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Silence is the element in which great things fashion themselves together; that at length they may emerge, full-formed and majestic, into the daylight of Life, which they are thenceforth to rule. Thomas Carlyle

The lies (Western slander) which well-meaning zeal has heaped round this man (Muhammad) are disgraceful to ourselves only. Thomas Carlyle

We call that fire of the black thunder-cloud "electricity," and lecture learnedly about it, and grind the like of it out of glass and silk: but what is it? What made it? Whence comes it? Whither goes it? Thomas Carlyle

In a symbol there is concealment and yet revelation: here therefore, by Silence and by Speech acting together, comes a double significance. Thomas Carlyle

In books lies the soul of the whole Past Time; the articulate audible voice of the Past, when the body and material substance of it has altogether vanished like a dream. Thomas Carlyle

Man is a tool-using Animal. Nowhere do you find him without tools; without tools he is nothing, with tools he is all. Thomas Carlyle

On the whole we must repeat the often repeated saying, that it is unworthy a religious man to view an irreligious one either with alarm or aversion; or with any other feeling than regret, and hope, and brotherly commiseration. Thomas Carlyle

In this world there is one godlike thing, the essence of all that ever was or ever will be of godlike in this world, - the veneration done to human worth by the hearts of men. Thomas Carlyle

History, as it lies at the root of all science, is also the first distinct product of man's spiritual nature; his earliest expression of what can be called Thought. Thomas Carlyle

It seems to me a great truth that human things cannot stand on selfishness, mechanical utilities, economies and law courts; that if there be not a religious element in the relations of men, such relations are miserable, and doomed to ruin. Thomas Carlyle

We are the miracle of miracles, the great inscrutable mystery of God. Thomas Carlyle

There is a perennial nobleness and even sacredness in work. Were he ever so benighted, forgetful of his high calling, there is always hope in a man that actually and earnestly works. Thomas Carlyle

The nobleness of silence. The highest melody dwells only in silence, - the sphere melody, the melody of health. Thomas Carlyle

A poor creature who has said or done nothing worth a serious man taking the trouble of remembering. Thomas Carlyle

I grow daily to honor facts more and more, and theory less and less. Thomas Carlyle

Men are to be guided only by their self-interests. Good government is a good balancing of these; and, except a keen eye and appetite for self-interest, requires no virtue in any quarter. To both parties it is emphatically a machine: to the discontented, a taxing-machine; to the contented, a machine for securing property. Its duties and its faults are not those of a father, but of an active parish-constable. Thomas Carlyle

We have profoundly forgotten everywhere that Cash-payment is not the sole relation of human beings. Thomas Carlyle

Man is emphatically a proselytizing creature. Thomas Carlyle

A background of wrath, which can be stirred up to the murderous infernal pitch, does lie in every man. Thomas Carlyle

Men worship the shows of great men; the most disbelieve that there is any reality of great men to worship. Thomas Carlyle

Speech is silver, silence is golden. Thomas Carlyle

The world is an old woman, and mistakes any gilt farthing for a gold coin; whereby being often cheated, she will thenceforth trust nothing but the common copper. Thomas Carlyle

Does not every true man feel that he is himself made higher by doing reverence to what is really above him? Thomas Carlyle

Hero-worship is the deepest root of all; the tap-root, from which in a great degree all the rest were nourished and grown . . . Worship of a Hero is transcendent admiration of a Great Man. I say great men are still admirable; I say there is, at bottom, nothing else admirable! No nobler feeling than this of admiration for one higher than himself dwells in the breast of men. Thomas Carlyle

A fundamental mistake to call vehemence and rigidity strength! A man is not strong who takes convulsion-fits; though six men cannot hold him then. He that can walk under the heaviest weight without staggering, he is the strong man . . . A man who cannot hold his peace, till the time come for speaking and acting, is no right man. Thomas Carlyle

Blessed is he who has found his work; let him ask no other blessedness. He has a work, a life-purpose; he has found it, and will follow it! How, as a free-flowing channel, dug and torn by noble force through the sour mudswamp of one's existence, like an ever-deepening river there, it runs and flows Thomas Carlyle

There is a perennial nobleness, and even sacredness, in work. Were he never so benighted, forgetful of his high calling, there is always hope in a man that actually and earnestly works: in idleness alone there is perpetual despair. Thomas Carlyle

Stern accuracy in inquiring, bold imagination in describing, these are the cogs on which history soars or flutters and wobbles. Thomas Carlyle

There is often more spiritual force in a proverb than in whole philosophical systems. Thomas Carlyle

There is so much data available to us, but most data won't help us succeed. Thomas Carlyle

Force, force, everywhere force; we ourselves a mysterious force in the centre of that. "There is not a leaf rotting on the highway but has Force in it: how else could it rot?" [As used in his time, by the word force, Carlyle means energy.] Thomas Carlyle

History is a mighty dramos, enacted upon the theatre of times, with suns for lamps and eternity for a background. Thomas Carlyle

Pin your faith to no ones sleeves, haven't you two eyes of your own. Thomas Carlyle

