Quotes on Addiction

Every addiction is an attempt to slay hope. Dan B. Allender

Addiction is rarely conquered alone. Ellen Hopkins

It is necessary; therefore, it is possible. Giuseppe Antonio Borgese

When governments legalize and encourage gambling, they are creating addictions among their citizens John Warren Kindt

I don't know a family that isn't touched by some sort of addiction. Jess Walter

MySpace is an addiction. Paulo Coelho

I'm like a junky without an addiction. Ozzy Osbourne

It is not I who become addicted, it is my body. Jean Cocteau

The desire not to be anything is the desire not to be. Ayn Rand

We must learn our limits. We are all something, but none of us are everything. Blaise Pascal

The goal is the same: life itself; and the price is the same; life itself. James Agee

You become what you behold. William Blake

My bulimia was my addiction. Hurting myself was my addiction... The music is what saved me. Thats the only thing I can trust. Nicole Scherzinger

reject anything that is producing an addiction in you. Richard J. Foster

There's 1,000 ways into addiction 1,000 ways out. Bill Moyers

She had her addictions and one of them was reading. Jeannette Walls

Success is both an addiction and an enslavement... Paulo Coelho

Spending is an addiction. Jim Demint

If you're happy, you eat. If you're sad, you eat. You lose a job, you eat. You get a job, you eat. It"s, you know, it's addiction, Barbara Cook

It's a good addition. There are so many bad addictions. Better be addicted to shoes than something else Christian Louboutin

We are addicted to being the way we are Miguel Angel Ruiz

I've triumphed over addiction. Tatum O'Neal

We are what we think. Gautama Buddha

Drugs don't really fix anything, except for everything. Ashly Lorenzana

You're an addiction...my obsession... Sylvia Day

As addictions go, reading is among the cleanest, easiest to feed, happiest. Joseph Addison

The Bible says that if we're going to boast about anything, it should glorify God. I'll boast about all of my faults, I'll boast about all of my addictions that God has conquered, I'll boast about everything that God has conquered in my life, but there's just certain things that I'll never talk about. Sam Childers

I like the idea of generalizing the narcotic thing by making it black meat addiction. William S Burroughs

I think making features has got to be in the addiction category. Laurie Simmons

Bankruptcies and addictions increase in areas with casinos John Warren Kindt

Your addiction rate will go up if you have gambling in this area John Warren Kindt

Addiction to food is unfortunately really grave, also to alcohol or to anything else. Laura Huxley

For me, addiction never really included telling myself that everything was okay. By the time I was deep in my addictions, I knew things were pretty bad and I had no control over them. Rob Roberge

Acting is like an addiction - once you start, you can't stop. Liev Schreiber

Until I went to rehab, I didn't understand what it did. Aaron Neville

faith without doubt is addiction Salman Rushdie

I have an addiction to caffeine. Bill Ayers

It is hard to understand addiction unless you have experienced it. Ken Hensley

Stand-up, for me, is really more of an addiction, so you have to feed the beast whenever you can. John Oliver

Those early days of comedy are when you get addicted to it. Colin Quinn

I was a functional addict. James Taylor

One trait of addictive families is that we never recognize our own addictions. Lorna Luft

I have a writing addiction. Prince

I admire anyone who rids himself of an addiction. Gene Tierney

I started producing work with an ecstatic addiction. Ben Nicholson

But actually, my drug addiction thing, I was so stubborn. Elton John

People fail forward to success. Mary Kay Ash

It was the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with. Fergie

Avant-gardism is an addiction that can be appeased only by a revolution in permanence. Harold Rosenberg

If a child has an older sibling involved in an addiction, there is a 90 percent chance that he or she will get involved too. Virgil Miller Newton

There is no error, no addiction with more power than the Cross of Christ. Matt Chandler

The addiction isn't your problem - it is what you use to cope with your problem. Roy Nelson

Yes, I have patterns of love addiction. But I'm a woman. Of course I do. Emma Forrest

We love each other, that's true whatever it means, but we are' good at it; for some it's a talent, for others only an addiction. Margaret Atwood

Shame is the root of all addictions. John Bradshaw

In the late twentieth century, staying sober has become just as much an addiction as getting wasted. Dennis Miller

Addiction is a relationship, a pathological relationship in which... obsession replaces people. Patrick Carnes

Not why the addiction, but why the pain. Gabor Mate

The further I get into recovery, the less I know. Phil Valentine

You are in recovery if you say you are. Phil Valentine

Crisis can be an addiction as powerful as any other ... Robin Morgan

And you became like coffee, in the deliciousness, and the bitterness, and the addiction. Mahmoud Darwish

Addiction is perhaps a sickness of the spirit. Osamu Dazai

Many addictions can be far more dangerous than addiction to drugs. The addiction to power ... M Scott Peck

We must do something to let people in this country know that addiction is something that can be treated and this epidemic of prescribed opioids is something that we can fix. Perri Peltz

The only cure for addiction is spiritual. Deepak Chopra

Addiction is a disease of exposure. Doctors and nurses, for instance, have a high addiction rate. William S Burroughs

People are going to keep getting prescribed medication that is counter to what their real disease state is, which is addiction. Patrick J Kennedy

I was doing interviews and a question came up about whether I had anything I was addicted to. I said 'I actually have an addiction to eye drops.' And like, as I was on the phone I'd had my third - in the hour! - dose. I had them with me all the time. Jennifer Aniston

When Lollapalooza started, and I was really into Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane's Addiction, Soundgarden. I went to that Lollapalooza tour twice, I think. Adam Richman

The socio-economic impact of gambling addiction is comparable to drug and alcohol addiction John Warren Kindt

The ABCs of legalized gambling - addictions, bankruptcies and crime John Warren Kindt

I'm also a video game addict, so I'm always looking to support my addiction. Lucas Till

I think stress is an addiction. It can be tied to work addiction or busyness addiction or success addiction. Gabrielle Bernstein

We have to do more about addiction, not only drugs, but also alcohol. Hillary Clinton

Recovery is a bit like an addiction; you take it day by day. If you set yourself too many goalposts, you'll have problems. Simon Weston

Addiction is a revolt of the soul. Yehuda Berg

Addictions - Run to Jesus instead of running to your addiction. Joyce Meyer

Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction. Edward Teller

I think I have an adrenaline addiction, no question about that. Tom Waits



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