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William Blake
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Silent as despairing love, and strong as jealousy... William Blake

They who forgive most shall be most forgiven. William Blake

O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stained With the blood of the grape, pass not, but sit Beneath my shady roof; there thou mayest rest And tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe, And all the daughters of the year shall dance! Sing now the lusty song of fruits and flowers. William Blake

If heaven send no supplies, The fairest blossom of the garden dies. William Blake

None but blockheads copy each other. William Blake

O Earth, O Earth, return! Arise from out the dewy grass; Night is worn; And the morn Rises from the slumbrous mass. William Blake

England! awake! awake! awake! Jerusalem thy sister calls! Why wilt thou sleep the sleep of death And close her from thy ancient walls? William Blake

To generalize is to be an idiot. To particularize is the alone distinction of merit. General knowledge are those knowledge that idiots possess. William Blake

Thinking as I do that the Creator of this world is a very cruel being, and being a worshipper of Christ, I cannot help saying: 'the Son, O how unlike the Father!' First God Almighty comes with a thump on the head. Then Jesus Christ comes with a balm to heal it. William Blake

Imitation is criticism. William Blake

The stars are threshed, and the souls are threshed from their husks. William Blake

Since all the riches of this world May be gifts from the Devil and earthly kings, I should suspect that I worshipp'd the Devil If I thank'd my God for worldly things. William Blake

Although wine when it is read somewhat lacks the savour of wine when it is drunk, wine remains a very pleasant thing both to read about and to chat about. William Blake

Praises reap not! Joys laugh not! Sorrows weep not! William Blake

I see through my eyes, not with them. William Blake

Where others see but the dawn coming over the hill, I see the soul of God shouting for joy. William Blake

When thou seest an eagle, thou seest a portion of genius; lift up thy head! William Blake

O Winter! bar thine adamantine doors: The north is thine; there hast thou build thy dark, Deep-founded habitation. Shake not thy roofs, Nor bend thy pillars with thine iron car. William Blake

He who doubts from what he sees Will ne'er believe, do what you please. William Blake

The mocker of Art is the mocker of Jesus. William Blake

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing which stands in their way. William Blake

One Law for the Lion & Ox is Oppression. William Blake

True superstition is ignorant honesty & this is beloved of god and man. William Blake

I'll shade him from the heat till he can bear To lean in joy upon our Father's knee; And then I'll stand and stroke his silver hair, And be like him and he will then love me. William Blake

The sword sung on the barren heath, The sickle in the fruitful field; The sword he sung a song of death, But could not make the sickle yield. William Blake

My mother groan'd! my father wept. Into the dangerous world I leapt: Helpless, naked, piping loud: Like a fiend hid in a cloud. William Blake

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright in the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye Could frame thy fearful symmetry? William Blake

Fun I love, but too much Fun is of all things the most loathsom. Mirth is better than Fun & Happiness is better than Mirth. William Blake

My specter around me night and day Like a wild beast guards my way, My emanation far within Weeps incessantly for my sin. William Blake

Man was made for joy and woe, And when this we rightly know Through the world we safely go. William Blake

He who shall teach the child to doubt The rotting grave shall ne'er get out. William Blake

God appears and god is light To those poor souls who dwell in night But does a human form display To those who dwell in realms of day William Blake

Dear Mother, dear Mother, the Church is cold, But the Ale-house is healthy and pleasant and warm. William Blake

Knowledge of ideal beauty is not to be acquired. It is born with us. Innate ideas are in every man, born with him; theyare truly himself. William Blake

The Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel dined with me, and I asked them how they dared so roundly to assert, that God spoke to them; and whether they did not think at the time, that they would be misunderstood, & so be the cause of imposition. Isaiah answer'd, I saw no God, nor heard any, in a finite organical perception; but my senses discover'd the infinite in every thing, and as I was then persuaded, & remain confirm'd; that the voice of honest indignation is the voice of God, I cared not for consequences but wrote. William Blake

Sooner strangle an infant in its cradle than nurse unacted desires. William Blake

I am in you and you in me, mutual in divine love. William Blake

When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy, And the dimpling stream runs laughing by; When the air does laugh with our merry wit, And the green hill laughs with the noise of it. William Blake

I was angry with my friend: I told my wrath, my wrath did end. I was angry with my foe: I told it not, my wrath did grow. William Blake

Art is the tree of life. Science is the tree of death. William Blake

I give you the end of a golden string, Only wind it into a ball, It will lead you in at Heaven's gate Built in Jerusalem's wall. William Blake

Mere enthusiasm is the all in all. William Blake

I care not whether a man is good or evil; all that I care / Is whether he is a wise man or a fool. Go! put off holiness, / And put on intellect. William Blake

All pictures that's painted with sense and with thought / Are painted by madmen as sure as a groat; / For the greater the fool in the pencil more blest, / And when they are drunk they always paint best. William Blake

Mere enthusiasm is the all in all... / Passion and expression are beauty itself. William Blake

The glory of Christianity is to conquer by forgiveness. William Blake

Those who restrain their desires, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained. William Blake

As a man is, so he sees. As the eye is formed, such are its powers. William Blake

If the Sun and Moon should ever doubt, they'd immediately go out. William Blake

Christ's crucifix shall be made an excuse for executing criminals. William Blake

Poetry fettered, fetters the human race. Nations are destroyed or flourish in proportion as their poetry, painting, and music are destroyed or flourish. William Blake

Lives in eternity's sun rise. William Blake

There is no mistake so great as the mistake of not going on. William Blake

As the caterpillar chooses the fairest leaves to lay her eggs on, so the priest lays his curse on the fairest joys. William Blake

Gratitude is heaven itself. William Blake

Think not thou canst sigh a sigh And thy maker is not by; Think not thou canst weep a tear And thy maker is not near. William Blake

He who replies to words of doubt doth put the light of knowledge out. William Blake

How can a bird that is born for joy Sit in a cage and sing? William Blake

He who would do good to another must do it in minute particulars; General good is the plea of the scoundrel, hypocrite, and flatterer: For art and science cannot exist but in minutely organized Particulars. William Blake

Work up imagination to the state of vision. William Blake

If you would help another man, you must do so in minute particulars. William Blake

Reason, or the ratio of all we have already known, is not the same that it shall be when we know more. William Blake

But to go to school in a summer morn, Oh, it drives all joy away! Under a cruel eye outworn, The little ones spend the day - In sighing and dismay. William Blake

Tiger, tiger, burning bright In the forests of the night, What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? William Blake

Ah, Sunflower, weary of time, Who countest the steps of the sun; Seeking after that sweet golden clime, Where the traveller's journal done; Where the youth pined away with desire, And the pale virgin shrouded in snow, Arise from their graves, and aspire Where my Sunflower wishes to go! William Blake

A dog starv'd at his master's gate Predicts the ruin of the State. William Blake

You smile with pomp and rigor, you talk of benevolence and virtue; I act with benevolence and virtue and get murdered time after time. William Blake

The vision of Christ that thou dost see Is my vision's greatest enemy. William Blake

I'm sure this Jesus will not do Either for Englishman or Jew. William Blake

Mock on, mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau! Mock on, mock on: 'Tis all in vain! You throw the sand against the wind, And the wind blows it back again. And every sand becomes a gem Reflected in the beams divine; Blown back they blind the mocking eye, But still in Israel's paths they shine. The atoms of Democritus And Newton's particles of light Are sands upon the Red Sea shore, Where Israel's tents do shine so bright. William Blake

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