Quotes on Asks

We find what we expect to find, and we receive what we ask for. Elbert Hubbard

God is going to ask you the same question every day. Do you trust him? Chuck Missler

Don't ask for respect. Earn it. Robin S. Sharma

We thank Him for everything before we ask Him for anything! Steven Furtick

Ask and you shall receive" is the rule, but you must learn how to ask and how to receive Gary Zukav

Ask 'What' and 'When.' The 'How' will naturally be revealed. Marshall Sylver

God asks the best we have Because He gave the Best He had. Leonard Ravenhill

Never take what's offered, always ask for more. Jennifer Donnelly

Always ask for the truth. Just make sure the time is right. Jessica Sorensen

I didn't ask to be Thom Yorke. Thom Yorke asked to be me. Thom Yorke

I go into the Upanishads to ask questions. Niels Bohr

I do not ask for my music to be interpreted, but only for it to be played. Maurice Ravel

Don't ask so many questions and they will all be answered. Michael Dorris

Anytime,anywhere,ask,and I am yours. Johanna Lindsey

I snore. Just ask the others! Brian Littrell

Ask "why" until there is no more "why." Laura Linney

We learn only to ask more questions. Larry Niven

I've always been interested in a lot of things, and a lot of things at the same time, and I always tried to explain them to myself. I ask a lot of questions. Jared Diamond

The most you get is what you ask for. Phil Mcgraw

The more one has seen of the good, the more one asks for the better. John Mason Brown

They who ask for no sign shall have many. Coventry Patmore

We must ask where we are and whither we are tending. Abraham Lincoln

Never ask age of a woman. Douglas Macarthur

Ask counsel of him who rules himself well. Leonardo Da Vinci

You can never ask others to do something you would not do. That is integrity. Condoleezza Rice

When a friend askes, there is no to morrow. [When a friend asks, there is no to-morrow.] George Herbert

When someone asks for your time, and you put your phone away to talk to them... that's leadership. Simon Sinek

We are not a nation that says 'don't ask, don't tell.' We are a nation that says 'out of many, we are one.' Barack Obama

You cannot ask everyone to behave ethically. Sepp Blatter

For as low as you go, ask God to take you that high. Tyler Perry

Faith is a gift-but you can ask for it. Fulton Oursler

Even the genius ask questions. Tupac Shakur

God is more eager to answer than we are to ask. Smith Wigglesworth

She eats grass. Don't ask. Ilona Andrews

If you have to ask what it symbolizes, it didn't. Roger Ebert

All I ask of food is that it doesn't harm me. Michael Palin

Can I ask you about Caroline Mathers?" "And you say there's no afterlife. John Green

Ask the missionaries, they can help you Russell M Nelson

The circumstances we ask God to CHANGE are often the circumstances God is using to CHANGE US. Mark Batterson

Don't ask any questions and you won't hear any lies. Alison Goodman

There are questions that you don't ask because you're afraid of the answers to them. Agatha Christie

One who never asks either knows everything or nothing. Malcolm Forbes

The question you're not supposed to ask is the important one. Mason Cooley

I do not ask for my rights. I have no rights. I have only wrongs. Caroline Norton

Don't ask what the work is. Rather, see what the work does. Eva Hesse

How can a question be answered that asks a lifetime of questions. Norman Maclean

Give, give, give, give... Ask. Gary Vaynerchuk

Ask not what's inside your head but what your head's inside of. William Mace

Love risks everything and asks for nothing. Rumi

God wants to do immeasurably more in & through your life than you could ask. Louie Giglio

It is always better to ask then to make an assumption. Miguel Angel Ruiz

God asks everything of us, yet at the same time he offers everything to us. Pope Francis

Liberals don't ask 'Does it work?' They ask 'Does it equalize?' Dennis Prager

You must ask for what you really want. Rumi

We must discover how to ask simple questions of ourselves. John Ralston Saul

When one has to ask, "Am I really in love?" the answer is always "No". Arthur C Clarke

... the object of learning was not to build a better mousetrap but to ask a better question. Julius Lester

The only thing a star asks is to be allowed to twinkle. Marilyn Monroe

One can never ask anyone to change a feeling. Susan Sontag

Ask, and it shall be given you. Origen

Help only comes to those who ask for it. J K Rowling

Read. Travel. Read. Ask. Read. Learn. Read. Connect. Read. Dr. Seuss

Sam and Patrick looked at me. And I looked at them. And I think they knew. Not anything specific really. They just knew. And I think that's all you can ever ask from a friend. Stephen Chbosky

Answer all the questions that I'm too afraid to ask Rachel Cohn

Ask, believing you have already received, And you shall receive Genevieve Behrend

I ask for, not at once no government, but at once a better government Henry David Thoreau

We never reflect how pleasant it is to ask for nothing. Seneca the Younger

You will receive what you ask for no more, no less Mark Allen

Don't ask yourself what you did wrong; ask yourself what you did right. John Kessel

If anyone asks how old I am, tell them it's none of their business! Loretta Lynn

Ask the gods nothing excessive. Aeschylus

We cannot ask others to do what we have not done ourselves. Christiana Figueres

Always ask for advice but never take it. Gustav Holst

What are the questions you wish to ask? James Schuyler

Because everyone knows liberals have never been wrong about anything. You can ask them. Anytime. Marcus Luttrell

Ask yourself: Where am I? Answer: Here. Ask yourself: What time is it? Answer: Now. Say it until you can hear it. Ram Dass

The question to ask is not whether you are a success or a failure, but whether you are a learner or a nonlearner. Benjamin Barber

Life will pay any price you ask of it. Tony Robbins

Do not ask for fears to be removed; ask for courage equal to the fears. Jack Hyles

One question you never want to ask God is, 'What's wrong with me- because He'll tell you.. John Wimber