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You can be a They and be a billionaire. Not all billionaires are happy and fulfilled. My whole thing is, add value to whoever you meet. Sometimes, the value is just being happy and loving, giving an extra couple of moments to look someone in the eye. Nothing replaces authentic feeling and emotion. Tony Robbins

Whenever people have trouble public speaking, it's because they are just thinking about themselves. Tony Robbins

I learned to park outside of Denny's because it's 24 hours. I made a deal at a 7-Eleven with a mailman so I could get my mail delivered there. Tony Robbins

The biggest thing I did was that I used to go to the library. I fed my mind every day. Tony Robbins

I was like, "If I don't change my mind, if I don't change my heart, if I don't develop some skill, I'm always going to be sleeping in my car." Tony Robbins

I'll say - I have four kids! I married a woman when I was 24 years old. She was 13 years my senior. She had been married twice before. I adopted them. I was 24 and had a 17-year-old son instantly, an 11-year-old daughter, a 5-year-old, and a child on the way. So I had to learn how to become a parent very quickly. Tony Robbins

The most important thing is what you already do. It's being authentic. It's being curious, trying to discover gifts. Tony Robbins

I love my kids. But I don't give them the burden of being the source of my love. Tony Robbins

I think you got to put your intimate relationship first. If you can keep your woman first and still love your children, you are going to create the healthiest environment. Tony Robbins

I still love coming home, but home is where the heart is. I take those whom I love most with me. That's my number one. My number two is being ready. Tony Robbins

I prime my mind. I wake up every morning and say, "Look, if you don't have 10 minutes for yourself, you don't have a life." I take 10 minutes. Tony Robbins

I take 10 minutes. I focus on what I'm most grateful for. Then I do a little prayer for three minutes, a blessing within myself through God, and then out to my family and friends and all those I serve. Then my last three minutes are the three things I want to achieve most. At the end of 10 minutes, you are wired. Everything in your life gets filtered through that. Tony Robbins

My favorite prayer is thank you. Most people are asking for things and not doing their part. Tony Robbins

It sounds so stupid, so basic, but when you are really in a grateful state, you are like a magnet for joy. Tony Robbins

People think I'm into positive thinking. I'm not a positive thinking guy. I'm into the truth. I'm a hunter of human excellence. Tony Robbins

I think about what's the best way to serve people. In business, if you do more for others than anybody else does, you dominate. That's the bottom line. Tony Robbins

I always tell people happiness comes in one word: progress. I don't care what you achieve. Tony Robbins

Most people achieve their goals and are like, "Is this all there is?" We are supposed to keep growing so we have something to get. What we get never makes us happy. You play yourself when you forget that. Tony Robbins

I don't have the delusion that I'm the best or have the right answer. Whenever someone is out there pissed at you or me, they don't even know you or I. What they are really pissed at is themselves. You might have total respect for them but they don't respect themselves. Tony Robbins

The best way to stay away from They is really simple. Stay with the people who have some passion. Stay with the people who know the truth. I like to find the They and turn them into We. I like to take the Theys and herd them. People that are skeptical, the Theys, I can bring them to We as much as I can. Tony Robbins

You could penetrate anybody if you consistently put out love. Some people can't handle it. Tony Robbins

If you're going to solve a weight-loss problem - or smoking problem for that matter - you must address both the psychological and physiological. Tony Robbins

Regarding the psychological, your goal must not be "I need to lose X pounds" but "I'm going to regain my identity," whether as an athlete, a conservative, a sexual being, a together person, whatever. Tony Robbins

The goal of becoming more consistent with your core authentic self is a much stronger motivator than "I need to lose 30 pounds." Tony Robbins

For many people, food is a source of comfort, connection, and control. Tony Robbins

You must find a more empowering source of comfort, connection, and control than food. Perhaps a creative outlet, helping others, becoming active in an organization, whatever. Tony Robbins

When you go on an extreme diet, your body's self-preservation mechanism responds by burning calories as slowly as possible. Of course, that makes it much more difficult to lose weight. Tony Robbins

If you do extreme exercise to lose weight, you'll usually soon stop because you get injured or because it's simply too rigorous to do for a lifetime. Tony Robbins

Weight control does have to be for a lifetime or you'll be yo-yoing. Tony Robbins

You're far more likely to lose the weight and keep it off if you lose slowly, perhaps to 1 pound a week, exercise moderately, and find that replacement for comfort, connection, and control. That's a doable long-term plan. Tony Robbins

Some people's weight loss is impeded by an impaired thyroid. So I think it's worth testing that at your next physical exam. If it's off, sometimes, that can be caused by excess metals, such as mercury or cadmium. A qualified M.D. can help you cleanse your body of those. Tony Robbins

We want to avoid pain and have pleasure, so if our early attempts to achieve our dreams fail, we want to avoid the pain of future failure and rejection, so we stop trying and write it off with a broadbrush, "I'm just not driven enough, not well educated enough, not attractive enough, not smart enough." Tony Robbins

You must find something you want to live for that's bigger than yourself - a mission - whether it's your children, a business, a non-profit, whatever. That pulls you to achieve, which is far more sustainable than to push yourself to. You can only push yourself for so long. Tony Robbins

