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I think the worst mistake you can make in stocks is to buy or sell based on current headlines, Warren Buffett

In the world of business, the people who are most successful are those who are doing what they love. Warren Buffett

It's better to build than to buy if you can find the right people. Warren Buffett

The active investors will have their returns diminished by a far greater percentage than will their inactive brethren. That means that the passive group - the "know-nothings" - must win. Warren Buffett

There are a few investment managers, of course, who are very good - though in the short run, it's difficult to determine whether a great record is due to luck or talent. Most advisors, however, are far better at generating high fees than they are at generating high returns. In truth, their core competence is salesmanship. Rather than listen to their siren songs, investors - large and small - should instead read Jack Bogle's The Little Book of Common Sense Investing. Warren Buffett

Anything can happen anytime in markets. And no advisor, economist, or TV commentator-and definitely not Charlie nor I-can tell you when chaos will occur. Market forecasters will fill your ear but will never fill your wallet. Warren Buffett

The greatest Enemies of the Equity investor are Expenses and Emotions. Warren Buffett

The financial calculus that Charlie and I employ would never permit our trading a good night's sleep for a shot at a few extra percentage points of return. I've never believed in risking what my friends and family have and need in order to pursue what they don't have and don't need. Warren Buffett

I make plenty of mistakes and I'll make plenty more mistakes, too. That's part of the game. You've just got to make sure that the right things overcome the wrong ones. Warren Buffett

It's quite clear that stocks are cheaper than bonds. I can't imagine anybody having bonds in their portfolio when they can own equities, a diversified group of equities. But people do because they, the lack of confidence. But that's what makes for the attractive prices. If they had their confidence back, they wouldn't be selling at these prices. And believe me, it will come back over time. Warren Buffett

Calculate "owner earnings" to get a true reflection of value. Warren Buffett

Does the business have a consistent operating history? Warren Buffett

He must never forget Charlie's plea: Tell me where I'm going to die, so I'll never go there. Warren Buffett

Taking jobs to build up your resume is the same as saving up sex for old age. Warren Buffett

If I taught a class, on my final exam I would take an Internet company and ask, 'How much is this company worth?' Anyone who would answer, I would flunk. Warren Buffett

Time is the friend of the wonderful business. It's the enemy of the lousy business. If you're in a lousy business for a long time, you're going to get a lousy result, even if you buy it cheap. If you're in a wonderful business for a long time, even if you pay a little too much going in, you're going to get a wonderful result if you stay in a long time. Warren Buffett

Good big decisions do not take time at all, if they do you are in trouble. Warren Buffett

When I take a look at a company's annual report, if I don't understand it, they don't want me to understand it. Warren Buffett

Mr. Market is kind of a drunken psycho. Some days he gets very enthused, some days he gets very depressed. And when he get really enthused you sell to him, and if he gets depressed, you buy from him. There's no moral taint attached to that. Warren Buffett

The 19th century belonged to England, the 20th century belonged to the U.S., and the 21st century belongs to China. Invest accordingly. Warren Buffett

Good profits simply are not inconsistent with good behavior. Warren Buffett

Charlie and I decided long ago that in an investment lifetime, it's too hard to make hundreds of smart decisions. That judgment became ever more compelling as Berkshire's capital mushroomed and the universe of investments that could significantly affect our results shrank dramatically. Therefore, we adopted a strategy that required our being smart and not too smart at that, only a very few times. Indeed, we now settle for one good idea a year. Warren Buffett

Diversification may preserve wealth, but concentration builds wealth. Warren Buffett

Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving. Warren Buffett

There is no perfect mathematical formula for pricing a business. Warren Buffett

It's good to learn from your mistakes. It's better to learn from other people's mistakes. Warren Buffett

A pin lies in wait for every bubble. And when the two eventually meet, a new wave of investors learns some very old lessons: First, many in Wall Street (a community in which quality control is not prized) will sell investors anything they will buy. Second, speculation is most dangerous when it looks easiest Warren Buffett

The fact that people will be full of greed, fear, or folly is predictable. The sequence is not predictable. Warren Buffett

When people talk about cash being king, it's not king if it just sits there and never does anything. Warren Buffett

People always should know better. People don't get - they don't get smarter about things that get as basic as greed. Warren Buffett

You can't stand to see your neighbor getting rich. You know you're smarter than he is and he's doing these things and he's getting rich. Warren Buffett

The much-maligned idle rich have received a bad rap: They have maintained their wealth while many There is scarcely an instance of a man who has made a fortune by speculation and kept it. Andrew Carnegie of the energetic rich, aggressive real estate operators, corporate acquirers, oil drillers, etc. have their fortunes disappear. Warren Buffett

Banking is very good business if you don't do anything dumb. Warren Buffett

The future is never clear; you pay a very high price in the stock market for a cheery consensus. Uncertainty actually is the friend of the buyer of long-term values. Warren Buffett

The one piece of advice I can give you is, do what turns you on. Do something that if you had all the money in the world, you'd still be doing it. You've got to have a reason to jump out of bed in the morning. Warren Buffett

