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Urvashi Vaid
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The gay rights movement is not a party. It is not a lifestyle. It is not a hair style. It is not a fad or a fringe or a sickness. It is not about sin or salvation. The gay rights movement is an integral part of the American promise of freedom. Urvashi Vaid

We call for the end of bigotry as we know it. The end of racism as we know it. The end of child abuse in the family as we know it. The end of sexism as we know it. The end of homophobia as we know it. We stand for freedom as we have yet to know it. And we will not be denied. Urvashi Vaid

The LGBT movement has been coopted by the very institutions it once sought to transform, Urvashi Vaid

By aspiring to join the mainstream rather than figuring out the ways we need to change it, we risk loosing our gay and lesbian souls in order to gain the world. Urvashi Vaid

Gay people do not fight for freedom to live in a lavender bubble, but in a more just society. Urvashi Vaid

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