It's not enough to have a strategy for success. Great strategy is available for free online for everything from career success to meeting Mr. or Ms. Right. You must also tell yourself the right story. Tony Robbins

The third element of success is your state: You must replace a default state of pessimism or anger with one of determination, of will, of generosity, of curiosity, of gratitude. The more we can put ourselves in such beautiful states rather than suffering states, the more they become habits of being and we end up making better decisions. Tony Robbins

It's natural to sit down but the human spirit within us can make us get up. Tony Robbins

Unless you feed your mind, those suffering states will take over. Tony Robbins

Read no less than hour a day or listen to audiobooks while in the car or cleaning the house. Biographies of great people taught me, as I said, that even eminent people fail but keep getting up. Tony Robbins

Do something physical every day, even if it's just five or ten minutes of fast walking a couple times a day. That tends to replace fear and anger with determination and courage. It can change your identity, your momentum. Tony Robbins

Emotion is changed by motion. Tony Robbins

Smile. It creates positive physiological change. Tony Robbins

Find a great role model, perhaps someone who struggled and only really succeeded when older. Their biography and what they've done differently from you will help you. If such a person is willing to mentor you or at least allow you to work around them, great. Tony Robbins

Take massive action. So many people wait until they have all the answers. Tony Robbins

When you feel you have good although incomplete expertise, start trying things. If it's not working, try something else; maintain an experimental mindset. Tony Robbins

Find someone worse off than you and help them. It will put your life in perspective. Tony Robbins

We all have an emotional home that we keep coming back to. Even if a foundationally angry or sad person has a good job and good family, they return to their emotional home, especially when experiencing life's inevitable setbacks. Tony Robbins

I don't believe in waiting for great feelings. I need to wire myself for positivity and gratitude. I need to build a highway to those. Tony Robbins

I naturally end up looking for things to be grateful for. It doesn't mean I don't sometimes feel angry or fearful but because I'm wired for positive emotions, net, I end up treating others and myself better. Tony Robbins

Focus on execution rather than just the idea. Tony Robbins

There are millions of business ideas out there but only a tiny percentage of businesses succeed. Tony Robbins

Focus on executing to give maximum value to your customers. That means learning everything from financing to producing to marketing. Tony Robbins

The best way to get trained is to get mentored - live or by reading or watching videos by masters. That way, you start executing based on lessons from the best. Tony Robbins

Make your goal to do a tremendous amount to improve your audience's lives. Tony Robbins

Take the time to understand your audience's concerns. Tony Robbins

Solidly know content you feel passionate about and that your audience needs to know. Tony Robbins

Have good examples and stories to drive home your content. Tony Robbins

Tap into people's emotions. We've all been put to sleep by a speaker who just gives the facts. You must tap into people's feelings. Tony Robbins

I have an outline but never use a teleprompter. That kills the connection. Tony Robbins

Get into "the state:" Conquer fear by stopping thinking about yourself and instead, focusing 100 percent on how you can best serve your audience. Tony Robbins

Keep your eyes out for magical moments, they're everywhere! Live with passion today and everyday! Tony Robbins

Getting old is not a matter of age; it's a lack of movement . And the ultimate lack of movement is death. Tony Robbins

Our imagination is ten times more potent than our willpower . Tony Robbins

Basically, you can live your life in one of two ways. You can let your brain run you the way it has in the past. You can let it flash any picture or sound or feeling, and you can respond automatically on cue, like a Pavlovian dog responding to a bell. Or you can choose to consciously run your brain yourself. You can implant the cues you want. You can take bad experiences and sap them of their strength and power. You can represent them to yourself in a way that no longer overpowers you, a way that "cuts them down" to a size where you know you can effectively handle things. Tony Robbins

Your why is where your emotional juice and fuel is. Tony Robbins

What I really like is changing a life, helping someone change a business, change a family. In the beginning, it was because I was willing to only be paid for a result. I wasn't a therapist; there were no such thing as coaches back then. You had to be a therapist and it had to be paid for by somebody, and I saw what therapists did and I was honestly disturbed by it, because I see people in therapy for five years and I was, like, "This is absurd." Tony Robbins

I don't have to work another day of my life, thank God, but I'm in a place where I probably work as hard or harder today than I ever have, but I do it because I want to, not because I have to. What is the difference between work and play? I think the difference is purpose. When your vocation becomes your vacation, the old quote, you know that's when you made it. Tony Robbins

I was working as hard as a human being could work. That tempo hasn't changed. I just have more diversity and more companies, and now I've got 33 companies so my dance card is full. Four kids and three grandkids, but I love that passionate lifestyle. I love constantly growing, I love seeing and feeling that you can have an impact. And gradually it went from just coaching to actually running businesses because I've had experiences that were life changing. Tony Robbins

I hated motivators - never been a motivator. Motivation is like a warm bath, and you should take a bath probably, but you need more than that; you need strategy. I was a strategist, but nobody responded to that, so I was, like, "OK, what am I? I'm a coach. I'm not a guru." As an athlete, I had great coaches, and I was a better athlete than many of them, but they still were better than I was as a coach because they could see when I couldn't see. I thought, that's great, because I'm not better than anybody, but I do have the skills that I can help people. Tony Robbins

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