The eternal stars shine out as soon as it is dark enough. Thomas Carlyle

Acorns are planted silently by some unnoticed breeze. Thomas Carlyle

Macaulay is well for awhile, but one wouldn't live under Niagara. Thomas Carlyle

Man is a tool-using animal. Thomas Carlyle

Good Christian people, here lies for you an inestimable loan; take all heed thereof, in all carefulness, employ it: with high recompense, or else with heavy penalty, will it one day be required back. Thomas Carlyle

A noble book! all men's book! Thomas Carlyle

The latest gospel in this world is, know thy work and do it. Thomas Carlyle

The essence of humor is sensibility; warm, tender fellow-feeling with all forms of existence. Thomas Carlyle

Laughter means sympathy. Thomas Carlyle

Metaphysics is the attempt of the mind to rise above the mind. Thomas Carlyle

Without oblivion, there is no remembrance possible. When both oblivion and memory are wise, when the general soul of man is clear, melodious, true, there may come a modern Iliad as memorial of the Past. Thomas Carlyle

There is no heroic poem in the world but is at bottom a biography, the life of a man. Thomas Carlyle

Heroes have gone out; quacks have come in; the reign of quacks has not ended with the nineteenth century. The sceptre is held with a firmer grasp; the empire has a wider boundary. We are all the slaves of quackery in one shape or another. Indeed, one portion of our being is always playing the successful quack to the other. Thomas Carlyle

Learn to be good readers, which is perhaps a more difficult thing than you imagine. Learn to be discriminative in your reading; to read faithfully, and with your best attention, all kinds of things which you have a real interest in,-a real, not an imaginary,-and which you find to be really fit for what you are engaged in. Thomas Carlyle

With respect to duels, indeed, I have my own ideas. Few things in this so surprising world strike me with more surprise. Two little visual spectra of men, hovering with insecure enough cohesion in the midst of the unfathomable, and to dissolve therein, at any rate, very soon, make pause at the distance of twelve paces asunder; whirl around, and simultaneously by the cunningest mechanism, explode one another into dissolution; and, offhand, become air, and non-extant-the little spitfires! Thomas Carlyle

The great soul of this world is just. Thomas Carlyle

The great silent man! Looking round on the noisy inanity of the world,-words with little meaning, actions with little worth,-one loves to reflect on the great Empire of Silence. Thomas Carlyle

Blessed be the God's voice; for it is true, and falsehoods have to cease before it! Thomas Carlyle

The vulgarity of inanimate things requires time to get accustomed to; but living, breathing, bustling, plotting, planning, human vulgarity is a species of moral ipecacuanha, enough to destroy any comfort. Thomas Carlyle

Habit is the deepest law of human nature Thomas Carlyle

The deadliest sin were the consciousness of no sin Thomas Carlyle

They only are wise who know that they know nothing. Thomas Carlyle

Man makes circumstances, and spiritually as well as economically, is the artificer of his own fortune. Thomas Carlyle

I came hither [Craigenputtoch] solely with the design to simplify my way of life and to secure the independence through which I could be enabled to remain true to myself. Thomas Carlyle

[Economics is] not a 'gay science,' I should say, like some we have heard of; no, a dreary, desolate, and, indeed, quite abject and distressing one: what we might call, by way of eminence, the dismal science. Thomas Carlyle

Dishonesty is the raw material not of quacks only, but also in great part of dupes. Thomas Carlyle

The grand result of schooling is a mind with just vision to discern, with free force to do; the grand schoolmaster is Practice. Thomas Carlyle

Rightly viewed no meanest object is insignificant; all objects are as windows, through which the philosophic eye looks into infinitude itself. Thomas Carlyle

It is now almost my sole rule of life to clear myself of cants and formulas, as of poisonous Nessus shirts. Thomas Carlyle

We have oftener than once endeavoured to attach some meaning to that aphorism, vulgarly imputed to Shaftesbury, which however we can find nowhere in his works, that ridicule is the test of truth. Thomas Carlyle

What is all Knowledge too, but recorded Experience, and a product of History; of which, therefore, Reasoning and Belief, no less than Action and Passion, are essential materials. Thomas Carlyle

There is no heroic poem in the world but is at bottom a biography, the life of a man; also, it may be said, there is no life of a man, faithfully recorded, but is a heroic poem of its sort, rhymed or unrhymed. Thomas Carlyle

We will not praise Mahomet's moral precepts as always of the superfinest sort; yet it can be said that there is always a tendency to good in them; that they are the true dictates of a heart aiming towards what is just and true Thomas Carlyle

All that Mankind has done, thought, gained or been: it is lying as in magic preservation in the pages of Books. Thomas Carlyle

All work, even cotton spinning, is noble; work is alone noble... A life of ease is not for any man, nor for any god. Thomas Carlyle

Let me have my own way in exactly everything, and a sunnier and pleasanter creature does not exist. Thomas Carlyle

For the 'superior morality,' of which we hear so much, we too would desire to be thankful: at the same time, it were but blindness to deny that this 'superior morality' is properly rather an 'inferior criminality'... Thomas Carlyle

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