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Remember this maxim: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. The way you perceive things is an extremely powerful tool that will allow you to fully bring the power of intention into your life. Wayne Dyer

Take a few minutes of every day to fantasize about how you would wander, travel, or explore if you could. Wayne Dyer

You must be willing to take whatever pieces of life come your way and arrange them so that they work with and for you rather than against you. The key is to be willing. The willingness to arrange rather than complain or make excuses will pay off. Wayne Dyer

Refuse to allow yourself to have low expectations about what you're capable of creating Wayne Dyer

You're only lonely if you don't like the person you are alone with. Wayne Dyer

You don't need a reason to be happy...your desire to be so is sufficient. Wayne Dyer

Be in a state of gratitude for everything that shows up in your life. Be thankful for the storms as well as the smooth sailing. What is the lesson or gift in what you are experiencing right now? Find your joy not in what's missing in your life but in how you can serve. Wayne Dyer

Everything in the universe has a purpose Wayne Dyer

...this moment... is the only physical reality you have. Wayne Dyer

Once you put your attention, your thoughts, your energy, your consciousness on a new intention, that's what you begin manifesting into your life. The word "intention," I believe, is really important, because it doesn't leave any room for doubt or maneuvering: "I intend to create this in my life out of the circumstances that I'm now experiencing." Wayne Dyer

I think we have to go through everything we go through in our life, and I believe my purpose in life was to teach self-reliance. So I had the experience of relying on myself very early in life in order to have that knowing, because otherwise I would've just read about it. I think of it now as a great advantage that I had. It certainly taught me to rely upon myself at a very young age. And that's what I've been teaching since I was a little boy. Wayne Dyer

As Joel Goldsmith said, in the presence of the God realized, the laws of the material world do not apply. That's why people who live steadfastly at a place of God-consciousness can perform miracles. They can create. They can make virtually anything happen. From the space in-between, that last inch is the critical inch you have to take to reach that place. Every once in a while, I get to that place of God-consciousness, and miracles do happen. Wayne Dyer

There is no past. That's another illusion. Everything that has ever happened to you, to me, to anyone in this world, happened in the present moment. That's all there ever is. So your relationship to life isn't your relationship to your past, it's your relationship to the present moment. Wayne Dyer

Your will is the ego part of you that believes you're separate from others, separate from what you'd like to accomplish or have, and separate from God. It also believes that you are your acquisitions, achievements, and accolades. This ego will wants you to constantly acquire evidence of your importance... On the other hand, your imagination is the concept of Spirit within you. ...with imagination, we have the power to be anything we desire to be. Wayne Dyer

The greatest joy comes from giving and serving, so replace your habit of focusing exclusively on yourself and what's in it for you. When you make the shift to supporting others in your life, without expecting anything in return, you'll think less about what you want and find comfort and joy in the act of giving and serving. Wayne Dyer

You're here for a reason and it's not to hoard a lot of physical stuff. Wayne Dyer

Stop looking for your purpose. BE it! Wayne Dyer

All your behavior results from the thoughts that precede it. Wayne Dyer

God brings millions of flowers to bloom without force. Wayne Dyer

Remind yourself that you cannot fail at being yourself. Wayne Dyer

Fear of the unknown. They are afraid of new ideas. They are loaded with prejudices, not based upon anything in reality, but based on... if something is new, I reject it immediately because it's frightening to me. What they do instead is just stay with the familiar. You know, to me, the most beautiful things in all the universe, are the most mysterious. Wayne Dyer

Within you is the divine capacity to manifest and attract all you desire. Wayne Dyer

The law of attraction is this: You don't attract what you want. You attract what you are. Wayne Dyer

Begin with the end in mind. Start with the end outcome and work backwards to make your dream possible. Wayne Dyer

Don't "pole-vault over mouse truds" - by the time you've discussed the many options available to you, the problem itself could have been long behind you had you simply disposed of those rodent droppings with a simple tissue and dumped them into the garbage! Wayne Dyer

In any relationship in which two people become one, the end result is two half people. Wayne Dyer

The ego promotes turmoil because it wants to substantiate your separateness from everyone, including God. It will push you in the direction of judgment and comparison, and cause you to insist on being right and best. You know your highest self by listening to the voice that only wants you to be at peace. Wayne Dyer

Practice being gentle, respectful and loving toward the life force in all things. Remind yourself that your efforts do make a difference, even if you think they are miniscule in comparison to the magnitude of the problem. Wayne Dyer

This force is unlimited. It is always moving and always flowing. The ancient Hawaiians, the Kahunas, used the metaphor of the flow of a running stream to represent the divine force. Wayne Dyer

A transcendent being can be any miracle. Wayne Dyer

Don't pole-vault over mouse turds. Wayne Dyer

Each day begins with a prayer of thank you... Wayne Dyer

Failure is a judgment, an opinion. It stems from your fears, which can be eliminated by love-love for yourself, love for what you do, love for others, and love for your planet. Wayne Dyer

Everything you need you already have. You are complete right now, you are a whole, total person, not an apprentice person on the way to someplace else. Wayne Dyer

When you're at peace with your life and in a state of tranquility, you actually send out a vibration of energy that impacts all living creatures, including plants, animals and even babies. Wayne Dyer

