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May the optimism of tomorrow be your foundation for today. Wale

I dated all these girls and ended up not liking them and thought to myself, 'What was it that all of them had in common?' They had too much time on their hands. Even though they were pretty, they lacked something. A woman could be less attractive but with ambition and drive, that's the most beautiful thing. Wale

I've always been a Nike person. Wale

I don't wanna sound pretentious talking about myself. Wale

I'm very proud of my Nigerian heritage. I wasn't fortunate enough to be raised in a heavy Nigerian environment, because my parents were always working. My father was with D.C. Cabs and my mother worked in fast food and was a nurse. Wale

I feel like I'm one of the more creative artists in the game. I think I'm going to be here for a while. Wale

Hip-hop is all about impact, baby. You can sell records, you can be two-times platinum, you can be gold... but if you lame, you lame, man. We try to provide the exact opposite of that. It's style, individuality, confidence. We exude that. Wale

I'm not really caught up with celebrity women. I think a regular girl that goes to school or works at a Complex or Spin or Blender or whatever, one of those magazines. She'd probably be flyer to me than the person she's writing about. Wale

There's no way you can win when you're the president; you've got to be the scapegoat for America's issues. Wale

I'm insecure about things. I'm not afraid to say it, though. Even when my publicist is like, 'Go on the red carpet,' I don't wanna go. Wale

I used to switch up my cologne every two to three months, get a new wave - Dolce, Versace, Burberry. But Black Orchid, that joint stayed. That's the smell of beauty that stays on you... and girls love Tom Ford. Wale

The Web is the new way to figure out who's hot and what's not. You can't let TV dictate because it's so polished, so political. It is what they want you to know. The Internet is the raw. Wale

I don't be remembering women that I've met before. I don't remember people as a whole. It's crazy. A lot of times, people get in their feelings, like, 'You don't remember me?!' Wale

I want to be on a show that's not sensitive to racial jokes; I want to be on one where they call me everything and I call them right back. There's blatant racism going both ways. That's what we need. Wale

You can be a rapper born and raised in go-go music, violence, drugs, crack, Reagonomics, and still, if you hear 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,' you're going to find a way to hum along. Guilty pleasures? It don't matter. Sue me - I like the song. To dance to it is another matter. Wale

It's something to be Great, It's nothing to be Famous Wale

You niggas so-so like a seamstress. Wale

Maybe they just like me because they like me, and they don't like me because they feel like they have to like me because they like this person or that person. Wale

When you're just reading a note card but when you're just reading a note card and it doesn't even feel real, it's difficult at times. But I have no problem doing interviews. So I have absolutely no problem doing interviews. Wale

Mix-tapes are something that have been going on for a while. They've been pretty important to hip-hop. It's the way we advertise our music to the public for free. Wale

My dream tour would be like, me, Cole, Drake, Sean, Meek. I think that would be dope, something like that; big venues. Wale

If someone doesn't have a reason to not like you in America, they talk politics or religion. Then they get to hate you and we get to be enemies. Wale

I never understood the idea that I was a 'backpack rapper.' I think that's a lazy way that people started thinking. They like saying that because I got dreads. I look like I belong a certain place, so it's easy to put everything in a box. Wale

As much as I don't want to admit it, my fans are the only ones that can hurt my feelings when they're not pleased with what I'm presenting. I want it to be perfect for them. I want them to have a different sense of pride in my music. Wale

A lot of my female fans discovered me through the passion I have for bettering myself. Not to say the dudes don't, but my female fan-base is based off women who want to do better. Wale

I want people to be like, 'Your album's just as good as Kendrick [Lamar]'s or Esperanza Spalding or Beck. I work just as hard as them. Wale

Sometimes I'm just a little bit too honest. There was some things that were going on behind the scenes that I didn't like because it's not what hip-hop is about. Hip-hop is about honesty and it's about being real to the people, and I kinda felt like there's some instances where some artists aren't 100% honest with the people. Their integrity is lacking sometimes. And sometimes it comes out. Wale

Most artists should be able to make the album that they want. You don't necessarily pick the singles that you want when you're making a record, but for the most part it's the same process. Wale

I never had money; I like nice things, but I don't let that run my life. At the same time, I have to let something drive me... so now I let the money drive me. Wale

In terms of 'Seinfeld', I think there's lot of reality in a show that's supposed to be about nothing. Wale

You don't necessarily pick the singles that you want when you're making a record, but for the most part it's the same process. You're the artist - you make the music that you want to make. Wale

The Loudest person in the room, is usually the brokest Wale

Life without dreaming is a life without meaning. Wale

I wanna meet the person who wrote the Burlington Coat Factory thing, but that's cool. I would love to understand it more, but everything is good. Wale

I used to have a real passion for writing, but not so much anymore - probably because I do too much of it. Wale

