Quotes on Arrogant Person

Can anyone be arrogant when he stands beside the cross? Carl F. H. Henry

Pete Rose is the most likable arrogant person I've ever met. Mike Schmidt

One can become as intellectually arrogant about spirituality as about empirical science. Shirley Maclaine

An arrogant person considers himself perfect. This is the chief harm of arrogance. It interferes with a person's main task in life-becoming a better person. Leo Tolstoy

Arrogance is a way for a person to cover up shame. After years of arrogance, the arrogant person is so out of touch, she truly doesn't know who she is. This is one of the greatest tragedies of shame cover-ups: not only does the person hide from others, she also hides from herself. John Bradshaw

I was trying to be very at ease in this arrogant person, and very worldly, but something human came into the part. I hate to say that. I wanted to be totally worldly. Leslie Caron

Truth without humility would be an arrogant caricature. Mahatma Gandhi

I feel like I'm a better person when I'm quieter. Bill Murray

I'm an ambitious person. I never consider myself in competition with anyone, and I'm not saying that from an arrogant standpoint, it's just that my journey started so, so long ago, and I'm still on it and I won't stand still. Idris Elba

Braying of arrogant brass, whimper of querulous reeds. William Watson

We're all far too afraid of being so arrogant to say "Either you can or you can't." John Hurt

If we're an arrogant nation, they'll resent us. George W Bush

I can come off as pretty arrogant, but it's because I know I'm right. Bram Cohen

Those who call themselves art photographers are pompous, arrogant egoists. Arnold Newman

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm arrogant. I'm just confident. Draymond Green

It would be really arrogant of us to not have any of the fears. James Corden

Complete independence does not mean arrogant isolation or a superior disdain for all help. Mahatma Gandhi

In my younger days, I was arrogant - jail helped me to get rid of it. I did nothing but make enemies because of my arrogance. Nelson Mandela

It is unbiblical and arrogant to try to worship God for any other reason than the pleasure to be had in Him. John Piper

I say that whoever claims to have finished a canvas is terribly arrogant. Claude Monet

I would really love to work with Paul McCartney. Isn't that arrogant? Tina Weymouth

I don't understand why every single person in Congress isn't standing up and going, "He [Donald Trump] is in bed with Russia." And then they could just lock their arms and not let him in. Jen Kirkman

As far as casting, I'm there for every single person that's cast. Even if it's one word, I'm there for their auditions. Matthew Weiner

I'm attracted to things that make me want to be a better person. Octavia Spencer

I'm not so arrogant to consider mine the only legitimate art form. I can't in one breath make a fuss about someone compartmentalizing music into genre and then in the next accuse advertising and short film of not being art. Brandi Carlile

A conductor can't be too arrogant with an orchestra and try to impose himself too much. Anthony Hopkins

Yeah, I'm cocky and I am arrogant. But that doesn't mean I'm not a nice person. Jeremy Roenick

I have sometimes, probably, forgotten - and I know I have - to pat the back of someone or said thank you enough times or maybe even once sometimes I wish I were perfect. I wish I were just the nicest, nicest, nicest person on Earth. But I am a business person.If I were a man no one would ever say that I was arrogant. Martha Stewart

It's an universal law- intolerance is the first sign of an inadequate education. An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

The humble person is open to being corrected, whereas the arrogant is clearly closed to it. Proud people are supremely confident in their own opinions and insights. No one can admonish them successfully: not a peer, not a local superior, not even the pope himself. They know - and that is the end of the matter. Filled as they are with their own views, the arrogant lack the capacity to see another view. Thomas Dubay

There's always that one person that you always go back to. Lauren Conrad

Instead of looking for the right person become the right person. Deepak Chopra

When you audition for something you do feel a little bit more legit. It's a validation that you are the right person for the job because they've chosen and they've seen you do something connected to that role. Luke Evans

Leadership is not about being a nice person or not a nice person. Simon Sinek

I have always been a business person. Bethenny Frankel

If there is another me inside of me Then I hope that he's a better person than I am Hyde

The unhappy person is never present to themself because they always live in the past or the future. Soren Kierkegaard