Practice beauty appreciation in as many places as possible. Nature provides a virtual smorgasbord of miracles. See the beauty in all of it. Wayne Dyer

Instead of asking yourself what everyone else's opinion is going to be and how your action will be perceived by others, ask yourself, 'How do I want my life to be lived?' Then proceed to take a small risk in the direction of that new action. Wayne Dyer

Stop using sentences in your material world that reflect what it is you do not want to be. Wayne Dyer

Your body has natural healing capacities that nobody in the field of medicine can pretend ultimately to understand. Wayne Dyer

You cannot solve a problem by condemning it Wayne Dyer

Send Love in Some Form to those you Believe have Wronged you, & Notice How Much Better you Feel Wayne Dyer

Your body is the garage where you park your soul. Wayne Dyer

Always be aware that you have the power to create the naturally stress-free and tranquil life you desire. Wayne Dyer

There are only two emotions - Fear and Love. Go with Love. Wayne Dyer

Be at Peace with Everyone - No one is capable of making you upset without your consent, so if you begin practicing the intention to be authentic and peaceful with everyone, you connect to peace itself- and gain the power to change the energy of your relationships with family and friends. Wayne Dyer

When we are in fear, there is no room for love, and when we are in love, there is no room for fear. Wayne Dyer

People treat us the way we teach them to treat us. Wayne Dyer

Living the life you were destined to live. Wayne Dyer

In fact, everything that emanates from source emanates from a source of well-being. When we take on this ego consciousness, when we take on hate rather than love in our hearts, we create all of this divisiveness, and we create all of the problems, the struggles, the difficulties, the diseases, the poverty. Wayne Dyer

There is no actual stress or anxiety in the world, your thoughts create these false beliefs. Wayne Dyer

When you're feeling unwell, remember that the same power that actually made your body knows how to restore it to its original state of well-being. All you have to do is remove the obstacles erected by you and your toxic world, and allow this healing power to flow through you. Wayne Dyer

A resolution to exercise or eat more nutritious foods is a step taking you back to the well-being from which you originated. Wayne Dyer

Do I want to be right or be happy? Wayne Dyer

In order to experience real magic it is necessary to make a dramatic shift from outcome to purpose. Wayne Dyer

If you are not generous when it's difficult, you will not be generous when it's easy. Generosity is a function of the heart, not the wallet. Wayne Dyer

When you meet anyone, treat the event as a holy encounter. It's through others that we either find or love our self. For you see, nothing is accomplished without others. When you eliminate the concept of separation from your thoughts and your behavior, you begin to feel your connection to everything and everyone. Wayne Dyer

It is very hard to enroll people in anything. And there is a very big difference between the words motivate and inspire. Motivation means we have an idea and we are going to carry through on that idea. We work hard at it, and we are disciplined. A highly motivated person takes an idea, goes out there, and won't let anybody interfere with them. Inspiration is exactly the opposite. If motivation is when you get hold of an idea and carry it through to its conclusion, inspiration is the reverse. An idea gets hold of you and carries you where you are intended to go. Wayne Dyer

I would model well-being by presenting myself as a high-energy person who loves what I am doing and who is thrilled to be able to offer books, tapes, and products designed to make people feel good. I would explain that they are in a store filled with this kind of energy and that creating such a space is exactly why I got into the business in the first place. If you want to feel good, then my store is the place you should visit on a regular basis. I would stay very informed about what's out there and make sure I carry many things with very high energy. Wayne Dyer

What do warriors do? They are in competition with everyone else. They measure their success and their value on the basis of who they are better than, how much they get, and so on. So, this is the time in your adult life when your primary emphasis is on goal setting, on getting someplace else, and on defeating other people. Wayne Dyer

Always had the thought I could attract abundance. When I wrote the book Your Erroneous Zones back in the '70s, I absolutely knew the book was going to do well, but it wasn't a goal at all. I just went out there and started doing something I really loved. Wayne Dyer

Money, success, and the external trappings have chased after me wherever I have gone. These things show up in my life, and I just keep passing them on. I don't hang onto them myself at all. I have very few needs like that. Wayne Dyer

Excuses are the explanations we use for hanging on to behaviors we don't like about ourselves; they are self-defeating behaviors we don't know how to change. InExcuses Begone! I review 18 of the most common excuses people use, such as "I'm too busy, too old, too fat, too scared or it's going to take too long or be too difficult." Wayne Dyer

Here's a payoff for everyone. The reason we hang on to self-defeating behaviors is because it's easier not to take responsibility. Wayne Dyer

Usually, making excuses is just something we can get away with, rather than challenging or changing ourselves. If you want to change and you want your life to work at a level you've never had before, then take responsibility for it. Wayne Dyer

If you enter into the spirit of Life, you are really reproducing in yourself the qualities of the Creator of that which allows something to be manifested and created in the first place. Wayne Dyer

Every moment is an eternity in itself. Bliss is the present moment and each and everyone of us needs to understand this. Wayne Dyer

Stop giving energy to the things you don't want. Wayne Dyer

The meaning of life is to get meaning for life. Wayne Dyer

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer

Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made. Wayne Dyer

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