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I think people - what people want to do is make [economy] get worse. Warren Buffett

It's a nightmare to administer some of this sort of thing, but I want to tell the shareholders of Berkshire, to the percent we own marketable securities or things for which there are market, even if those markets - I want to tell them what it's all about. Warren Buffett

I've already written a section in the annual report for next year explaining why I think in one case that the figures on our balance sheet as calculated are wrong. But it's the standard way of doing it. It's holy writ. The SEC wants us to do it that way, and we'll do it that way, and I'll explain why I think it's wrong and shareholders can read it and see whether they agree with my logic or don't. Warren Buffett

It will be good for us in the long run, and I mean there are, you know, six and a half billion people in this world. And it's great for 300 million to keep enjoying more and more property, but I think it's terrific if, you know, the remainder do. Warren Buffett

Somebody's buying these treasury bills at 1/20th of one percent. Consuming about $2 billion a day of goods and services beyond what we're producing. In other words, the rest of the world sends about $2 billion a day net of something.We got to send them something in return, don't we. So we send them little pieces of paper. Warren Buffett

That would be nice if [people] stuck [treasury bills] all under a mattress, but they got to buy something with them. Sometimes they buy a treasury note, sometimes they set up sovereign wealth funds. They can do all kinds of things. They can buy our companies here. As long as we consume more than we produce, and we trade away little pieces of the country daily, they're going to own something. Now, they can't run from American assets. I mean every day the rest of the world is going to have about two billion more of American assets than we have, as long as they sell us these goods. Warren Buffett

We've actually been pretty good on exports. I mean we are exporting 12% of our GDP now roughly. Warren Buffett

The rest of the world really likes our stuff pretty well. It's just we buy so damn much of what they produce. Warren Buffett

Inflation could be a very - is a likely consequence out of what's going on now. Warren Buffett

We are in effect making a - to some extent, making a choice between future inflation and getting our - getting off the floor. And we're likely - we're likely to have more inflation in the future as a consequence of the things we do to fight the present situation. Warren Buffett

I think the biggest thing we need is to unclog the credit markets, and we may need another stimulus - if we do, it's - it should go to the lower and middle-income people. Warren Buffett

I mean the truth is, I've never had it so good in terms of taxes. I am paying the lowest tax rate that I've ever paid in my life. Warren Buffett

If you look at the Forbes 400, they are paying a lower rate, accounting payroll taxes, than their secretary or - whomever around their office. Warren Buffett

I think that actually people in my situation should be paying more tax. Warren Buffett

I think the rest of the country should be paying less, the 95 percent that [Barack] Obama talks about or maybe even a little higher than that. Warren Buffett

Just imagine living on 21,000 a year. I mean you have 20 percent of the population doing that. So you don't have to worry about guys like me. Warren Buffett

I would push purchasing power - you push out $1,000 of purchasing to those people, it's going to get - it's going to get spent. And it needs to be spent. They need it. And it should come, to some extent, from guys like me. Warren Buffett

The capital gains tax is 15 percent now. So I sit there in my office and I make a lot of money by capital gains, and I pay 15 percent, and I pay no payroll tax on it. Warren Buffett

The woman that comes in, takes the wastebasket away, she's paying 15.3 or whatever it is on payroll tax alone. I mean it is - I never had it so good. Warren Buffett

If you want a government that's going to do the things we ask our government to do, you've got to get it from somebody. Warren Buffett

If I got any good ideas out of that or I think they're good ideas, I'll be glad to contribute them but the system will probably overdo some other things. Warren Buffett

Like I say, I don't think it'll be done perfectly. Maybe we'll end up with a little bit better [economy] system. Warren Buffett

When we went crazy, and we did go crazy on residential real estate, it set things in motion that just - the dominoes started toppling. Warren Buffett

You can't help some increase from this point. I don't want any viewer to go away think a magic wand exists in Congress. So they're going to see some more bad news. But if we do this, we're doing the right thing. Warren Buffett

I've never been very fully employed either. Warren Buffett

I've never been very fully employed either but just think of what it's like, you know, to go home with a mortgage payment you know and kids and everything else. My dad had that happen to him in the early '30s. Warren Buffett

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure understated. Warren Buffett

If AIG had tried to unwind their derivatives books. I don't know. It would have hit every institution in the world. Warren Buffett

I think that they hoped the private sector would come in. And the private sector tried to come in until they saw the size of the problem. I mean, from were people on that weekend that thought they'd had a solution. And then the hole kept getting bigger and bigger. And all of a sudden became apparent that 20 billion wouldn't do it and 30 billion wouldn't do it and 40 billion wouldn't do it. So it got beyond anybody's ability to certainly to do it in a short period of time. Warren Buffett

If I were the treasury secretary or head of the Fed, you know, I would try to scare the hell the out of the private sector and say, you better save this because you're going down with the ship. Warren Buffett

I think what people understand there probably - well, they were hoping the private sector would do it [rescuing AIG ]. Warren Buffett

I know the country works extremely well. You know, but when it isn't clogged up. Warren Buffett

I know that Congress will do the right thing. Warren Buffett

I did not think I would see the day when, you know, an AIG would not be able to have its checks clear. Warren Buffett

When the president of the United States goes out at, you know, 8:00 o'clock in the morning and then his own party votes gets him 2 to 1 in the house, you know that somehow a message isn't getting out. It takes real leadership. Warren Buffett

I mean [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt didn't - you know, when he came in, he didn't print any money. Warren Buffett

I think the FDIC was one of the great inventions of the American. Warren Buffett

It's going to be tough because the economy is going to be getting worse for a while. And it might fall off a cliff if this doesn't pass. But nobody will ever know that if it does. Warren Buffett

I mean, we'll be pounding on the guy's chest, you know, on the floor, and you know, he's not going to just jump up all of a sudden. So it makes it tough. I mean, it's tough to be in the legislature, you know, and vote for something and then people say, well, you voted all this money and you know, it's all getting spent. It isn't getting spent. It's getting invested. But it's all getting spent. Nothing's happening. Warren Buffett

We're paying maybe 25 percent of the income tax, but the payroll tax is over a third of the receipts of the federal government. And they don't take that from me on capital gains. They don't take that from me on dividends. Warren Buffett

They [Goverment] take from the woman who comes in and takes the wastebaskets out. Warren Buffett

What's going to happen - things we're doing are going to have some inflationary consequences. Warren Buffett

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