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I look at society and I look at people and I say... I'm not Mr. Motivator. I think you get a better sense - I believe in energy. I believe in passion. I believe in teaching people. Tony Robbins

So if you don't like your life, change it. How would you change it? You decide. There's no action without first decision. Decision is the mother or the father of action, and action is what changes your life. Tony Robbins

If you want a fulfilled life, stop thinking about wealthy people and what they have and you don't. Stop thinking from a place of scarcity. Tony Robbins

To me, money is a vehicle; it's a tool. I could use it as a weapon to destroy things or money can create-you can create an opportunity, you can create a charity, you can create things for your family, you can go do something for your family that nobody else would ever do. You can create educational opportunities, you can feed people overseas. And there's a tremendous leverage with money, or you can destroy people with it. Tony Robbins

Grace is that thing that shows up to guide you when you've done the first two steps and you're intent on doing something larger than just yourself. That's when all of the sudden things are great. Tony Robbins

You can't hit a target if you don't know what it is. Tony Robbins

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. Tony Robbins

The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment. Tony Robbins

You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action. Tony Robbins

Success comes from taking the initiative and following up... persisting... eloquently expressing the depth of your love. What simple action could you take today to produce a new momentum toward success in your life? Tony Robbins

It's not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean. Tony Robbins

There is no such thing as failure. There are only results. Tony Robbins

I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk. Tony Robbins

Live with passion! Tony Robbins

Love is the oxygen of the soul Tony Robbins

It's a good idea not to major in minor things. Tony Robbins

If you're feeling really sad, there is only one reason: it's because you're deleting all the reasons you could be feeling good. And if you're feeling good, it's because you're deleting all the bad things you could be focusing on. Tony Robbins

All that you really want in life is to change how you feel. Again, all your emotions are nothing but biochemical storms in your brain, and you are in control of them at any moment in time. You can feel ecstasy right now, or you can feel pain or depression or overwhelmed - it's all up to you. You don't need drugs or anything else to do it. Tony Robbins

Nothing has any power over me other than that which I give it through my conscious thoughts. Tony Robbins

In life, never spend more than 10 percent of your time on the problem, and spend at least 90 percent of your time on the solution. Tony Robbins

All goal setting must be immediately followed by both the development of a plan, and massive and consistent action toward its fulfillment. Tony Robbins

There is always room in your life for thinking bigger, pushing limits and imagining the impossible. Tony Robbins

Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential. Tony Robbins

Because the challenges will continue to show up in life, but if you have the inner strength - whether that be your faith, your determination or your incredible love for self, for God and for others - then I think you'll have the capacity to live a life that's extremely fulfilled. Tony Robbins

Every form of power comes down to language. In law, there's all kinds of words you don't know if you're not a lawyer and that gives them power. In business, it's the same thing. Tony Robbins

How can you have any regret when everything worked out fine? But why I think it worked out fine is due to the lessons I learned along the way. And one of those involves listening to experts. Tony Robbins

Everything in life and business, you only earn more if you become more valuable. Because if you can do more for people than anybody else does, you can prosper. But you can't do that unless you're constantly educating yourself with the cutting edge. My whole life, even when I had no money, I would invest in education. Tony Robbins

The ability to find meaning in the most difficult times, I think, is one of the most important skills of life. Tony Robbins

The one common denominator of all successful people is their hunger to push through their fears. Tony Robbins

Your Philosophy of life shapes you more than anything else Tony Robbins

If you want to change your life, change the questions you ask yourself each day! Tony Robbins

We're not happy unless we feel like we're growing. Tony Robbins

Just because someone seems to have more certainty, doesn't mean they're right. Tony Robbins

Self-development is the only thing that keeps a person from burning out. We all have many needs - the need for certainty, the need for variety, the need for significance, and the need for connection. But, ultimately, we must grow, and we must contribute in a meaningful way in order to feel fulfilled. Tony Robbins