Part of making good decisions in business is recognizing the poor decisions you've made and why they were poor. I've made lots of mistakes. I'm going to make more. It's the name of the game. You don't want to expect perfection in yourself. You want to strive to do your best. It's too demanding to expect perfection in yourself. Warren Buffett

The (stock) market is there only as a reference point to see if anybody is offering to do anything foolish. When we invest in stocks, we invest in businesses. Warren Buffett

You don't need to be an expert in order to achieve satisfactory investment returns. But if you aren't, you must recognize your limitations and follow a course certain to work reasonably well. Keep things simple and don't swing for the fences. Warren Buffett

Read Ben Graham and Phil Fisher read annual reports, but don't do equations with Greek letters in them. Warren Buffett

Either they're trying to con you or they're trying to con themselves. Warren Buffett

In a difficult business, no sooner is one problem solved than another surfaces - never is there just one cockroach in the kitchen. Warren Buffett

John Maynard Keynes essentially said, don't try and figure out what the market is doing. Figure out a business you understand, and concentrate. Warren Buffett

Investing in a market where people believe in efficiency is like playing bridge with someone who has been told it doesn't do any good to look at the cards. Warren Buffett

The value of a business is the cash it's going to produce in the future. Warren Buffett

...I will give you two pieces of advice. Invest as much in yourself as you can; you are your own best asset by far. Then follow your passion; you want to be really excited to get out of bed every morning. Warren Buffett

I have no idea on timing. It's easier to tell what will happen than when it will happen. I would say that what is going on in terms of trade policy is going to have very important consequences. Warren Buffett

I would' mind going to jail if I had three cellmates who played bridge Warren Buffett

Success in investing does' correlate with I.Q. Once you are above the level of 25; once you have ordinary intelligence, what you need is the temperament to control the urges that get other people into trouble in investing. Warren Buffett

Generally speaking, investing in yourself is the best thing you can do. Anything that improves your own talents; nobody can tax it or take it away from you. They can run up huge deficits and the dollar can become worth far less. You can have all kinds of things happen. But if you"ve got talent yourself, and you"ve maximized your talent, you"ve got a tremendous asset that can return ten-fold. Warren Buffett

What's hot today isn't likely to be hot tomorrow. The stock market reverts to fundamental returns over the long run. Don't follow the herd. Warren Buffett

The most important thing in terms of your circle of competence is not how large the area of it is, but how well you've defined the perimeter. Warren Buffett

Of our 49 billion, we haven't moved any to Bitcoin Warren Buffett

Wall Street makes its money on activity. You make your money on inactivity. Warren Buffett

Government can't deliver a free lunch to the country as a whole. It can, however, determine who pays for lunch. And last week the Senate handed the bill to the wrong party... the poor and middle class. Warren Buffett

Continually challenge and be willing to amend your best loved ideas. Warren Buffett

If book knowledge made great investors, than the librarians would all be rich. Warren Buffett

Never give up searching for the job that you're passionate about. Warren Buffett

How do you beat Bobby Fischer? You play him at any game but chess. I try to stay in games where I have an edge. Warren Buffett

I think I could make you fifty percent a year on one million dollars. No, I know I could. I guarantee that. Warren Buffett

If you get to my age in life and nobody thinks well of you, I don't care how big your bank account is, your life is a disaster. Warren Buffett

So smile when you read a headline that says "Investors lose as market falls." Edit it in your mind to "Disinvestors lose as market falls-but investors gain." Though writers often forget this truism, there is a buyer for every seller and what hurts one necessarily helps the other. (As they say in golf matches: "Every putt makes someone happy.") Warren Buffett

Truly conservative actions arise from intelligent hypotheses, correct facts and sound reasoning. Warren Buffett

When we really sit back with a smile on our face is when we run into a situation we can understand, where the facts are ascertainable and clear, and the course of action obvious. Warren Buffett

I have never been able to understand why the tax comes as such a body blow to many people since the rate on long-term capital gain is lower than on most likes of endeavor (tax policy indicated digging ditches is regarded as socially less desirable than shuffling stock certificates). Warren Buffett

I am not in the business of predicting general stock market of business fluctuations. If you think I can do this, or think it is essential to an investment program, you should not be in the partnership. Warren Buffett

Just look at that Forbes 400. Takes a billion three to get on the Forbes 400 this year. And the aggregate wealth is just staggering. And those people are paying less percentage of their total income to the federal government than their receptionists are [...] I'll bet a million dollars against any member of the Forbes 400 who challenges - me that the average for the Forbes 400 will be less than the average of their receptionists. Warren Buffett

Time is the enemy of the poor business and the friend of the great business. If you have a business that's earning 20%-25% on equity, time is your friend. But time is your enemy if your money is in a low return business. Warren Buffett

An irresistable footnote: in 1971, pension fund managers invested a record 122% of net funds available in equities - at full prices they couldn't buy enough of them. In 1974, after the bottom had fallen out, they committed a then record low of 21% to stocks. Warren Buffett

Over the years, Charlie [Munger, Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman] and I have observed many accounting -based frauds of staggering size. Few of the perpetrators have been punished; many have not even been censured. It has been far safer to steal large sums with pen than small sums with a gun. Warren Buffett

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get. Warren Buffett

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