Kinsella

To heal my wounds, I need to be brave enough to face them. Paulo Coelho

Sometimes you just have to be patient and brave and strong. If you don't know how, just make it up as you go along. Douglas Pagels

Love costs all we are and will ever be. Yet it is only love which sets us free. A Brave and Startling Truth. Maya Angelou

Deep within all of us there is a yearning to be brave. And like all of our deepest, truest and best yearning, it comes from how we were made.Courage-the power to do the right thing even when it is scary and hard- resonates deeply with the original shape of our soul. Gary Haugen

Children should always be brave and do something about bullying. Its not okay to stand by and let it happen. Bullies thrive off secrecy. Children should tell someone if they see someone being bullied. Imelda Staunton

I admire machinery as much is any man, and am as thankful to it as any man can be for what it does for us. But it will never be a substitute for the face of a man, with his soul in it, encouraging another man to be brave and true. Charles Dickens

Be not afraid of absurdity; do not shrink from the fantastic. Within a dilemma, choose the most unheard-of, the most dangerous solution. Be brave, be brave. Isak Dinesen

Before [Hindus and Moslems] dare think of freedom, they must be brave enough to love one another, to tolerate one another's religion, even prejudices and superstitions, and to trust one another. This requires faith in oneself. Mahatma Gandhi

feel Tobias brushing my hair back before the first simulation. I hear him telling me to be brave. I hear my mother telling me to be brave(...) I am brave. Veronica Roth

You don't have to be brave or a saint, a martyr, or even very smart to be an atheist. All you have to be able to say is "I don't know". Penn Jillette

Be brave and fearless to know that even if you do make a wrong decision, you're making it for a good reason. Adele

of being strong and brave. The strong can not be brave. Only the weak can be brave; and yet again, in practice, only those who can be brave can be trusted, in time of doubt, to be strong. Gilbert K Chesterton

You cannot be brave without fear. Mellody Hobson

Be brave with your life, so others will be brave with theirs. Katherine Center

We can't be brave without fear. Muhammad Ali

Be brave, be bold, be free. Angelina Jolie

Be brave when others are afraid, and afraid when others are brave. Warren Buffett

Be brave, right through, and leave for the unknown. Rabindranath Tagore

Enflamed with the study of learning and the admiration of virtue; stirred up with high hopes of living to be brave men and worthy patriots, dear to God, and famous to all ages. John Milton

Be moral. Be brave. Be a heart-whole man, strictly moral, brave unto desperation. Don't bother your head with religious theories. Cowards only sin, brave men never, no, not even in mind. Swami Vivekananda

True bravery is shown by performing without witness what one might be capable of doing before all the world. Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Don't be afraid to go against the current, when they want to steal our hope, when they propose rotten values to us, values like food that has gone bad-and when food has gone bad it makes us sick, these values make us sick. We have to go against the current! And you, young people, be the first: Go against the grain and be proud of going against the grain. Go on, be brave and go against the current! And be proud of doing it! Pope Francis

Be brave and clear. Follow your heart and don't be overly influenced by outside factors. Be true to yourself. Shirley Temple

Courage is fear that has said its prayers. Dorothy Bernard

We don't think much about how our love stories will affect the world, but they do. Children learn what's worth living for and what's worth dying for by the stories they watch us live. I want to teach our children how to get scary close, and more, how to be brave. I want to teach them that love is worth what it costs. Donald Miller

Be brave and upright that God may love thee; speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death; safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath. Balian of Ibelin

We've all started to put down the virtues of the other factions in the process of bolstering our own. I don't want to do that. I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest." He clears his throat. "I continually struggle with kindness. Veronica Roth

A window within the soul to see Light and Magick I send with thee Be strong, be brave, make the right choice Though Darkness shouts with a terrible voice Know that I am watching from above And that always, always, the answer is love! P C Cast

He frames my face with his hands as he says, "Tess. Only you could be brave enough to die with me. But I want you to live for me." We kiss, as desperate as though we were drowning. When our lips part, Alec says, "Forgive me. Claudia Gray

The Lord challenges us to suffer persecutions and to confess Him. He wants thiose who belong to him to be brave and fearless. He himself shows how weakness of the flesh is overcome by courage of the Spirit....A christian is fearless. Tertullian

No matter how long you train someone to be brave, you never know if they are or not until something real happens. Veronica Roth

To remain stable is to refrain from trying to separate yourself from a pain because you know that you cannot. Running away from fear is fear, fighting pain is pain, trying to be brave is being scared. If the mind is in pain, the mind is pain. The thinker has no other form than his thought. There is no escape. Alan Watts

The thing is to be brave and move the audience with you, instead of cater to the lowest common denominator, you know, slipping on a banana peel and falling on your ass. You got to move the audience a little further ahead in terms of their appreciation of what is comedy. It's complicated. Mel Brooks

By compassion one can be brave. Laozi

I find my greatest strengths in wanting ti be strong. I find my greatest bravery in deciding to be brave. David Levithan

Be brave. Even if you're not pretend to be. No one can tell the difference. H Jackson Brown Jr

I will be brave, thought Coraline. No, I am brave. Neil Gaiman

To try to be brave is to be brave. George Macdonald

Be Brave in the pursuit of beauty Shu Uemura

Be brave. Don't be afraid to be stupid. Matt Smith

Come on, somebody be brave. Dave Gould

Be brave enough to do the loving thing. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be brave enough to live creatively. Alan Alda

Mutually counting on each other, watching each other's backs, forcing each other to be brave. Suzanne Collins

Your gift is not a burden," she whispered. "But you must be brave, because it has more power than the sharpest claw... Erin Hunter

You have to be brave and good things will come to you. I Tania Raymonde

Be brave enough to live creatively . . . what you'll discover will be wonderful: yourself. Alan Alda

Be brave enough to create. Nathan Parsons

The writer has to be brave, I think. Dana Spiotta

Fear is the raw material from which courage is manufactured. Without it, we wouldn't even know what it means to be brave. Martha Beck

We Call Them the Brave who likely were reluctant to be brave. Marianne Moore

To be brave, by definition, one has first to be afraid. Robert Harris

Now, be brave and don't look back. Don't look back. Shmi Skywalker

Artist, be brave! Go and make the most of what you do best! Ana Tzarev

Let us be bold. Let us be brave. Let us be together. Brad Henry

You got to be brave. If you feel something, you've really got to risk it. Mel Brooks

Be bold. Be kind. Be brave. Mark Deklin

"What is good?" ye ask. To be brave is good. Let the little girls say: "To be good is what is pretty, and at the same time touching." Friedrich Nietzsche

Be glad. Be good. Be brave. Eleanor Porter

Except a person be part coward, it is not a compliment to say he is brave. Mark Twain

Be brave. Cowards always get hurt. Brave men generally come out unharmed. A. B. Simpson

Brave men are brave from the very first. Pierre Corneille

And it's all my fault, Gale. Because of what I did in the arena. If I had just killed myself with those berries, none of this would've happened. Peeta could have come home and lived, and everyone else would have been safe, too." "Safe to do what?" he says in a gentler tone. "Starve? Work like slaves? Send their kids to the reaping? You haven't hurt people - you've given them an opportunity. They just have to be brave enough to take it. Suzanne Collins

One thing I know for sure: it is only by doing what we fear that we can ever truly learn to be brave. Bear Grylls

If we can just be brave enough to be each others mirror, we may finally recognize the face of conscious that we fear. Dawud Wharnsby Ali



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