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There is no such thing as zero uncertainty. Usama Fayyad

When you walk around, your vision system is processing a whole bunch of signals in milliseconds and judging that a visual object is a wall, or an imminent cliff, or a car heading towards you. This might be disturbing to a lot of people, but some of those guesses are errors. Usama Fayyad

The brain has a good error rate. But, the point is, you can function with that error rate. Animals do a lot of guesswork. Usama Fayyad

Humans are very good at making algorithms work eventually. Usama Fayyad

Human beings, from a mathematical perspective, are fairly limited. Two and three dimensions, maybe five, and we're OK. Usama Fayyad

Sometimes guessing is the best you can do. In the real world, we guess all the time and it serves us well. Usama Fayyad

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