Basically, the Internet is just the way now. It's the end-all, be-all of self-promotion. It's not like you got to burn CDs and pass them out or sell them. The Internet is a tool that reaches billions and billions of people. It's like a no-brainer to tie it in with self-promotion, or even label promotion. Wale

I speak my mind. That's what we loved Tupac for. Wale

Sometimes I'm happy - you can tell via Twitter. Sometimes I'm pissed off - you can tell via Twitter. I just think, at the end of the day, I don't want them to see me as a celebrity; I just want them to see me and say, 'He's like a regular person at his job right now who's mad.' Wale

Making love is, simply put, poetry in motion. Wale

Every artist is supposed to get emotional. You're painting pictures of emotions. Wale

I'm a regular person. I know a lot of people love being famous. I don't like it. I'm just chillin'. YouknowwhatI'msayin'? Wale

I've become a workaholic. When the shows slow down and there's no press and I can get my time to myself in the studio with my music, I get into this zone, man. I enter this incredible space where I'm just making music. And I feel like I can work with anybody - with Elton John, with Hanson - and I can make something incredible. Wale

It's a trend to insult Wale, like that makes you cool on the Internet, and a part of it is because I respond. Wale

Everything's pretty consistent in the industry, you know. There's a couple of naysayers, whatever, people who don't agree. But for the most part a lot of people believe in the new class of MC's that coming to the game. Wale

Failure is not an option. Success is just a process. Wale

All I'm saying is like, spoil me with your consistency Always remain the same you and you wo' have to worry about a different me Wale

I could have easily got T-Pain or anybody like that, but let me just get somebody very left. That'll wake them up. Gaga. She's never done a rap record before. Pay attention. It's a method to my madness. Wale

I'm just trying to make the best music I can possibly make and represent the new class or whatever. Myself and Cudi and Asher and B.o.B. That's all I can do at this point. Wale

Some interviewers aren't even interested. They're just doing it because they gotta do it. Life is nothing without passion. Whatever you're doing, at least be passionate about it because I'm passionate about what I'm doing. I'm passionate about the words I'm saying right now. Just be passionate. When the interviews is passionate, it's more conversational and we're not covering the same ground. Wale

Not to sound bad, but some girls are dumb. It's because they spend so much of their life trying to have the right look. On the other hand, some girls are just really smart. There are girls you can have conversations with that are healthy conversations. You can argue real life issues and solve problems together. That is what makes a woman sexy. Wale

I can take an opinion, but I don't like when you try and spew hate and contaminate the way other people think. I feel like I'm one of the people that's always made music for the common man. That's why I don't really live my life the way I could. I don't stunt as much as I could stunt, 'cause that's not who my music is for. Wale

I'm a black man in the United States of America, so I always feel like there's a target on me. Wale

I'm a passionate person, to a fault at times. Wale

I'm at like 325 pairs right now, give or take. But I've given away about 200 pairs of sneakers. I'm not as big of a collector as I used to be, because I think the game just got weird. Everybody likes to collect now, so it's kind of corny. But I got the essentials. Wale

Not everybody is a great rapper; not everybody lives for the art of lyricism. Wale

Mix-tapes are something that have been going on for a while. They've been pretty important to hip-hop for the past 10 years. It's the way we advertise our music to the public for free. Wale

I go out, but not too much. When I'm on tour, I just write a lot of music and sleep. Wale

If I woke up tomorrow and didn't have a dolla, as long as I have my heart, I can get it all over. Wale

Ambition is priceless, its something that's in your veins. Wale

I understand that in the industry, a lot of it isn't real. Which is a difficult thing. Where I come from a lot of people are straightforward and I've had to learn how to not say exactly what I feel. Sometimes it gets frustrating being a person who says what he feels and what his heart is telling him. Every once in a while I fall into letting the industry get the best of me and not just saying exactly what I feel. Wale

I dated a lot, but I never really had anyone who was worthy of an anniversary. And most girlfriends never made it to a year, anyway. Wale

No days off. I'm a workaholic. Wale

I hope everybody thinks they've got the best album. I wouldn't have put mine out if I didn't think it was the best. Wale

I put my foot in my mouth sometimes. I'll be the first to admit it. Wale

I take a lot of pride in my live show and put more energy there than I do in the studio. Wale

I've seen all types of women. Celebrity girls I've dated and regular 9 to 5 girls. I've had shows where married women have tried to follow me to my hotel. My perception of women isn't very ignorant because I've seen a lot. Wale

I like David Beckham just because of his lifestyle. He don't ever need to score another goal again. How many times has he been on the cover of GQ? Wale

Not to sound corny, but intelligence is big. Everything fades, and everything can be modified. But intelligence is something you cant fake. Im not even talking about whether you can read a thesaurus backwards. But there is a beauty in common sense. Wale

I just wanna affect the culture and wanna be able to support young people with goals that aren't just limited to rapping and producing. Wale

Riding in another drop, ain't talking Enterprise They try to see me, get diabetes from humble pie Wale

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