Our goal is not to ignore the problems of life, but to put ourselves in better mental and emotional states where we can not only come up with solutions, but act upon them. Tony Robbins

Forgiveness - this needs to be our greatest skill. The way to get good at forgiveness is: to be thankful for all the little things you see in the other person. Tony Robbins

The race of life is a marathon, not a sprint. Tony Robbins

The way to go from discord to harmony is to go from concentrating on differences to concentrating on similarities. Tony Robbins

One belief that I've developed to carry me through extremely tough times is simply this: God's delays are not God's denials. Tony Robbins

You can't influence somebody when you're judging them. Tony Robbins

As soon as you truly commit to making something happen, the 'how' will reveal itself. Tony Robbins

Why wait to be memorable? Tony Robbins

I think spirituality is a part of everything. It doesn't need to be separated out from everything else. Tony Robbins

For changes to be of any true value, they've got to be lasting and consistent. Any time you sincerely want to make a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards... If you don't set a baseline standard for what you'll accept in life, you'll find it's easy to slip into behaviors and attitudes or a quality of life that's far below what you deserve... Whatever happens, take responsibility... The only thing that's keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself. Tony Robbins

The best way to get a better answer is to start asking a better question. Tony Robbins

What's talked about is a dream, What's envisioned is exciting, What's planned become possible, What's scheduled is real. Tony Robbins

Let's face it, we're not about to earn our way to wealth. That's a mistake millions of Americans make. We think that if we work harder, smarter, longer, we'll achieve our financial dreams, but our paycheck alone-no matter how big-isn't the answer. Tony Robbins

People who succeed at the highest level are not lucky; they're doing something differently than everyone else. Tony Robbins

And always remember the ultimate truth: life is not about money, it's about emotion. Tony Robbins

Remember: Rewards come in action, not in discussion. Tony Robbins

What's the ultimate price I'll pay if I don't stop this indulgence now? By asking questions like this, they'll associate pain to overeating, and their behavior will change immediately. Tony Robbins

Make it so today is not like yesterday and tomorrow will be different FOREVER. Tony Robbins

Effective leaders have the ability to consistently move themselves and others to action because they understand the "invisible forces" that shape us Tony Robbins

If you are going to succeed, you must deal with what caused you to fail Tony Robbins

There's a huge difference between achieving to be happy and happily achieving. Tony Robbins

Your life experience will never far exceed the expectations of your peers, because to stay connected to them there is an unconscious contract that says we're going to be within this range of each other. Now, on the other hand, if for some reason your friends have a higher expectation for life than you do, just to stay on the team you've got to raise your standard. Tony Robbins

Our beliefs about what we are and what we can be precisely determine what we can be Tony Robbins

Nothing can drag you down if you're not holding on to it. Tony Robbins

Whatever you consistently think about and focus upon you move toward. Tony Robbins

To measure success with material things is failure! Tony Robbins

Love is not a business. It's not a transaction. It's not an exchange or something you get for doing something it's not a trade. It's a gift! Tony Robbins

People are rewarded in public for what the practice for years in private. Tony Robbins

The first thing these people have who succeed, who are fulfilled, is that they've decided what the purpose of the game is, at least for right now. Tony Robbins

If we can (generate) the right emotion inside of us, we can get ourselves to do anything. If you don't have the money, but you're creative and determined enough, you'll find the way. Tony Robbins

The simple reason that most people fail financially is not because of the lack of a plan, it's not because of good advice, it's not even because of a lack of capital. It is for one reason-they attach more pain to the idea of having money, than NOT having it. Tony Robbins

The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the expectations of your peer group. Choose your peers wisely. Tony Robbins

Your biggest problem, is that you think the current problem you're facing is your problem Tony Robbins

In order to take our lives to the next level, we must realize that the same pattern of thinking that has gotten us to where we are now will not get us to where we want to go. Tony Robbins

You could be winning and feel like you're losing because the scorecard you're using is unfair. Tony Robbins

If you are not growing, you are dying. Tony Robbins

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