Quotes on Attention And Love

Never chase love, affection, or attention. If it isn't given freely by another person, it isn't worth having. Ashley Purdy

The greatest gift you can give anyone is a gift of empowerment and love. Jack Canfield

If you say to someone who has ears to hear: "What you are doing to me is not just," you may touch and awaken at its source the spirit of attention and love. But it is not the same with words like, "I have the right..." or "you have no right to..." They evoke a latent war and awaken the spirit of contention. Simone Weil

Implanting spiritual ideas in children is very important. Many people live their entire lives according to the concepts that are implanted in them in childhood. When children learn they will get the most attention and love through doing constructive things, they will tend to stop doing destructive things. Most important of all, remember that children learn through example. No matter what you say it is what you do that will have an influence on them. Peace Pilgrim

Suffering is primarily a call for attention, which itself is a movement of love. More than happiness, love wants growth, the widening and deepening of awareness and consciousness and being. Whatever prevents that, becomes a cause of pain, and love does not shirk from pain. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer. Ziad K. Abdelnour

The most precious gift we can offer anyone is our attention. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers. Nhat Hanh

The gifts of caring, attention, affection, appreciation, and love are some of the most precious gifts you can give, and they don't cost you anything. Deepak Chopra

If you would govern a state of a thousand chariots, you must pay strict attention to business, be true to your word, be economical in expenditure and love the people. Confucius

Listening is more than being quiet. Listening is much more than silence. Listening requires undivided attention. The time to listen is when someone needs to be heard. The time to deal with a person with a problem is when he has the problem. The time to listen is the time when our interest and love are vital to the one who seeks our ear, our heart, our help, and our empathy. Marvin J Ashton

... the greatest act of love is to pay attention. Diane Sawyer

Love is effortless attention. Guy Finley

If we have the potential to oppress or slay millions, it's because we also have the potential to liberate and love millions. Gregory A. Boyd

Because the existing education system is oriented towards materialistic goals we need to pay special attention to inner values such as tolerance, forgiveness, love and compassion. Dalai Lama

I live every day full of gratitude for the body in which I live, treating it with great love and respect. It allows me to enjoy life, experiencing everything that I perceive, exploring the events that hook my attention, modifying what I can change, and letting go of whatever I cannot. Miguel Angel Ruiz

Love is giving your kids your undivided attention and time Kevin Heath

We should, can and most of the time do communicate with God directly. To my knowledge, angels are not necessary for anything. But God's creation is abundant, and asking "Why angels?" would be like asking why there are thousands of varieties of trees or stars, when we could get along with so much less. God Himself told us many times that He was sending angels to love and care for us, so He is the one who brought them into our lives. Therefore, even if we don't understand their entire purpose, I vote that we pay attention to them. Joan Anderson

That's death and life, you see. We all shine on. You just have to release your hearts, alert your senses, and pay attention. A leaf, a star, a song, a laugh. Notice all the little things, because somebody is reaching out to you. Qualcuno ti ama. Somebody loves you. Ben Sherwood

Love demands that I learn how to focus my attention on the needs of those I love. John Powell

If you have your full attention in the moment, you will see only love. Deepak Chopra

Love is not about grand intentions. It is about small attentions. Robert Breault

And next time you're planning to injure yourself to get me attention, just remember that a little sweet talk works wonders. Cassandra Clare

We need to develop respect for our history, despite all of its flaws, and love for the Fatherland. We need to pay the utmost attention to our common moral values and consolidate Russian society on this basis. I think that this is an absolute priority. Vladimir Putin

We cannot know the young child's personality by studying his systems of interest, for his attention is as yet too labile, his reactions impulsive, and interests unformed. From adolescence onward, however, the surest clue to personality is the hierarchy of interests, including the loves and loyalties of adult life. Gordon Allport

You have to digest life. You have to chew it up and love it all through. Paula McLain

Paying attention is the most basic and profound expression of love. Tara Brach

When we live in the love of God, we begin to pay attention to people the way God pays attention to us. John Ortberg

Gratitude consists of a watchful, minute attention to the particulars of our state, and to the multitudes of God's gifts, taken one by one. It fills us with a consciousness that God loves and cares for us, even to the least event and smallest need of life. It is a blessed thought that from our childhood God has been laying his fatherly hands upon us, and always in benediction, and that even the strokes of his hands are blessings, and among the chiefest we have ever received. Henry Edward Manning

The Genie declared that in his time and place there were scientists of the passions who maintained that language itself, on the one hand, originated in 'infantile pregenital erotic exuberance, polymorphously perverse,' and that conscious attention, on the other, was a 'libidinal hypercathexis' - by which magic phrases they seemed to mean that writing and reading, or telling and listening, were literally ways of making love. John Barth