If the wrong person preaches a right teaching, even a right teaching can become wrong. If a right person expounds a wrong teaching, even a wrong teaching can become right. Muso Soseki

Most of the things are either not communicable through human expression or they're top secret. Also I'm working on being a better person, and becoming more disciplined. Kalan Sherrard

The biographer's real business - if it is not too arrogant to say so - is simply this: to bring the dead to life. Iris Origo

Ain't got no comparison and I ain't being arrogant. Gucci Mane

Be not arrogant when fortune smiles, or dejected when she frowns. Decimius Magnus Ausonius

All empires become arrogant. It is their nature. Edward Rutherfurd

Control is not humble; control is arrogant. Bryant H Mcgill

It is not in the nature of true greatness to be exclusive and arrogant. Henry Ward Beecher

I have often thought it was very arrogant to suppose you could make a film for anybody but yourself. Peter Greenaway

I'm arrogant, but not so much that I'd irresponsibly save someone just to brag about it Yana Toboso

John [Kricfalusi] is so arrogant. He thinks he's me! Ralph Bakshi

The more informed you are, the less arrogant and aggressive you are. Nelson Mandela

I guess I just would never be so arrogant as to think that anybody would even recognize me. I didn't even think about it. Brady Corbet

So much of the hubris that surrounded conceptual art in the 1950s through '70s was that it had this arrogant presupposition that pointing in and of itself was a creative act. It never rigorously politically and socially analyzed the fact that the luxury to point is something that so many people throughout the world don't have. Kehinde Wiley

The whole basis for the US intervention in Colombia is outrageously racist and arrogant. Noam Chomsky

The Washington bureaucracy is too arrogant and imperial. Newt Gingrich

No one wants to be some guy who puts records out about how good it is. That seems quite arrogant. Gary Jarman

Writing has to have a great deal of certainty and self-assurance, but it's not arrogant. Jeanette Winterson

Failures teach you. Success makes you arrogant Reuben Singh

What is more arrogant than honesty? Ursula K Le Guin

They're very nationalistic the French - or they used to be. Very insular. Pretty arrogant. Arthur Boyd

The scorn of genius is the most arrogant and the most boundless of all scorn. Ouida

These are the most arrogant pricks in the world starting with Belichick on down. Terrell Suggs

Money will make you more of what you already are. If you're not a nice person, money's going to make you a despicable individual. If you're a good person, money's going to make you a better person. Bob Proctor

Treat everyone you meet as though they are the most important person you'll meet that day. Roger Dawson

I always kind of thought I want to be a good person, I want to be right to my fellow men and love them like were supposed to. Gladys Knight

It's not enough to be a good person. You also have to show it. Honore De Balzac

That wasn't me. I'm not a morning person. There's another person inside of me that does all the morning things. N.D. Wilson

Try to be a whole person.Not just a night person, or a day person. Be the kind of person who can live in both. Regina Doman

You can be a good person without any racial intent and still want to keep the flag. That's what I learned in my time in the south. Sean Hannity

It's better to be a good person than a famous person. Jenny Holzer

Yeah, I'm not really a morning person. Sophie Ellis Bextor

It is more important to be a good person than a good player. Toni Nadal

You ought to expect better of people. It encourages you to be a better person yourself. Jeph Jacques

Love should be that person that inspires you to be a better person. Angelina Jolie

The only thing that I can personally turn to is compassion, gentleness, a willingness to allow myself to be angry instead of like why am I so angry. It's so embarrassing. I've got to let this go. I'm not going to be a good person if I walk around angry like this. Laura Dern

I believe you can take all experiences and use them as knowledge and fuel to be a better person. Allison Holker

Success to me is being a good person, treating people well. David Lachapelle

Every job is an opportunity to be a better person. Benjamin Walker

I have never thought about my sexuality being right or wrong. To me it has always been a case of finding the right person. George Michael

I am not a morning person. I like to sleep in. Martha Plimpton

I am not a morning person. Laurell K Hamilton

Not only am I constantly seeking better performance but also to be a better person, to be respected. Yani Tseng



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