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Urijah Faber
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I was raised in a bit of a hippie environment. I was lying around naked until I was two, having a good time. I think the California mentality is laid back and I definitely embody that. Urijah Faber

I sometimes get caught up in the big goals...That aren't really the ultimate goal, which is to be happy for what you have. Urijah Faber

Passion is what you would do if you got to choose. It's what you think about doing in the privacy of your own mind, without ear of dismissal or mockery. Urijah Faber

I think one of my biggest strengths overall is staying in the moment. Urijah Faber

You just learn one thing for the day, that can change a fight. Urijah Faber

You always have a second chance, as long as you believe you do and you try again, and stay positive and persistent and consistent. Urijah Faber

I've had a mentality that I can do anything, I've never put limitations on myself Urijah Faber

Aside from being a fighter, I am a relaxed person. It is a lifestyle thing for me. I don't stress too much. Urijah Faber

As far as fighting, I just love to fight and enjoy my life more because of that. I think that it is pretty apparent to those who know me that I do this because of the love. I am not looking to get famous or acquire a bunch of cash. I am following my passion and that's what is about for me. Urijah Faber

I'm a guy that creates my own destiny in this world. Until I'm off the planet, there's always a second chance. Urijah Faber

There's no such thing as a lost cause, or a dead end. Through persistence, attitude, and creativity, there's always an escape route. Urijah Faber

The fact that I get to live a life of passion where I'm doing only things that I love in this world and help people along the way. Life's good. I always remind myself of that. Urijah Faber

Good health is true wealth. Urijah Faber

Dream impossible dreams. When those dreams come true, make the next ones more impossible. Urijah Faber

I think my parents gave me a unique name and I have created this unique lifestyle that makes me who I am; it's a cool way of living. Urijah Faber

I want to be a multi-time champion. I want to be a multiple division champion. I still have a lot of goals; it is a matter of staying the course, being consistent and persistent, and making it happens. Urijah Faber

I don't ever look past anyone or think that they're not worthy. Of course they're worthy, they're warriors. Urijah Faber

It's perfectly okay to fail. It sounds corny, but it truly is about the journey. Urijah Faber

Living the dream is simply a form of living out your passion, of making that passion gradually, through persistence and effort, a central part of your life. Urijah Faber

Dream big, stay positive, work hard, and enjoy the journey. Urijah Faber

No matter how much you might feed off negativity, a positive message is always stronger. Urijah Faber

Negativity takes no imagination. It's far easier to criticize someone's decisions after they make them than to propose better ones beforehand. Urijah Faber

I hate to lose but having the belt doesn't define who I am. It's how I live my life and what I put into things is what defines me. Urijah Faber

Positive thinking breeds success. Urijah Faber

I'm a guy that creates my own destiny in this world. Until I'm off the planet, there's always a second chance. Urijah Faber

I'm habitually positive. I try not to use anger as motivation. Urijah Faber

Champions know that there's something inside that makes a champion, and other people think that it might something external. Urijah Faber

It's a mindset, it's all in the mind. Urijah Faber

I want to be the most exciting fighter out there. Urijah Faber

You just have to stay positive. Urijah Faber

Living the dream is simply a form of living your passion. Urijah Faber

I'm a guy that creates my own destiny in this world. Until I'm off the planet, there's always a second chance. Urijah Faber

I don't look for people who have achieved great things; I look for people who will achieve great things. Urijah Faber

I just happen to love fighting and happen to be great at it. And I let my lifestyle carry over into my chosen profession. Urijah Faber

There are two things that you have to do in life: You have to die, and you have to live until you die. The rest is up to you. Urijah Faber

Being ready is state of mind... It's a mentality. Do you think your the best in the world? Do you work hard every single day? Urijah Faber

Small choices add up and each positive choice you make increases confidence and dispels fear. Urijah Faber

Football is my first passion. I've played it since I was a little kid. Urijah Faber

When I started wrestling in the eighth grade, I just fell in love with it, and started shifting my focus more to that. I considered playing in college, but it made more sense for me to wrestle, because I weigh about a buck fifty. Urijah Faber

My mom's never liked the fact that there's an option for people to punch me in the face, but she likes that I'm doing what I love, and she enjoys a lot of the different perks that go along with it. She just thinks they should change the rules and make it so no one can hit me in the face. Urijah Faber

The fight world is definitely a masculine thing, but I think it's pretty masculine if someone can avoid a fight also. Urijah Faber

A lot of fights in my life have been avoided through confidence and demeanor, so that's pretty masculine also. Urijah Faber

The key thing is confidence, and you get that from the actions that you take. It can be anything from getting chicks, being in a fight, having success at work, having a good family. A lot of that stuff comes from having confidence, so that's one of the biggest things. Urijah Faber

I know what I like, and I'm not trying to search for who I am. Urijah Faber

I know who I am, and that never changes. Urijah Faber

I avoid long layoffs and I try to stay in shape at all times. Urijah Faber

Being in good shape is my lifestyle, and I can't remember a time when I was out of shape. I try to live an active lifestyle and mix up all types of activities like fighting, running and swimming. Urijah Faber

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