I find that somehow, by shifting the focus of attention, I become the very thing I look at, and experience the kind of consciousness it has; I become the inner witness of the thing. I call this capacity of entering other focal points of consciousness, love; you may give it any name you like. Love says "I am everything". Wisdom says "I am nothing". Between the two, my life flows. Since at any point of time and space I can be both the subject and the object of experience, I express it by saying that I am both, and neither, and beyond both. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

The most desired gift of love is not diamonds or roses or chocolate. It's focused attention. Rick Warren

Hoes want attention, women want respect. Drake

Slow down, totally. You have to slow down and pay attention to everything. Norman Reedus

The first act of love is always the giving of attention. Dallas Willard

A clean heart is a free heart. A free heart can love Christ with an undivided love in chastity, convinced that nothing and nobody will separate it from his love. Purity, chastity, and virginity created a special beauty in Mary that attracted God's attention. He showed his great love for the world by giving Jesus to her. Mother Teresa

Love and work, work and love...that's all there is. Sigmund Freud

Dignity and love do not blend. Suzanne Curchod

Live and "love to be fascinated. Roy H Williams

To have peace and love in a marriage is a gift that is next to the knowledge of the gospel. Martin Luther

What I am proudest of is having a life where work and love are impossible to tell apart. Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick

Actually, I think friendship and love are exactly the same thing. Truman Capote

In marriage, you must have trust and love Mercy Johnson

Dream and love are just words - until you decide to experience them Paulo Coelho

Nothing cures like time and love ... Laura Nyro

The life and love we create is the life and love we live. Leo Buscaglia

Tell me who your enemy is, and I will tell you who you are. Carl Schmitt

I love film sets, but I don't necessarily love being the center of attention. Mary Queen Of Scots

Listening with undivided attention and unconditional love Is perhaps the greatest gift we can extend to others. Gerald Jampolsky

Nail me to my car and I'll tell you who you are Chris Burden

When we stop fighting with ourselves, we aren't creating anymore conflict in our mind. Then our mind can for the first time relax and be still. Then for the first time our consciousness can become whole and unfragmented. Then total attention can be given to all of our thoughts and feelings. And then there will be found a gentleness and a goodness in us that can embrace all that is been given in the world. Then a deep love for everything will be the result of this deep attention. For this total attention, this soft and pure consciousness that we are, is nothing but Love itself. Jiddu Krishnamurti

Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are. Esmeralda Santiago

Attention is the intention to live without reservation in the here-and-now. Timothy Miller

Attention: a sacred energy coming into me. Be sensitive to it. Recognize again and again that it is there Michel de Salzmann

Remember, whatever we put our attention on expands in our experience, so consider where you are focusing your time and energy. Deepak Chopra

The way to plan the family is natural family planning, not contraception...This (use of contraceptives) turns the attention to self and so it destroys the gift of love in him or her. In loving, the husband and wife must turn the attention to each other as happens in natural family planning, and not to self, as happens in contraception. Once that living love is destroyed by contraception, abortion follows easily . . . And abortion, which often follows from contraception, brings a people to be spiritually poor, and that is the worst poverty and the most difficult to overcome. Mother Teresa

Justice from Love, and Love from Justice Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo

Everything she did and love, everything she was, required language. Lisa Genova

Do what you love and love what you do. Do' do anything for money. Everything should be for love. Ray Bradbury

Love and respect changes everything. Bryant H Mcgill

Faith is an organ of knowledge, and love an organ of experience. Aiden Wilson Tozer

Forgiveness leads to love, and love leads to forgiveness. Darren Johnson

Man is in love and loves what vanishes, What more is there to say? William Butler Yeats

The more we learn to love and respect ourselves, the more we will become attracted to people who will love and respect us and who we can safely love and respect. Melody Beattie

We never get sick of each other. That's how sick we are. Roseanne Barr

Faith, hope, and love remain. But the greatest of these is love. Jon Foreman

Love and death are the great gifts that are given to us; mostly they are passed on unopened. Rainer Maria Rilke

Eat, breathe, meditate and love and you're all set Deepak Chopra

Love and heartbreak is something that's always been a part of me. Adrian Marcel

I prefer periods of peace and love. Gaspar Noe

Testing ourselves over and again, learning love and love and LOVE Richard Bach

Follow the truth to life and love what you do... Be passionate about it to the point where you're willing to do anything for it. Elie Tahari

life and love are very precious when both are in full bloom. Louisa May Alcott

Angels are pure thoughts from God, winged with Truth and Love. Mary Baker Eddy

Painters understand nature and love it, and teach us to see. Vincent Van Gogh

Patience and love can do anything. Nancy Farmer

You fuel your life with trust and love instead of fear and doubt. Jon Gordon

Follow the truth to life and love what you do... Be passionate about it to the point where you're willing to do anything for it. Elie Tahari

What is deeper than respect and love? That's what we felt: veneration. Wynton Marsalis

Write me of hope and love, and hearts that endured. Emily Dickinson

Life and love go on... Stephenie Meyer



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